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This Michael Jackson تصویر might contain hip boot and thigh boot.

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Tell the angels no, I don’t wanna leave my baby alone
I don’t want nobody else to hold you
That’s a chance I’ll take
Baby I’ll stay, Heaven can wait
No, if the angels took me from this earth
I would tell them bring me back to her
It’s a chance I’ll take, maybe I’ll stay
Heaven can wait

(You’re beautiful, you’re wonderful, incredible, I love آپ so)
You’re beautiful
Each moment spent with آپ is simply wonderful
This love I have for آپ girl it’s incredible
And I don’t know what I’d do, if I can’t be with you
The world could not go on so every night I pray
If the Lord should...
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Michael Jackson's mother, Katherine Jackson, is preparing to release a coffee میز, جدول book dedicated to her late son ... this according to a new report.

According to Showbiz411.com, the book will be released اگلے week and is called "Never Can Say Goodbye: The Katherine Jackson Archives." The book will reportedly consist of تصاویر on one page and Katherine's thoughts and memories on another ... and will be sold through a website, www.jacksonsecretvault.com.

The site also says Katherine gave an interview with former MJ confidante Marc Schaffel in an effort to promote the book -- a curious decision because Schaffel was heavily involved in Michael's life at one point, but the two had a huge falling out which resulted in several lawsuits.

As we first reported, Katherine plans on taking Michael's kids -- Prince, Paris, and Blanket -- to Michael's hometown of Gary, IN on the anniversary of his death.
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