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Source: me and ms paint
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 this thing is so old and crappy!
this thing is so old and crappy!
A starry figure appears in the trees and starts to walk toward you. His amber eyes glow in the moonlight and دکھائیں many of his past feelings. "Do آپ see that blue she-cat over there?" He flicks his tail to the new cat, Ashtail. "She came a long way to get here. آپ may not think of her as much help, but she's been through a lot. I can understand why she's so quiet these days. We've had a lot of trouble together." He let out a small sigh and gazed at Ashtail. "Her past has been filled with so much disaster. Let me tell آپ about her life. She was born in an unknown clan that did believe in StarClan....
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My nest was perfenctly lined with feathers and moss.She wanted to share this joyful moment with Whitelight but now the thought of him and his stunt turned her دل to ice and her mouth had a کڑوا, تلخ taste in it. She had many new denmates in the nursery.She shared her ماند, خلوت خانہ with Icecrystal,Littlebird and Smallcloud.She thought about what she had done to Whitelight to make him do that. She had not heard the medicine cats approach from behind and was still thinking about the question."You may speak now." she was snapped into reality.So many سوالات popped into her head but she started with a simple...
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 Flameflower and Stormcloud
Flameflower and Stormcloud
"Come on.We have to get back."said a white tom.Beside him was a beautiful light-ginger she-cat,her belly was big so آپ can tell she was gonna have kits soon."I'm coming,Stormcloud"said the light-ginger she-cat,or Flameflower.Flameflower & Stormcloud were on there way back to MoonClan from the valley,when the two of them found out that Flameflower was gonna have kits they tried to get ہوم fast,but محفوظ enough for Flameflower and the kits.Then,all of the sudden,one of the kits kicked Flameflower so hard that she yowled in so much pain."Ok,when are we gonna be home?"Flameflower said,while...
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"We need to go someplace noone can see یا hear us." WhiteLight told me,Rainstripe. Whitelight is my mate یا was heres the rest of my story. "Ok just hurry up my paws are freezing off out there!"
I said. "Heres a good spot," he کہا in a spot surrounded سے طرف کی ferns.I asked him what was so important that i had to leave from my warrior duties and my apprentice to meet him."Ok i have a surprise for you!" He کہا in a low growl. "What are you-" I was cut off as he lunged at me and hooked his claws into my throat. Agonizing pain raced through me as he raded away and i fell unconxious. I woke and thought...
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Moonfire asked me 2 write this

Leader:Moonfire,a light-ginger & white tiger striped she-cat,sapphire & گلابی flecked eyes

Deputy:Snowflower,a white & grayish-blue she-cat,sapphire eyes with گلابی flecks(I'm Moonfire's sister in this)

Medicine Cat:(WarriorLover199)
Rainstripe:A silver she-cat with black stripes,& blue eyes.(mother,father,& sister are up in StarClan)

Whiteshadow:A pale gray tom,& with blue-green eyes(Snowflower's mate)
Nightcloud:A black tom,with amber eyes(Moonfire's mate)
Angelwing:A white she-cat,sapphire eyes with گلابی flecks(Another one of Moonfire's...
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posted by moonfire12024
1.You must stay loyal to your clan and other clans.

2.All apprentices must have a mentor.

3.Kits should be 6 moons old to be an apprentice.

4.You can't شامل میں unless آپ have permission from the clan leader(me-moonfire12024)

5.If آپ have a good reason,warriors should not be gone for مزید than a month.

6.Always be careful when آپ are out in the forest.

7.If آپ repect others,they will repect آپ in return.

8.There must be a clan leader at all times.(female leaders are allowed to have kits)

If آپ can't follow these rules,then leave un loyal cats aren't welcome in the clan.

Bottom pic is my sister(best friend),Angelwing.

سب, سب سے اوپر pic is me,Moonfire.