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 Chresanto August(Spiffy Nigga)
Chresanto August(Spiffy Nigga)
Chresanto August (Roc a.k.a daddy یا papa):29
Bubba(Bonnie a.k.a You):27

What آپ Looked Like:
Your brazilian,dominican,cuban Nd black,your gorgeous آپ have honey blonde eyes,big,poofy,fluffy eyelashes, your lips were small Nd plumped big dimples(front Nd back),you have a beatiful brazilian گھنٹہ glass framed body,your hair was golden brown

having a niggacan be duh most comforting feeling in duh world when your not محفوظ think again his arms will always make آپ feel محفوظ no matter what happens.Duh relationship ain't always easy mostly because dere mean as attitude duh aggression always...
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