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It's time to review a comic! This story is about the return of the changelings, who, led سے طرف کی Queen Chrysalis, kidnap the Cutie Mark Crusaders. Is it worthy of the ووٹ it won my contest by?
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friendship is magic
my little ٹٹو friendship is magic
the return of queen chrysalis
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the سیکنڈ opinion
Credit: JHaller ;
my little ٹٹو friendship is magic
قوس قزح dash
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Credit: My Little ٹٹو Official ; Looks like season 5 is coming out in Spring.
my little ٹٹو friendship is magic
season 5
twilight sparkle
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Theme song >>>> link

Seanthehedgehog presents

Season 2 Highlights of

Ponies On The Rails


Peirce Hawkins "Hawkeye" From Seanthehedgehog

Red Rose From Chibiemmy

Honey Bee From NaomiWinx

Coffee Creme From KarinaBrony

Snowflake & Orion From Alinah09

Metal Gloss From DragonAura15

Stylo From Jimmythedragon

Gordon, Percy, Jeff, Bartholomew, and Pete from Seanthehedgehog

Hawkeye: *stops train at station* Hi. I think آپ know where this is going. For ten episodes of this season, I have made many readers of this series very happy, and gave them a good laugh.Though personally, I...
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قوس قزح Dash, and Fluttershy make a pretty good team when it comes to being in minecraft videos.
قوس قزح dash
my little ٹٹو
my little ٹٹو friendship is magic
Greece. A majestic land of many myths, legends, heroes and gods alike, whether it be the Titan War یا the Battle at Thermopylae, the rise of Olympus and it's godly residents. But this مضمون isn't about those things. It's about their references unto the ponies we like.

When Lauren Faust created Friendship is Magic, her interests into Greco-Roman myths and legends must have been pretty high because of the contents within the show. Some of the things we saw and heard of we're the obvious ones, such as Cerberus and Tartarus. And there were some we may not have heard of, such as Cerberus's brother,...
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Warning: I apologize for not being on for a long time. Seems like everyone else has been very busy with posting their fanfictions while I was away, so here are the لنکس to the other parts of this episode

Part 1: link

Part 2: link

Okay, now that that's done, we can continue.

After taking the freight with Orion, Percy had to take another freight train سے طرف کی himself.

Percy: *Slowly enters train yard*
Snowflake: *Turns signal red*
Percy: *Stops at red signal*
Snowflake: *Walks out of signal tower, and to Percy's train* Come on Percy, uncouple your engine, and get it in the siding, hurry up!
Percy: I'm...
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pinkie went to twilight's ہوم and asks her
pinkie:hi twilight i have nothing to do! i think i will throw a party!.
pinkie went to her house to write the invitations for her party
the اگلے دن pinkie went to twilight's house and says
pinkie:twilight i have a party in my house! here is your invitation.
twilight: i am busy reading my new books.
then pinkie went to rarity's house there was قوس قزح dash and سیب, ایپل jack
pinkie:coming to my party!.
rarity: i am busy with a new outfit
rainbow:after a سیکنڈ i will learn a new move
سیب, ایپل jack:i will go and pick up apples
then pinkie went to fluttershy's house and says
pinkie:party today!
fluttershy:sorry have to take care of angle
then pinkie went to her home
قوس قزح dash,fluttershy,twilight,apple jack and rarity:surprise!
pinkie:wow thanks guys i love the surprise party! lets party!
"huff..huff..huff" the rest of the ponies were running for their lives to escape the Timberwolves..they had been separated from the others..and have been running for half an گھنٹہ now but the timberwolves just wont give in!

" we get rid of them!" Flame managed to say flying while dodging vines and branches

"im thinking,im thinking!" Winter shouted,trying to think of a plan "dang..of course..Moonshine,use a spell!"

Moonlight responded,hopping over a fallen درخت "obvious..i hadnt thought about it from all this running.." as she کہا that,her horn began to glow bright teleporting them...
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قوس قزح Dash went back to the house, but when she got in there, she was in for a big surprise.


Scootaloo: *Chasing Jeff The Killer inside the house with a big knife*
Jeff: NO! You're supposed to go to sleep.

Okay, she wasn't really surprised. It was مزید like confusion when she saw me chasing some weird human with the ability to speak.

Rainbow Dash: Uh Scootaloo? What's going on?
Scootaloo: Not now. I gotta get this idiot out of here.
Jeff: *To قوس قزح Dash* Ma'am, about your daughter-
Rainbow Dash: Sister.
Jeff: Yes. About your sister. TELL HER...
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Credit: Tired Brony ; Why some animators seem to be MIA.
my little ٹٹو friendship is magic
Episode 5: مکڑی Man

Me: *Reading Amazing Fantasy #15* at a cafe*

Applejack: *Approaches me, with a worried expression* Hello Nick.

Me: Hello Applejack. What's wrong?

Applejack: *Sighs* Tomorrow is Applebloom's birthday, and she wants new superhero comics. But I don't know what hero I could introduce her to...

Me: Maybe مکڑی Man?

Applejack: مکڑی Man?

Me: مکڑی Man, aka Peter Parker. He gained مکڑی senses and super strength when he was bitten سے طرف کی a radioactive. He's fairly smart, as he created his own web slingers.

Applejack: Wow! He sounds mighty cool!

Me: He finally got his own series, starting...
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Hello everyone. Christmas is almost here. Where آپ are with your family, friends.... یا a bottle of beer. But, since there are no Christmas fanfics that I can review. I read Worst Fanfic Ever.... it will have to do. Now, what are my opinions on the fanfic. I think it is shit. Lets get it over with quick.
So, it is made سے طرف کی a guy called Troll. Oh great, where'd he write it. Inside his toilet bowl. I do not like trolls, they're the scum of the earth. So, a fanfic سے طرف کی a troll. Almost as bad as Hitler's birth. The story starts with lots of curse words. Oh boy, there's مزید curse words here then sailor...
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Louis continued writing his letter to another ٹٹو named Clint Eastwood.

You would be great دوستوں with Stylo. He was once a worker on the Southern Pacific Railway, before coming to شامل میں the Union Pacific. He's a very nice pony, and is also good at his job. I remember Hawkeye telling me about how he managed to get a heavy freight over Sherman Hill, which is much harder then it sounds. He had three diesels pulling the train, and was low on sand.

Stylo: Orion, we're low on sand.
Orion: Oh, don't worry, I know.
Stylo: آپ knew this entire time, and آپ didn't even tell me?!
Orion: Yeah. I used...
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Iron Maiden - Number of the beast
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Gaming with ponies is fun.
قوس قزح dash
my little ٹٹو
my little ٹٹو friendship is magic
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