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آپ make me happy
Whether آپ know it یا not
We should be happy
That's what I کہا from the start
I am so happy
Knowing آپ are the one
That I want for the rest of my days
For the rest of my days
You're all of my days

You're lookin' so cool
You're lookin' so fly
I can't deny that when I'm staring آپ down
Right dead in the eye
I wanna try to be the person آپ want
The person آپ need
It's hard to conceive
That somebody like آپ could be with
Someone like me

I'm happy knowing that آپ are mine
The گھاس is greener on the other si-ide
The مزید I think
The مزید I wish
That we could lay here for hours and just-a
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In a sitch like this you've gotta think and I don't think آپ think about the way he thinks and I know آپ live life for yourself but it all comes down to the way آپ help. And i know your life is such a hell. آپ wake up early and آپ work until آپ have your drinks at 5 o'clock. The hours blend and your thoughts all haunt your hopes, your dreams, your everything. Well mama I hope I dream that آپ won't leave. And I have a question, What is love? What is love? Looovvve. Oh oh oh oh oh. Is it giving up? Cause that's not how آپ raised me. Yeah. In a sitch like this آپ gotta think and I don't...
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