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One night, in one of the huts, me, Shredder, and قوس قزح Dash were in a room with all the potatoes. We were trying to make moonshine.

After a few attempts, they decided to try out their drink.

Sean: *Drinks small amount of moonshine* Wow.
Shredder: *drinks moonshine* Wow!
قوس قزح Dash: *Drinks moonshine, then coughs* Wow!

اگلے morning.

Shredder: *Sets up table*
Sean: *Sets up Equestrian Flag*
قوس قزح Dash: *Carrying drums*
Sean: *Carrying flute*
Shredder: *Has garbage can set as cannon, then shoots the lid off*
Ponies: *Coming out of huts*
Sean: *Blows in flute*
Shredder: Ten hut! March!
Sean: *Playing Yankee Doodle*

The three of us then started to walk around the camp, waking up everypony.

Pablo: *wakes up* What is all this?
Volk: It's the fourth of July! They must be celebrating the Equestrian Revolution.
Celestia: What is all this?
Bartholomew: I haven't the slightest idea.
Shredder: *stops* Princess, آپ and your roommates are invited for free drinks over at the washdown.
قوس قزح Dash: Down with the British!
Bartholomew: Yeah yeah.
Jade: What kind of drinks did آپ make?
Shredder: You'll see.
قوس قزح Dash: Down with the British!
Shredder: Aaand, march!

And we started marching back to the washdown.

Major Skyler: *Holding gun* What is this?
Griffon 47: They don't seem to be doing anything rebellious.
Major Skyler: I guess you're right *Puts gun away*
Sean: Come one, come all, get your free drink of moonshine.
Ponies: *Taking drinks*
Sean: *Pouring moonshine in glass*
Applejack: What is this?
Sean: Moonshine, Equestrian Moonshine, just the way آپ like it.
Applejack: *Takes glass of moonshine*
Shredder: Keep it coming everypony.
Ponies: *Taking drinks*
Sean: Don't get any on your clothes ma'am.
Sacred Symphony: Thanks.
Sean: Keep it moving.
Pablo: *takes drink*
Sean: Don't smoke right after آپ drink. There's no smoking!
Major Skyler: Luke, Jordyn, come with me. *Goes in hut*
Sean: *drinking moonshine* Keep it coming *Coughs* Keep it- *Coughing*
قوس قزح Dash: *Drinks moonshine* No taxation without representation.
Sean: Keep it coming, wait. What? (How did she say that entire sentence without coughing?)
Shredder: *Sits اگلے to Brewster* Well, what do آپ think of it?
Brewster: I'll tell آپ what this isn't. It's not homemade brandy, it's a really good drink. *drinks moonshine* آپ did creat greating this... I mean, آپ did great creating this.
Sean: How do آپ like it?
Celestia: It's a dreat grink, great drink. How are- how are you, and applejack کی, اپپلیجاک getting along?
Sean: We seem to be getting along alright Princhess- Princess.
Celestia: *Looks at Bartholomew* It's good stuff Sean.
Sean: Thank you.
Jade: We're almost getting out of here Applejack.
Applejack: And then we can continue running our farms.
Jade: What if we get caught on the way?
Applejack: *frowns*
Jade: Aw, don't give me that look. We'll be listening to country once we get back into Ponyville. *Singing* Ridin' down the highway, who wants to be the DJ?
Applejack: I'll find a spot on the side of the road, آپ find somethin' on the radio!
Major Skyler: *sees wood* Do آپ two know anything about this?
Jordyn & Luke: No.
Pablo: Bartholomew, goons in 105.
Bartholomew: Try not to pay any attention. If they see آپ looking at them, then they'll know they found something.
Major Skyler & Luke: *Leaves room*
Jordyn: *Pouring cup of coffee* Finally, I get to *Burns herself, and drops cup*

Suddenly, she heard a strange noise.

Jordyn: *Pours coffee near stove*

It sounded like the coffee was going further down then it really was.

Jordyn: Major!
Major Skyler: *Arrives* What?
Jordyn: *Pours coffee near stove*
Major Skyler: I know what's going on! *Knocks down stove* Those prisoners were digging a tunnel! *Moves tile* Aha!! *Blows whistle*
Celestia: Oh christ, they found Tom!
Griffons: *Running into camp holding an MP40*
Applejack: *Slowly walks towards fence*
Sean: What happened?
Sacred Symphony: It's the tunnel. They found Tom.
Shredder: So much for success!
Applejack: *getting close to fence*
Sean: *sees Applejack* Applejack! *Runs towards her*
Ponies: *Following Sean* Don't climb that fence!!
Applejack: *Climbing fence*
Griffon 98: STOP!! *Pointing gun at Applejack* STOP!!
Sean: *Kicks Griffon*
Griffon 53: *Pushes Sean on ground*
Griffon in guard tower: *Shoots twenty bullets*
Applejack: *gets shot in the head*

applejack کی, اپپلیجاک was dead.

Sean: *Picks up Applejack's hat*
Griffon 53: *Pointing gun at Sean*
Sean: *Puts hat on heart, and stays silent for ten seconds*

After respecting the dead, I went to where Bartholomew was.

Sean: Sir, let me know the exact locations that آپ need. I'm going out tonight.
Bartholomew: Right. Everypony else will dig around the clock.

2 B continued
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Very long, but it's a really good ذریعہ to find اندازی حرکت errors
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Applejack, and Braeburn waited until the train got to St. Foalis. When they got there, The Flim Flam brothers, and their gang went off the train.

Applejack: Let's get going Braeburn. *Gets off train*
Braeburn: *Follows Applejack*
Dexter: Where are we taking this filly boss?
Flim: Ehem.
Dexter: Sorry. I mean bosses.
Flam: That's مزید like it.
Flim: We are going into the river to drown her.
Applebloom: آپ can't drown me!
Passengers: *Looking at Flim Flam brothers*
Flim: Keep your mouth shut.
Passenger: Hey, what's happening?
Dexter: None of your shitty business *Shoots passenger*
Passengers: *Running...
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 Princess Luna think about her sister...
Princess Luna think about her sister...
It was another plain night on the moon, where Luna was located. She sighed and said, ''Why couldn't I have been loyal to my sister? Why did she send me to the moon?'' She lied her head down and thought,''Why am I like this...''. She looked up to the stars and saw a constellation. It looked like Princess Celestia. A tear rolled down from Luna's eye, wanting to start over. Then she saw a shooting سٹار, ستارہ go سے طرف کی and wished,''I wish that I can reunite with my sister...''.

''Princess Celestia!'' One of the royal guards shouted. ''What is it?'' Princess Celestia questioned. ''Princess Luna is returning...
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Thank آپ Pinkie.
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