MTV Who needs talent, when there are Britney and "T"

Karma1717 posted on Oct 20, 2009 at 01:24AM
I made a serious error in judgement this past weekend. I actually tuned in to MTV for a short period of time. I would like to thank the mindless, no talent, freaks who produce this crap for giving me a few more lines on my forehead. I sat there, entranced with my head tilted like a dog who just heard a high pitched noise. Was it the staggering amount of natural talent and charisma of the performers that entranced me? No. Was it the quality programming of the "shows" that balance the sheer genius of the performers? No. I am actually having a difficult time processing and explaining what I just witnessed. However, I will remove the brain to mouth filter, and give it my best shot. (Hey, Lady Ga Ga and Kanye West, that means you.)

I would like to know who determined that, in order to be a singing and dancing performer, that you don't actually have to possess any of those traits, or abilities. Britney, would you PLEASE get the hell off of my television and out of the news! For the love of everything good in the world, would you just admit that you have NO TALENT and a good plastic surgeon who rebuilds you once every two years? You are one more dye job and peel away from Joan Rivers, for gawd's sake. You are NOT hot. Let me say that again. The only "men" who find you hot are children who still look under their sister's Barbie Doll's skirt, HOPING to find an explanation for why they wake up with sticky sheets. Was that to the point enough for you? You are a horrible performer, your looks were always mediocre, at best, you are a disgusting pseudo engineered human being, and the whole world laughs at you. I think that you and Kanye West could have a beautiful relationship, if you moved back home. Call the mother ship, your time here is done.

Now, I understand that the pop culture music industry is sorely lacking any semblance of real talent, but for the love of F***, how the hell do you justify filling the empty space between Lady Ga Ga and Chris Brown with a show entitled, "Jackass". For those of you who have not seen this show, I will briefly attempt to describe it. I want you to imagine every person, in your life, who you said "He is going to wind up dead, in rehab, or prison." and put them all on one TV show. That pretty much sums it up. Oh, except for the fact that they also staple their own balls to their legs and drink horse semen. You read that right. I will give you a minute to digest that. (pun intended). Are you back now? Good, because I want you to realize that our society has devolved to a point where the most idiotic of people have become "famous", and have gathered a following greater than Farrakhan's million man march. Maybe if T Pain had thought of it, more than half a million people would have shown up. Speaking of no talent. T Pain, honey, please listen to me. We know why you have to use that microphone. You suck. (you should be thankful, you got off easy.) Actually, I lied. T Pain you suck SO much, that I feel the need to continue. I think we need to take a look at just a small part of one of your works of pure art.

yea, yeah!
Woa, Ohh
nuh-nuh nuh Shawty
nuh-nuh nuh Shawty
nuh-nuh nuh Shawty
Don't chop me, Shawty don't screw me
Shawty don't chop me, Shawty don't screw me
Shawty don't chop me, Shawty don't screw me
yea, Yeah

You guys think that I made that up, don't you? I didn't. The credit goes to the pure genius of the music industry combined with the limitless talent of "artists" like T Pain.
Look at those freakin lyrics, people. First of all, I would like to know the difference between "Yeah" and "Yea". Is that just so it LOOKS like there are actually more words to this "song"? Why the dash between the first set of nuh-nuh and not the second? I don't mean to insult your artistic license, T. Can I call you T? I think I will. You managed to make an entire verse of music using exactly four words that actually exist in the english language. That is very impressive. By the way, T, unless your "girlfriend/wife" *translation* "Shawty" is short, what the F*** does that mean? I give up. I should have just stuck with, "you suck". You do.

Pop culture has it's place in this world. It can provide cheap entertainment, (unless you want to see them live or buy anything with their "designer label" on it) for those who don't really like to put too much thought into what is quality and what is not. There are BRILLIANT musicians and talent that knows no limits, yet we are indoctrinated and obsessed with idiots like Britney, Kanye, and, as I like to call him, T. What happened to music being a respected and revered form of communication and expression? I can tell you, it still exists. It is out there, people. Get the hell away from the boob tube, and PAY ATTENTION. There is an entire world of unique and beautiful talent out there. I know that many of you also thought that Bob Ross was an AMAZING painter, but trust me, Van Vogh would cut YOUR ear off for saying so.

I think my good friend, T, said it best,

Now you've officially been chopped and screwed
screwed-screwed, chopped-chopped and screwed
You've officially been dance-dance screwed
And ewed-ewed, chopped screwed-screwed
You've officially been chopped and screwed


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