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Netflix & Lionsgate Are Teaming Up. To Create The Stranger Things Movie. The Story Takes Place When Dustin & His دوستوں Are Going On The Alot Of Wacky & Crazy Wild Adventures. Then Just Then When The Super-Scaper Monster Comes From The Death Monster Realm To Destory Earth. Will Are Heroes Take This Blame At Once. Also The People Behind 3 Netflix Shows "Bojack Horseman/" F is for Family" & "Big Mouth" Are Teaming Up To Create This Movie Project سے طرف کی The End till 2022.
posted by big-fat-meanie
I have something very important to ask you:

Watch Degrassi: اگلے Class on Netflix.

It is really really important that Degrassi gets the proper ratings. It doesn’t matter if 10 million people watched Degrassi illegally because if no one watches it on Netflix, they will register the season as a failure. And the دکھائیں will be cancelled. We barely survived cancellation last time and if this is the end, this is the end.

If آپ watched اگلے Class through links, please watch it again on Netflix. This is so, so important. These ratings are critical in دکھانا Netflix that Degrassi has enough of a پرستار base to justify another season.

Even if آپ just have the دکھائیں on mute in another tab, this is enough. Just please don’t let the Friday premiere تاریخ pass سے طرف کی like it’s nothing.