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 Michael Jackson SMOKING?
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Lol no of course Michael does NOT smoke nore has he ever smoked. He is just posing for a picture one of many pranks he has done XD Still he is fricking SEXY is this picture as always ;)
michael jackson
king of pranks
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This Michael Jackson تصویر contains ڈاکو, ہڈ, چادر, and فرغل. There might also be کوٹ, windcheater, anorak, جیکٹ, وندبریکر, وندکہیٹیر, انوراک, capote کے, کے hooded وسترا, ڈھکے قبا لبادہ, wimple, and ومپلا.

 So beautiful
So beautiful
1.Bad Era~ I bet this is mainly almost every fan's پسندیدہ era, I can see why. Michael is so beautiful and cute and sexy and gorgeous in this era(Well he is in every one though) Bad is also my پسندیدہ Michael Jackson album and one of my پسندیدہ tours. Michael's hair in this era is just so curly and pretty. And the Bad era is one of the eras where Michael was the most happy. آپ could really see it in his eyes and his face during those years. Michael was the biggest سٹار, ستارہ in the world and the allegations hadn't come yet. Everything was great and Michael was happy. And to me, I feel like Michael...
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“….There was nothing مزید humiliating for Michael Jackson than when police strip-searched him while investigating the allegations that he had molested 13-year-old Jordie Chandler.

The boy had دیا a detailed تفصیل of the star’s body and the detectives needed to check if it was true. Jackson was warned that if he refused to cooperate, he’d be arrested and taken away in handcuffs.

After the police arrived at Neverland, it took lawyers an گھنٹہ to persuade him to leave his bedroom. Finally, he came into the living room clearly agitated, wearing a brown dressing gown. He blocked his...
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Many artists come and go but very few are able to put an effect on billions of موسیقی lovers all over the world. Michael Jackson was one of them. Right from the his first album “Off the wall” in the سال 1979 to the last hit “Dangerous”, Michael Jackson موسیقی affected the pop موسیقی industry in numerous ways. Whether it is his charm, extraordinary موسیقی ویڈیوز یا دل touching songs, link and his موسیقی has definitely changed the way pop موسیقی was created. His unique style and popularity even after his death, proves that he is, was, and will always remain the king of POP. Michael Jackson...
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