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 King of Pop, forever with us !
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as al of us شائقین know michael planned a series of comeback concerts at first he planned to do 10 shows in london then it turned out to be 50 shows which everybody wanted to know how can michael do 50 shows all in one series michael's health was good but some doctors have کہا that michael's health wasnt 100 percent that it should have been this is how i felt during and after the movie

when i saw the previews on tv i was so excited to see it because it was michael jackson doing what he loved singing and dancing for us شائقین from all around the world to see when i first saw the previews...
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one night michael and his brothers were trying to sleep and they left a window open at night which joe didnt like it when they left a window open so joe decided to teach them a lesson so he decided to put on a بھیڑیا mask and jump through the window and start to scream while screaming he woke up michael and his brothers they were soo terrified that michael and marlon were scared for life to where michael couldnt sleep very good as he got older he always got nightmares of getting kidnabbed so did marlon poor michael he was having those nightmares alot as he got older and another time joe bursted...
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