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I screamed "WHY DID آپ LIE TO ME LISA?" She shouted back "I DIDN'T LIE TO آپ MICHAEL! I don't know what you're talking about!" I کہا "you promised me آپ would at least have one child with me! How is that supposed to happen if آپ don't ever want to have sex with me?" She کہا "oh my God Michael; I wasn't being serious when I کہا that! I didn't think آپ were being serious when آپ asked me to promise آپ that either; that's why I agreed!" I asked "what would make آپ think that I wasn't serious?" She کہا "besides, with everything going on with Jordan Chandler it wouldn't be smart to start...
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posted by MJisLove4life
 My دل </3
My Heart </3
Well If آپ Dont Know Already Today Is Valentines Day...So Happy Valentines دن Every One. But To Me Today Is Just Anthoer Day. I Guess The Reason I Say This Is Because I Dont Have A Bf یا Anyone Who Loves Me.

I Know The MJFam Loves Me And Its The Same With My Parents & دوستوں But I Just Want To Fill Up A Few Of The Empty Holes Thats In My دل That Are Not Filled. I Had A Bf Before But He Broke Up With Me And It Hurt Me Because He Was The First Boy I Kissed. But The Thing My Mom Tells Me Is "In Due Time Someone Will Walk Into Your Life And He Will Love آپ With All Of His دل And He Will Never Hurt You. آپ Just Have To Wait Untill Its The Right Time." And I Always Ask My Mom When Will It Ever Be The Right Time And She کہا I Dont Know. And I Always Get Angry یا Sad When She Says That.

I Just Dont Know If I Will Ever Find My Special Someone.

But Anyways Let Me Stop Before I Ruin Anyones Valentines Day. I Hope آپ All Had A Wonderful Valentines دن Lots Of L.O.V.E.<3
 My Love <3
My Love <3
Chapter 6,

March 15, 1999,

I woke up this morning and was so excited because today's my fifth birthday. I raced downstairs and کہا "wow; Pokémon everywhere!" There were balloons with the characters faces on them from the TV دکھائیں and a big pile of presents sitting on the table. Dad wasn't up yet because he didn't expect me to be awake for at least another half an hour. I went into the living room and waited for him to wake up

I was amazed that dad was able to pull all this Pokémon stuff off because I wasn't into Pokémon until about a ماہ پہلے when I had come across an episode of the دکھائیں on...
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Michael is at ہوم in his living room watching tv when Diane walks into the room.

Diane:walks to the سوفی, لٹانا and sits down اگلے to michael Michael honey i want آپ to do me a favor.
Michael: What do آپ need?
Diane: i want آپ to read this bookplaces the book 50 shades of grey in his lap
Michael:Michael looks at the book appaulingly Why do آپ want me to read this? its just soft porn basically.
Diane: Please????gives michael the کتے dog eyed look
Michael:sighs Alright ill read it
Michael beings to read the book. As he reads he is completely disgusted with all the sexual content in the story....
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posted by cherl12345
After the waiter left, Michael gazed into Maris' as he moved his left hand towards hers, which took her سے طرف کی surprise, giving her warm feeling inside. "Michael", she asked, "what are آپ doing, don't you're moving to fast after all this our first date?" Maris was having hiding her true feelings for Michael even though it was their first date, and she didn't want do anything to hurt his feelings, nor offend him after he'd been so kind and gentle towards her.

In her mind, Michael was the one man who actually treated her like a lady, and wasn't offended سے طرف کی her size and appearance. It occurred to...
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posted by cherl12345
Michael had a made a reservation for 8p.m. at Martoni's, he had the owner reserve a special seating area for him and Maris; in addition, to chilled wine to be served سے طرف کی the Maitre'd and candlelight added to in order to make the romantic. As he drove in town, Michael called the restaurant on his بلیک بیری saying he was on his way and they get there within an hour,"Everything's is ready, is there anything we can assist آپ with, Mr. Jackson," he asked, "No, That will be all," کہا Michael, and he turned off his cell phone. "Pardon me for repeating myself, but آپ are so beautiful and I can't take my eyes off of you," as he was driving down on Rodeo Drive, and she was at a loss for words Maris as baffled at the idea that Michael was interestred in her knowing other guys she's dated in the past were embarassed سے طرف کی size.

In Michael's eyes, Maris was special and he wanted to get to know her.
posted by mjfanforever22
i have had my share with mj haters like when i was in highschool alot of people taunted me because i am a huge پرستار of michael jackson here's a few stories that have happend with me and haters

my government teacher we would have these open debates about anything that we would vote on a topic so one دن my friend who sat behind be raised her hand and کہا lets have a debate so my teacher goes ok who wants to start it and on what should we have it on so she کہا celebrites and plastic surgery as soon as she کہا that i knew what was coming ahead

she of course کہا michael jackson...
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It was muggy and کالے گھنے بادل, چھانا as 28 سال old michael jackson pulled up to his new civil war era mansion. The house was two stories high, made of white brick, and surrounded سے طرف کی a canopy of oak trees. Vines growing all around and over its coloums. "This place looks kinda creepy." Michael thought to himself as he made his way up the worn brick pathway leading to the house. When michael walked in the door made a loud creaking noise.

The inside was stunning, michael had just had it fixed up so he could اقدام it. All the hardwood flooring had been restored, a big glorious chandiller hung in the enterance...
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posted by journeemj
When we got back ہوم we changed into our dress clothes to go out to dinner. Lextina wore one of the dresses I had just bought her the dress was blue which had a laced back, she had pinned her hair up into a gorgeous style. The blue dress match perfectly with the sapphire jewelry I had bought her. When we arrived to the restaurant and was seated. I presented the jewelry to Lextina piece سے طرف کی piece. She was in owe, she hugged me tight then we shared a kiss full of passion and love.
We then ordered, Lextina ordered کیکڑے, جھینگا پاستا Ole and a salad, I had the Wild مشروم, کھنبی Ravioli drenched in olive...
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 Michael sees ہولی getting out of her car
Michael sees Holly getting out of her car
After a couple months Michael and ہولی never make contact after that little incident between them two. Michael was asked to play Captain EO for a 3-D adventure in Disney World, and ہولی was making a new video for another song "Dance Again."

Before the video taping Michael was asked to help cast the rest of the crew that would be acting with him. During a twenty منٹ break George (Lucas,) Francis (Coppola,) and Michael are leaning against the specialmakeup trailer. All of a sudden Michael sees a white Jaguar pull up in an empty spot. Guess who gets out, Holly! Michael says under his breath,...
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Two Days Later
It had been 2 days since Michael and I tried for another baby. Well, right now, we were getting ready for Family دن at Hayvenhurst, requested سے طرف کی Jackie and Jermaine. While we were getting ready, though...there was a knock at the front door. Michael, being the only one that was fully ready, went downstairs and went to the door. When he opened the door, he was shocked to see my mother standing there. Judging سے طرف کی how her facial expression, she was a little sad.
"Oh my God. Eleni? What are آپ doing here? Sorry if that sounded a bit rude." Michael asked.
(Me: Yes, that is my mom's actual...
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[Warning: Part of this chapter will wind up scaring you.]
The اگلے Day
Michael woke up and saw me gathering my clothes. He smiled a little and sat up in the bed. I looked over at him after I got my undergarments on and smiled. He got out of the بستر and gathered his clothes and put them on. Once we were fully dressed, Michael came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my waist. I giggled and leaned back a bit.
"I can't believe we made love last night. We've only been going out for what, a few days یا maybe even a little over a week?" I said.
He smiled and kissed my cheek. "I can't believe it,...
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After training ended, Ashley looked at her watch to see that it was around 7pm, dinnertime. Luckily for every trainee, their rooms were filled with food supplies. Thing is, if they wanted a trainee in their rooms, they couldn't. All the rooms had cameras, so there was no privacy. The only place that they can have privacy is in the bathrooms. (Me: of course -.-)
Ashley headed to her room and saw Michael waiting outside her room. She had completely forgot that he was right اگلے door to her.
"Michael? What آپ doing?" Ashley asked.
Michael turned to her and smiled.
"I never got a chance to say this,...
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Last دن of another سال is almost here
And i can't help but fight a tear
Another سال without my boy
Is surely going to bring no joy
Parties happening ,music,fun all around
But all youll see on my face is a miserable frown
Dancing ,fireworks,counting down the clock
But تصاویر of Michael in my head I can not block
Trying to drown my sorrows in drink
So maybe then I wont have to think
Just then someone yells "Turn the موسیقی up loud"
As I hear the beat of the موسیقی my دل feels proud
Thats my boy,always livens up the crowd
Bodies moving and swaying to Black یا White
My دل threatens to burst with all its...
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posted by asya10wooten
recap: michael and jayla are having a baby in 7 months .tatiana and jason are planing to put her bhind bars.

"alicia im so execited to become a father soon" michael کہا "ok آپ told me that like 100 times already its not like im not excited for آپ but really do have to keep reminder me "alicia کہا "but
it about to happy in 28weeks left through her pregnancy can u beliv....."michael کہا as his phone is ringing as he looked at his phone it was jayla "hey baby girl" michael کہا "hi mikey برداشت, ریچھ do آپ want to come to the baby's ultrasound "jayla says "yeah of course do آپ want me to bring...
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