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After dinner, Bob and Emily took Burt to their home.

Burt: *Looks around* This is nice.
Bob: Thank you. I can tell you're really going to like living with us.
Burt: آپ got that right. Not only is this a nice place, but it's owned سے طرف کی two of the greatest ponies in all of Equestria.
Bob: I'm sure there's somepony better then me, and Emily.
Burt: Nope. Not even Celestia herself can be better than آپ my friend.
Emily: Well, that's kind of آپ to say Burt.
Bob: So what do آپ plan on doing now that you're divorced?
Burt: Good question. I'll most likely اقدام back to Scotland. It's a beautiful country آپ know.
Bob: I'm sure it is.
Emily: What will آپ do while me, and Bob go to work?
Burt: Hmm. I already know what Bob does, so I might as well see what your job is like Emily.
Emily: Sure, I don't see any harm in that.
Bob: I can.
Emily: Bob!
Bob: What? You're the principal of a school. You're too busy to babysit Burt.
Burt: Oh, I'll be alright. I could even help Emily with her work.
Emily: Yes, thank آپ for that.
Burt: Not a problem.

The اگلے day, at the school that Emily worked at.

Emily: Alright, so pretty much, all I have to do is sign papers, look at my E-mail on a computer, and talk to students.
Burt: What would آپ like me to do?
Emily: Read a book یا a magazine.
Burt: Okay. *Looks at کتابیں in Emily's office* Which one would آپ suggest?
Emily: Oh, I've got a lot of favorites. How about The Catcher In The Rye?
Burt: I read that, and I don't like it. Too much swearing.
Emily: Then, how about Diary Of A Wimpy Colt?
Burt: Too babyish.
Emily: Is there anything that آپ do like?
Burt: Hmm. *Looks at books* Oh, I see a book with a bunch of Shel Silverstein poetry. That ٹٹو knows everything when it comes to poetry.
Emily: Okay, go ahead, and read it.

As Burt grabbed the book, a green filly walked into the room. Her name was Tasha, and she didn't look happy.

Emily: Good morning Tasha, what can I do for you?
Tasha: I got in a fight, and my teacher told me to come down here.
Emily: Aw, Tasha. Why would آپ do that?
Tasha: Somepony چرا لیا, چوری کی my lunch money.
Emily: That's no excuse to fight somepony. آپ should have came to me, یا one of the teachers, and they would've made that ٹٹو bring the money back to you. *Hears phone ring* Excuse me Tasha. This shouldn't take too long. *Picks up phone* Hello?
Bob: How is everything going with Burt?
Emily: Fine, fine. Can we talk about this another time? I have one of the students in my office.
Bob: Oh, sorry. I just finished up with a client, and I thought about you, so that's why I'm talking to you.
Emily: Okay, thank آپ Bob, but آپ gotta talk to me later, okay?
Bob: Okay. *Hangs up*
Emily: *Puts phone away* Okay, who was the ٹٹو that چرا لیا, چوری کی your money?
Tasha: Mat Beene.
Emily: Okay, آپ head back to class, and I'll make Mat give آپ your money back. Okay?
Tasha: Thank آپ Mrs. Newhart.
Emily: You're welcome.
Tasha: *Walks out of office*
Burt: آپ handled that pretty well.
Emily: Thank you. Enjoying that book?
Burt: Well, it's fine, but when I saw the back of the book, it scared me.
Emily: Why?
Burt: Shel Silverstein looks like a ٹٹو that should be robbing banks, یا living a life of crime. Not writing books.
Emily: Why? Because of his beard?
Burt: Yep.

2 B continued
 This is the school that Emily works at.
This is the school that Emily works at.
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