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posted by Imdalyric
Prince wit the doctor

Prince: ارے Doc
Doc: hey, can i help you?
Prince: umm... well..can i ask آپ for a favor?
Doc: wel it depends
Prince: can i be her care taker?
Doc: well آپ can visit her when آپ get ہوم :
Prince: no i mean be her ... personal nurse... آپ know, like the assigned nurse
Doc: O_O
Prince: please sir
Doc: umm آپ may go ہوم now *looks @ him* آپ looks like آپ need the rest
Prince: look sir, this is the only way i can repay her for wat i did
Doc: what آپ did???
Prince: just forget that
Doc: look we cant just give out that position i mean we got highly qualified nurses for that
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Room 123
Saniya (skittlez) is just sitting on her بستر watching t.v

Prince: he...hello
Saniya: hey
Prince: how u doing?
Saniya: im doing great thnx & u are??
Prince: umm uh...
Saniya: u must be my nurse ryt? U so young but thats also cool
Prince: wat? No im not-(gco)
Saniya: nice 2 meet u, my name is Saniya and u?
Prince: im Jacob and-(gco)
Saniya: can i call u Jake?
Prince: uhmm, okay
Saniya: great, then since ur my nurse, u my friend! Lemme give u a hug (gets off)
Prince: Sani, no
Saniya: *gets up but hurt herself* AHHHH
Prince: *catches her* Saniya, wtf?? Just sit ur پچھواڑے, گدا down, u dnt wanna hurt urself...
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Doc: well lemme say, she's still alive
Ray: is dat the bad news???
Prince: *gives him the "imma pop a ٹوپی in ur ass" look*
Ray: wat? He کہا he got bad news so-(gco)
Chanie: shutup Ray!
Doc: ohkay... Well the bad news is, she is in a severe coma case
Prince: what?? Plz man, can't u do anythin bout it? Plz *starts crying*
Doc: * looks @ him* look sir, she is fine ok, just in deep sleepin mode
Chanie: calm down Prince
Doc: and the worse news are... She might suffer from memory loss from wat recently happened and about 2 years ago
Evry1: R U SERIOUS??...
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Skittlez pov
urgh! I HATE HIM! If only i cud just slaughter him i wud just., urgh! *car beeps* what now? What do u ppl want 4rm me? * turns*

SHE GETS HIT سے طرف کی A CAR

Prince: *runs 2 her* SANIYA!!! (Skittlez real name)

Prince pov
OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! Please Skitt, wake up! Wake up!


Prince: *crying* Plz Saniya, wake up, wake up, please *voice trembling*

The paramedics come out
PG= Paramedic guy

PG: Sir will u please move
Prince: *dont wanna let go* n...no......
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Skittlez: *tears in her eyes* P...Prince?
Prince: *pushes Skylar off* Skitt! Umm... Uh?
Skylar: oh, Skittlez, ارے and what are u doing here coz ur disturbing us?
Skittlez: *tears fall down* oh, my bad, i'll be right out and umm... Prince...i enjoyed wat we had while it lasted *walks out*
Prince: Skitt wait!
Skylar: just leave her hunny, if she cared she wud still be here, like im here 4 u ryt now
Prince: whateva *runs after Skittlez*

Skittlez pov
how cud he?? He just let me pour out my دل 2 him then just... He just... *crying*

Prince: Skitt! Wait! I can explain!
Skittlez: *turns around* what can...
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Skittlez knocks on Prince's door
Prince Mom=PM

PM: *opens door* hello
Skittlez: ارے ma'am, can I plz talk 2 Prin- i mean Jacob?
PM: Oh... Okay, come in
Skittlez: thank u *comes in*
PM: he's in his room, but plz be nice coz he was in a mood when he came in
Skittlez: alright ma'am *goes up the stairs & knocks on his door*
Prince: WHAT??
Skittlez: okay jeez, umm can i come in?
Prince: i dnt know, can u?
Skittlez: *rolls eyes* yeah i can *comes in*

Prince was just sittin in his بستر with tears in his eyes

Skittlez: hello *goes 2 sit اگلے 2 him*
Prince: *looks up* hey
Skittlez: look im sorry okay, ur not my...
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Prince: u really mean that?
Skittlez: مزید than i've ever meant any feelin-(gco)
Prince: *kisses her*
Skittlez: *kisses him back*

Riley pov
ok, so i've been thinking bout me and Dorian's bet... I cant do it! I mean i've grown to really love her and i wud neva do anythin 2 hurt her... I think its time i really tell her how i feel *turns around & starts walkin 2 her house*

Prince: *pulls back* uh...umm... Im sorry
Skittlez: nah its fine...just fine, so do u 4give me?
Prince: yeah its alright, i 4give u
Skittlez: great! Then can i دکھائیں u sumthin?
Prince: *chuckles* yeah, okay
Skittlez: *kisses him passionately*...
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@ the park...
Riley: excuse me umm Jacob??
Prince: *pulls back 4rm kiss* hey??
Skylar: hello, but we were still busy
Skittlez: im so sorry but-(gco)
Prince: Skitt can i talk 2 u? In private?
Skittlez: uhh *looks @ Riley* ok
Prince: ارے Skitt
Skittlez: ارے Jake
Prince: sorry but can i ask u sumthin?
Skittlez: yeah, since u already have
Prince: do u luv Riley?
Skittlez: *0_0* uhh... Yes! Yeah, i do luv him
Prince: do u know the true meaning of love?
Skittlez: *:-/* yeah ... Well... Do u??
Prince: i dont believe in love because i still dont have u!
Skittlez: REALLY!? I mean wat??
Prince: look Skittlez,...
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Skittlez went outside after kissing Prince

???: ارے beautiful
Skittlez: *turns around* omg, Dorian?!
Dorian: ارے hey!
Skittlez: wow! When last did i see u?
Dorian: just last سال & u know...i miss u
Skittlez: umm u mean missed
Dorian: no, i mean i miss being wit u
Skittlez: ookayy umm yeah i miss u 2
Dorian: im serious i miss u so much
Skittlez: i dnt know wat makes u so dumb thinkin dat i wud get back wit u, but its working
Dorian: look im serious
Skittlez: urgh boy plz
u dnt mean any of dat sh-(gco)
Dorian: * kisses her*

Prince pov
im still waiting 4 Skittlez 2 come back, so i decide 2 go look 4 her...
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well u can read ep 6 (sorry but im lazy 2 type it all up)

Its lunch time

Prince: *going 2 the cafeteria*
Skylar: ارے Prince,wait up! *runs 2 catch up*
Prince: ارے Sky
Skylar: umm have u seen Chanie یا Kiana anywhere
Prince: Im pretty sure they @ the cafeteria
Skylar: oh yeah * dumb look*
Prince: *chuckles* ur cute
Skylar: hehe thanks
@ their table
Roc: I had the weirdest weekend ever
Prod: I had the best
Ray: it was okay
Chanie: mine was fantab coz we made a new friend
Skylar: u wanna make me cry * fakes crying*
Kiana: oh really Sky? Really?
Skylar: u ruining...
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posted by Imdalyric
Riley just told Roc if he dont do wat he wants, he gon be embarasred 4 da rest of his school life...

Roc: well no thank u
Riley: c'mon man, u dnt wanna make history as da school's biggest nerd, right
Roc: umm no... but umm no I dont want that
Riley: well u know what? Imma make u a deal

Riley pov
Imma just have fun wit this one! He no longer will be known as the innocent Trey when I'm done wit him...

Roc: alright, what kind of deal?
Riley: I want u 2 تاریخ a girl
Roc: thats it?
Riley: this is just no girl, i want u 2 date-

@ the snack & drink table

Regy's pov
dang this Trey guy is hot.and very...
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posted by Imdalyric
Kiana and Chanie made a new 'friend'...


Roc is just standin سے طرف کی the snack میز, جدول when...
Regy: HI ROC!
Roc: *nearly drops plate* h... ارے Regina
Regy: nah, just call me Regy,evry1 else does and oh, u enjoyin my party?
Roc: yeah its really cool
Regy: great! U know those دوستوں of urs? They slow ur standards down, u a really cool guy but u dnt get recognised coz u gt the wrong crowd
Roc: nah i dnt think so, i dnt get noticed coz i dnt wanna
Regy: u know u can hang wit me and my دوستوں

Regy pov
boy u just gotta give in already

Regy: so watchu say?

Roc pov
damn! She is just so hot and i just gotta say i do have a crush on her so... Why not? Wat my دوستوں dont know wont kill em anyway
Roc: alright its cool
Regy:coolness! Lets go and meet them over the V.I.P section

hey! Its me again and yeah plz تبصرہ :)
Thnx 4 readin

YN: *yawns*morning ray
Rayray:*yawns morning Babe ohh yea mom and dad کہا thatthey left and theywontbe coming back anytime soon
Yn:oh well wat u wanna do today
Rayray:well can I invite some دوستوں over
Yn;sure whatever
rayray:calls prod roc and prince *
Rayray;aye yall wanna come over my house today and chill
the boys:yea wat time
Rayray:in like 20 minutes
the boys :kk
*20 منٹ later*
the boys:bangin on the door*
Rayray;*yells*im coming
rayray;*opens door*
prince:whats u...GCO BECAUSE HE SEE'S YOU
Princes pov
dammmn shawty got a nice body lord hope I don't gt horny
end of pov *...
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posted by Butterfly555
 Mindless Behavior's Outfit
Mindless Behavior's Outfit
Dating a nigga with power can be the most comfortable feeling in the world,Even though the thug life ain't always good محفوظ یا shit when he wraps his arms around آپ he makes آپ feel safe.The relationships ain't never easy cause with every thug there's a rude پچھواڑے, گدا attidue awaiting.The aggression is natural.All that shit pays off dough...In the bedroom:D

California Compton...7:00am(Monday Morning)

Chresanto August...
Wassup i'm Chresanto August i also go سے طرف کی Roc i'm 18 years old i mean what can i say b*tches love me sh*t i f*cked half the school honestly i can't help that i got a big d*ck.On...
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so that same night they went to سیب, ایپل bees like thislink
boys; dang
me: ya lets go
princeton: so mean
jacob: dont talk to her like that
prince: my bad
me: can we go
jacob: sure baby
them: eww
me: shut up
in the car
me: we here
them:thank the lord lol
waitress: make i take your oder
me; yes sprite thats it
prince: fat self
me:runs out
jacob: what the hell wrong with u ( gose after her)
me; y your not eating ( crying)
jacob: cause آپ left out
me; im i really fat
me; ok lets go back in
in applebees
prince; sorry janae
me; its ok
they ate and went home
prince:let watch tv
eb but jacob and nae;ok
jacob;we calling a night
in the room
jacob: so
me; not to night
jacob: howyou know what i was going to say
me: im a big پرستار i know you
me: night sexy
down stairs
ray:yall gn
eb; good night everyone
 Chresanto's SEXY Face
Chresanto's SEXY Face
-Episode 24 "Real Love"- *Rated R: PART 1!! If آپ can't handle it, skip the episode!!! Long Article!*

//When Tay woke up, Craig and Kay were اگلے to her on the grass. Rayan was standing up, but looking down at her *So he still mad.*

Ray: Told آپ some side effect would happen.
Tay: (She stood up then pushed him) But no side effect is happening now! So don't mess with me! *Like a BOSS*
Craig: Taylee, be a good girl.
Tay: No! I'm sick and tired of people treating me like a kid! I'm 17 now! Like cut that damn stuff out! I wanna go home, now. (She walked away into Rayan's car, in the backseat)
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posted by its_kristi_rae
آپ were at the Mindless Behavior کنسرٹ and it just ended. آپ and your best friend were walking out the door. All the girls are running towards the tour bus. Your دوستوں start running too.

you: Mya what are آپ doing

Mya: I going to go see MB

you: omg please don't

Mya: why

you: because you're just wasting your time

Mya: uhhh excuse me I'm trying to meet MB

you: trust me it's not worth it besides don't be a groupie

Mya: I guess آپ got a point

you: so what do we do now

Mya: there's a McDonald's down the street

you: Oh yes I could use some coffee cause my throat is sore from screaming

Mya: girl what...
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3 girls سے طرف کی the name of K'loni,Aaliyah&Yn who are getting bullied,abused,and nearly killled سے طرف کی there so called best friends:Craig,Chresanto&Raquan out of the whole group YN's the one thats getting hurt the most her brother is Raquan and seems to get know attention from him everyday she gets hurt and reliazez that Raquan isn't going to be there for her Raquan always says he's رات کا کھانا SORRY but he never seems to prove it
posted by TtRr
Ok so there is a new character her name is Bre it was the girl بنفشی, وایلیٹ didn't know and her تاریخ to the dance was Brian so it's two new characters

Violets pov
Am I kissing roc royal omg ok let me calm down be for I make him nervous
( End of pov)
Roc: ( kissing back with tounge and lowering his hands to my but
Violet: ( stops kissing and backs away) omg um I um
Roc: Oh my gosh I'm so sorry I don't no wat came over me but your a really good kisser
Violet: thank u but it was my -
Nicki: ارے wassup can borrow this for a sec (referring to me violet) thanks

She dragged me to the bathroom . Were all my friends...
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posted by Rock-n-Rollin
That's right! I have another story! It's called Love MB. Here's the characters.
Sierra Smith: 15 سال old drama queen who loves to act out in plays. She got every lead in a school play since kindergarten. She dreams 2 be a succesful actress. How she look:link
Keanna Lopez: 15 سال old queen bee of the girls high school. She's very nice, if nobody bothers her. Although she's very popular, she's a tomboy. How she look:link
Mariah Ginger: A 16 سال old talented, hip hop dancer. She goes to a dance academy. People tease her cuz she's a nerd. Her father is abusive. How she look:link
Arianna Smith: 14 سال old younger sibiling of Sierra. She loves 2 draw. She's a talented drawer. She also loves 2 play volleyball. How she look:link
The first episode will be out on today!