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 Jack Goldwin
Jack Goldwin
After ہولی saw Michael grinding on Tatiana, she left straight for the airport not even bothering to say goodbye to Michael. She felt she had nothing to say to him. Soon weeks go سے طرف کی and neither one of them have telephoned each other they were both hurt and angery with each other. ہولی still has been working on her Feedback album and lately has been feeling like she has no دوستوں to talk to at all. Today ہولی is doing a charity کنسرٹ maybe that would make her feel better?

Holly is in her dressing room having her makeup applied سے طرف کی Jessica. Jessica looks at ہولی and says, "Okay ہولی how...
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Its been almost a ماہ and now michael is getting ready to get checked out of the hospital to go home

Michael sat in his hospital بستر as he waited for the nurses and everything to finish up with the paper work so he could home. While waiting he heard a knock at the door. "Come in." michael said. Just then the door busted open. "Daddy!" Abby and lizzie کہا happily as they jumped up onto the bed. "Hey." Michael کہا happily as he hugged and kissed them both. "Daddy is it true are آپ really coming ہوم today?!" Lizzie asked. "Yes im coming ہوم today." Michael smiled. Lizzie and Abby squealed...
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She’s from a world
Of پاپ کارن, پوپکارن and candy
ٹٹو rides for a dime
Little children laughing

I’m from a world
Of disappointments and confusions
But I want her to be mine

I started talking
She kept on walking
She disappeared into the crowd, oh, oh

I lost my heart
On the carousel
To a circus girl
Who left my دل in pieces
Lost my heart
On the carousel (Ooo)
To a circus girl
Who ran away

Two different people
In love for an instant
To see that the circus came today
Sometimes I can hear her crying here
And I can hear her calling me

I lost my دل (Lost my heart)
On the carousel (Lost my girl)
To a circus girl
Who ran away, I lost
Lost my دل (I lost my girl)
On the carousel (Ooo)
To a circus girl (Oh lost, oh lost, I lost her, I lost my heart)
Lost my دل (I lost)
On the carousel
A Couple Hours Later
I woke up, feeling a hand running through my hair (Me: Like back in Indiana, how I felt Michael's hand running through my hair when I was asleep). I looked up and saw Michael smiling at me. I smiled back at him.
"Evening, sleepyhead." He said.
I giggled. "Evening, Mike." I کہا back.
I lifted my head off of his shoulder and yawned a little. He removed his arm and yawned a little, too. I looked around and listened. Nobody was ہوم and it honestly scared me. (Me: It actually does scare me how I'll be left alone in the house.) Michael noticed how my face was and rubbed my back....
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It was the سال 1988, the سال I turned 18 and found out Michael Jackson came back to California from his Bad World Tour. I've always wanted to meet him, but my family, well, mainly my brothers, won't let me meet him. I wasn't a happy camper until I had met Michael Jackson.
I was sitting in my room with Kelly, the little girl I was babysitting. She and I were like sisters. We were jamming out to Michael's Thriller album, until we heard a horn honking.
"That must be my mom. I better get going." Kelly said.
"Alright. I'll walk آپ to her car." I told her.
Kelly got her things together and we walked...
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جیسمین, یاسمین woke up on Valentines' دن with the sun shining in her face. She groaned and kicked off the covers. She walked over to the window and closed the blinds. She knew that today was Valentine's دن and she could hear the birds chirping happily outside. Everybody is in love, but me., she thought miserably. Except that she had a chance to be in love, but she had rejected it because she had rejected both Greg and Michael yetersday. She was done with Greg and she had closed that chapter in her life forever, so she should have been free to be with Michael, right? No, she had rejected him and...
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