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posted by pire39
Shadow Runner was born in Scorched Valley. When he was ten, his family was killed in a Celestian Guard raid, and Shadow Runner was forced out into the burning wastes. After days of scorching heat, بچھو stings, and near death experiences, he was found سے طرف کی a Celestian patrol. They took him in, but never found out where he came from. When he was fifteen, he joined the Celestian military, graduated with a high score in Stealth courses, and was transfered to the 1st Celestian Recon. When his squad was ambushed سے طرف کی rebels, and killed, only he remained, only because he had hid the entire fight....
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posted by AquoMoon
Princess Luna has tried to overthrow Celestia again but now instead of calling the mane 6 to stop Luna for the سیکنڈ time, they have started the war for Equestria. Princess Celestia has Canterlot as a fort, and Luna has the Everfree forest, ponyville has no idea of the war for Equestria. this is the true battle, Sister vs Sister in a war to the death for Equestria.

One beautiful دن at Canterlot while Princess Celestia was doing her royal duties Princess Luna was mad at her dear sister for not giving her مزید authority over Equestria and then Luna wennt to her sister and declared a war for...
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posted by Pokemon_melody
 Rasberry Blast~!
Rasberry Blast~!
This is a first-come-first serve! First person commenting saying they want *insert ٹٹو name here* they get it. ONE ٹٹو PER PERSON! ALL OF THEM ARE FILLIES! Here we go~!

Name:Rasberry Blast
Species:Earth Pony

Name:Magenta Darklight
Occupation(s):Student, helps her mom at her پھول shop

Name:Blue Dancer
Occupation(s):Student, DJ's at parties on the weekend

Occupation(s):Student and helps out at her family آڑو orchard

Name:Peppermint Cane
Occupation(s):Student and she expirements with different candy flavors
Species:Earth Pony

Name:Princess Juliana
Occupation:Private School Student and a Princess >:3
Species:Unicorn Pegasus

Name:Lemon Lime
Occupation:Student and a mascot for a local fruit stand
Species:Earth Pony

Thats all of my adoptable ponies~!
 Magenta Darklight~!
Magenta Darklight~!
 Blue Dancer~!
Blue Dancer~!
 Peppermint Cane~!
Peppermint Cane~!
 Princess Juliana~!
Princess Juliana~!
 نیبو, لیموں Lime~!
Lemon Lime~!
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