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Okay so I started on Fanpop in June 2008 and I just finished making my 28th and LAST club.
I took a break for a few months and now I'm back to check on the کلب that I created and also to شامل میں a few new ones.
When I create a club I have a specific personal code of ethics that I follow and this is how it works.
Choosing a name for the club, obviously depends on the topic یا if it's a random یا versus and mash ups club.
Selecting the شبیہ and banner, once again depends on the topic.
Filling in all the details in the editing section, a تفصیل of the club, categories etc.
Adding content, this...
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haha the عنوان says it all
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sasgay your so easy to make fun of haha and as for dane cook the comendy genuis pure genis
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I joined Fanpop in June 2008, so I'm still pretty much a newbie, Fanpop actually found 'me' while I was looking for some Sex And The City wallpapers, I came across Fanpop it کہا 'Register' یا 'Sign In' and as I was only just getting used to the internet side of the computer and had only just discovered how to send e-mails, I thought, 'well, why not?'
So I registered and did my profile, that was easy, Name: yeah, Age: tell the truth! پسندیدہ Movies, Books, Hobbies and so on, Select A User Icon: yes I can do that, Submit, پروفائل Complete, easy? no it was like: 'what now?' I didn't know how...
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This مضمون was written on 18 December 2008, and describes some of the different کلب on the site that are related to Fanpop itself.

Fanpop is a great site for joining together with other شائقین of particular topics. The site is so great, in fact, that many کلب have been created for Fanpop itself. How do آپ tell them apart from one another? This guide attempts to distinguish them.

Fanpop clubs
These کلب have to do with Fanpop the site.

link is for news and ڈیٹس اپ about the site and its features.

link is for new users to find information on how to use the site.

link is where users can...
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this video will tell آپ how to make chocolate soufflaes.......or دوستوں
صارف نیا
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I was originally going to call this مضمون 'Fanpop For Dummies' but I didn't want to offend anyone (Okay, so I thought it was funny) I really like this spot 'even though it seems apparent that some people don't' and I must say that I wish that this spot was around when I first started on Fanpop, which was about five months ago, now I'm not a Fanpop expert but I'll help wherever I can, obviously if you're a newbie and آپ are reading this آپ have worked out how to شامل میں a spot ( یا club as they are now called, I prefer 'spot') and that's not supposed to be funny, it took me ages to get around...
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