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Tenten was sad. She was thinking about Neji.
All the happiness and love Neji and her did.

Tenten- Neji...
she whispered.

She was praying for Neji for luck.

Tenten got up and brushe her teeth and hair.
She dressed up like a normal person.
simple شرٹ, قمیض with jeans.

Tenten- .... Well I got to...

knock knock knock

Tenten- Huh?
She opened the door and it was Ino, Sakura, and

Sakura- hey, Tenten Hyuga!!
Tenten- Oh. Come in.

Ino- Yay! آپ got married to the man of your dreams! I'm so proud of you!
Hinata- Congradulations Tenten.

Tenten- Thank You.
Hinata- Where's Neji?
Tenten- Oh...
Ino- We want...
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Nejixtenten=love part 5

Tenten's pov

When I woke up Neji was gone. I sighed and closed my eyes. A whole ماہ away from my Neji. This is gonna be a looooooong month. I stayed in بستر for a couple مزید hours. Something I never do. I was starting to feel depressed already.
"Tennie the phone!" Temari yelled waking me.
"Who is it?!" I yelled groggy.
"The wicked witch of the west."
I chuckled then picked up the phone. "Hey Ino."
"I'ma kill her! I heard that she was with Shika the other day. She probably forced him to go on a تاریخ with her! I swear I hate that bit-"
"Ino watch your mouth," I cut her off.
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Neji: ok Tenten breath slowly and stay calm while I try to stop the bleeding

Neji swiftly looks through his pack but he can't find any sutures یا towels, only one شرٹ, قمیض and that was the کیمونو, kimono Hinata gave him for his birthday so he couldn't afford to stain it. He quickly removed his شرٹ, قمیض and wrapped around Tenten's waist. After a while Tenten opens her eyes

Tenten: ahh! [blush] Neji why don't آپ have a شرٹ, قمیض on?
Neji's mind: i didn't know she would recover so fast to catch me shirless
Tenten: Neji why are your cheecks so red
Neji's mind: oh no, am i really blushing, i gotta let her down at this...
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Heeeyy u guys. I kno ur probably lyk. Wait. She didn't even finish the other story buuutt I'm sorry. I jst fell uninterested in it soo I jst thought id stop it right there. Neji nd Tenten got married nd lived happily ever after. Anyway here I am. At it again. Dis tym I PROMISEE 2 update fast... unless I have writer's block nd dnt kno wat ta write. But anyway. Here it isss.

Tenten's Pov

"Um excuse me miss. I was wondering if آپ guys were hiring?" I asked the girl at the register of my پسندیدہ store 'Hollister.'
"Oh I'm sorry. I didn't see آپ there. But I'm sorry unfortunately we're not."
I sighed....
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Nejixtenten=love part 6

Tenten's pov

My body felt so sore. I've been in بستر for almost a week and I felt so weak. I had been throwing up all day. Today would have been the دن Neji came back if he would have stayed as planned. I kinda wish he would have stayed.
Knock knock knock
I slowly got up and went to the door. "Who is it?!"
"Open the door and see," came a very familiar voice.
I opened it and there stood Neji. He pulled some flowers from behind his back. "These are for you. I missed you."
I put on a fake smiled. آپ just left last night how can آپ miss me. I dared not to say out loud. When he...
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Nejixtenten=love part 4

Tenten's pov

Am I dreaming? This has to be a dream. Is Neji really kissing me? Is he really jealous? Does he really like me? A million سوالات ran through my head as Neji hands made their way to my waist. Shut up and just kiss him! Okay okay. I yelled at myself as I put my arms around Neji's neck and deepened the kiss. His tongue glided over my lips asking for entrance. I happily opened my mouth to give him access. His tongue roamed around in my mouth. I couldn't believe what was happening right now. I never wanted it to end but Neji pulled back so we could catch our...
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