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posted by charmedgirl1996
Born in Gloucester, England, on April 18, 1993, Nathan Sykes grew up with his younger sister and his mother, a موسیقی teacher. He was only 6 when he started singing and performing, going on to win notable competitions, including Britney Spears' Karaoke Kriminals in 2003. Sykes later won a spot in the U.K. boy band the Wanted, which has gone on to score two No. 1 singles,

Early Life

Born in the Abbeydale section of Gloucester, England, on April 18, 1993, Nathan James Sykes learned to play piano at a very young age from his mother, a موسیقی teacher. He took to the موسیقی and began singing and performing...
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posted by mrsnathansykes
theres nothing better than having your five best mates slepping up your house on sivasaturday and staying up ALL night listening to the wanted موسیقی and talking about them then it goes into sykessunday and we all celebrate like at 12:am my parents dont care they just stay in بستر while were all down stairs singing and listening to the wanted they have to cope with it every week HEHE!! and were on the laptop on facebook talking to our other دوستوں about it then in school we celebrwte wantedwednesday madly when we go ہوم together aswell!!! its just awesome and so fun ;)
posted by nathensykesboo
Once upon a time I was at a tw کنسرٹ and I was screaming my head off then nathen looked at me and gave me a wink. Then he thought of the idea of having a special person on the stage then he pointed to me then I got up on stage. Then I started crying but then nathen gave me a kiss on the lips Then I کہا I can do this then I gave him a kiss on the cheek. Then tw started singing دل vagancy. After the کنسرٹ nathen pulled me aside and asked will آپ go out with me and then I was thinking this is happening I'm 18 and going to go out with nathen sykes then I کہا yes then we kissed. We stayed together for ever we got married had cute sykes kids Danielle and jillian and me and nathen loved every moment with each other. The end.
posted by iloveyhuu
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Nathan Sykes

Background information
Born     18 April 1993...
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posted by MissMuffin38
It was just another دن for Amy. Meeting new people, signing autographs for people, and then going home. But today was different. Todaywas the دن when she met Tom.
Amy was an actress, musician and generally nice person. Her best friend Danny was too and they were going to London to meet this new boyband called The Wanted. They arrived at the Radio 1 studios to meet them. "I'm shaking! I dunno why but I'm really nervous! I bet they're really nervous too!" Amy said, shakily. Amy was quite well known so the boys were bound to be nervous. Amy and Danny looked through مضامین about them whilst...
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