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Neji- Tenten hurry.

Tenten was dressing in a dressing room while they were shopping. Which Neji did not like to do.

Tenten- Alright! Egh...
Neji- Your wasting my time.
Tenten- Eh! Guy Sensei says I have to دکان for nw clothes cause my گلابی شرٹ, قمیض and green pants are getting old for آپ guys!!

Neji- I'm not the one who argued!
Tenten- Guy sensei and Lee did.
Neji- Hmph.
Tenten- Okay I'm done!

Neji- Hmm?
Tenten got out of the Dressing room and she was wearing the کیمونو, kimono that Tsunade weared when she was little.

Tenten- Does it make my butt look big?
Neji- Why would I look.
Tenten- Nope. Good. Neji?...
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posted by minaj_fan
Nejixtenten=love part 7

Neji's pov

I was on my way to Tenten's house when I heard I faint 'transform.' I waited and saw who came from out the alley. It was Sai. I glared at him as he got closer. What is he doing using a transform jutsu this time of night. Sai looked at me with evil in his eyes then walked away. He looked like he was coming from Tenten's house. I walked faster then started running. I knocked on the door franticly.
"Tenten!" I yelled then tried the knob. It was open. I ran in and up to Tenten's room. She was balled up on the بستر crying. I ran to her. "Tenten. What happened."
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