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noorawad posted on Aug 30, 2009 at 02:08PM
iBlue™ The "Mobile Advertising" Solution Provider presents a new Bluetooth solution to the markets. MWedding™ is a Bluetooth broadcasting device that automatically sends your "Digital Wedding Album" to guests' mobile handsets in the party zone. You can easily design your own Digital Wedding Album containing photos of the bride and the groom with their families and friends which could be easily tagged so that guests could easily know one another.

iBlue Business Development Consultant, said that whether you are a wedding planner, an owner of a wedding hall or you are going to have your own wedding party, MWedding™ is a nice way of creating a friendly atmosphere within your party. When the guests enter the party hall, MWedding™ automatically sends them the Digital Wedding Album via Bluetooth to their mobile phones. Once the application is received, it is easily to be installed on any mobile set that supports Java.

Dr. Khaled Aly, the CEO of iBlue assures that MWedding™ has the capacity to send the Digital Wedding Album to more than 20 guests at the same time. It can send photo gallery as well as any other content you would like to share with your guests that day. MWedding™ comes in three packages; basic, plus, and max, different in the number of contained photos, and broadcasting stations distributed in the wedding hall.

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About iBlue:

iBlue is the world leader provider of Mobile Advertising Solutions. It provides Bluetooth Advertising Solutions, Online Mobile Content Development Solutions and interactive SMS Solutions. The company provides the world's first online Mobile Brochure Builder Web application which enables advertisers to build their own Mobile Brochures that run as a Java application on Mobile Phones. iBlue provides Bluetooth Advertising Solutions/Software for Portable, Network, and Stand-alone Desktops, running under Linux and Windows operating systems.

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