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 Sonia the Hedgehog!
Sonia the Hedgehog!
Sonic and دوستوں were hanging out around the woods talking. Then Sonic ended his conversation with Knuckles.
"i'll see آپ guys later." Sonic finally said.
"See ya." Knuckles stated to his friend.
Then Tails whispered to Amy.
"What's with Sonic?" Tails whispered.
"I don't really know. He has been that way for three days now." Amy answered.
"Maybe آپ should go talk to him." Tails replied.
"Ok, but it was your idea if he asks." Amy replied, a little uneasy about the whole thing.
"Just go." Tails said, getting frustrated سے طرف کی Amy's hesitation.
"Ok, i'm going." Amy said, giving up on trying to stall. She...
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added by melody123056
It was night fall now. Sonic, Knuckles, and Amy were running to get away form Eggman's murderous robot. it kept coming at them. amy looked back quickly and saw it was getting closer. Sh looked at Sonic then. "Guys, it's getting closer!" she exclaimed. "We need to get rid of this thing fast." knuckles told them. "Amy go left of the robot. knuckles the right. we need to attack from the side and front." Sonic demanded. "alright." amy and knuckles agreed. Amy and knuckles then turned around and ran to their positions. knuckles then punched the side of it. Sonic then ran up to it and kicked it hard....
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posted by musiclover2015
I thought that there should be a fourth season of Sonic X but first there should be a movie of it. So I decided to write one of my own. Btw in the beginning when it says rotating with spears surrounding it, it's suppose to look like that thing from the video Bad Romance سے طرف کی lady gaga. You'll understand when u read it. So enjoy! P.S. the prologue is suppose to be creepy and stuff like that like the beginning of that sonic movie from the 90's.


It was a dark and stormy night on Mobius. Eggman was working on his greatest experiment.
"Mwahaha!" he did an evil laugh, "This shall be my greatest...
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Sonic was torn to pieces about everything. he had lied to his دوستوں and left Amy without any warning. this made him stop in mid run. What was he doing? he was so confused. he didn't know whether to go back to face his دوستوں یا keep running away.
"Mother, i need your help." sonic said.
"What's the matter, sonic?" A familiar voice asked. Sonic turned to see his mother, queen aleena standing there.
"Sonic, what's wrong? آپ look like آپ did something wrong." Aleena said, concerned about her son.
"All my دوستوں know about the secret." sonic said.
"How did they find out?" she asked.
"Well... lets...
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posted by musiclover2015
I made this book based on an episode of the Last Air Bender because I thought it would sound cool. I even put Cosmo in it because I couldn't stand the fact that she was dead so I wanted her to have a part in this too. I made Knuckles and Cosmo water benders and made it seem like there use to be water benders on Angel Island before they got whiped out. I also made Locke the آگ کے, آگ lord and I made Knuckles have a sister instead of a brother. His sister is suppose to be his twin and her name is Kaya. Also Knuckles mother was a water bender and his father was آگ کے, آگ and so is Kaya. سے طرف کی the way I did...
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That night they all sat around the camp fire. Tails and Cosmo sat on a log together. Amy and Sonic sat on a log together and Knuckles sat on his own log.
They decided to tell ghost stories and Tails was telling a story that was supposedly scary and was about to finish.
"And then," کہا Tails, "just as they were about to start the airplane...they gas!"
They all looked at him. Knuckles was half asleep on the log.
"That was nice, Tails," Cosmo کہا nicely.
"Oo," Knuckles کہا sarcastically, "I'm shivering with fear."
"Like آپ can tell a better story!" Tails کہا competitively....
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"See," کہا Knuckles as he pushed water back and forth, "I don't know why. But I seem to have developed my mother's hawn."
"But آپ کہا they skipped آپ because your father was afraid آپ might have been born with his hawn," کہا Tails.
"I guess he was wrong," کہا Knuckles.
"I don't understand why your dear father would lie to you," کہا Cosmo.
"He's not my 'dear' father," کہا Knuckles.
"Maybe your dad wanted it for himself," کہا Sonic.
"-Or maybe he was afraid Knuckles might have been stronger than him," Amy interrupted.
"-Or maybe he forgot to tell him," کہا Tails....
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