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1)your دوستوں get annoyed of آپ when آپ cant stop talking about him
2)you love every thing about him not just his cuteness
3)you dreamed about him before
4)all your دوستوں knows you're the future Mrs. Nick Jonas (LOL)
5)you're having a bad دن ,you just watch funny ویڈیوز about Nick :D
6)you have مزید than 30 pic of Nick (ONLY Nick)
7)you're jealous from Demi and Selena.. (any girl who comes near him)
8)you want to kill Miley
9)you know مزید than 20 facts about him
10)you will do anything to go to his concert
11)he's your پسندیدہ Jonas brother
13)he's your dream guy
14)you have a Nick Jonas دیوار in your room
15)you know who mr. presinted is
16)you have nick on your desktop
17)in the school آپ daydreaming about him
18)you take a test in biology and the only thing in your mind is "A little bit longer"
19)you say to your best friend to call you"mrs. presinted"
20)your best friend tell his name,you faint..

and many others....
posted by Greekgirlishere
The 17-year-old singer is currently travelling around the US with his brothers Joe and Kevin on their Camp Rock 2 tour. He enjoys being on the road, but misses ہوم a lot.

Instead of carrying a blanket یا تکیا as other stars have been known to do, Nick just takes his گٹار collection with him when he is away from ہوم because he finds the instruments comforting.

“I take my guitars with me when I’m away from home, but that’s it,” Nick told سب, سب سے اوپر of the Pops magazine. “I don’t carry a تکیا یا a blanket from ہوم یا anything like that. I just take my guitars. As long as I’ve got...
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 Isabel Lucas and Nick Jonas have been cast as the two lead roles of Lena and Doug.
Isabel Lucas and Nick Jonas have been cast as the two lead roles of Lena and Doug.
Troika Pictures and Hyde Park Entertainment in association with Myriad Pictures and Merced Media Partners are in pre-production on the thriller feature film "Careful What آپ Wish For", which will begin shooting April 22, 2013. Filming will take place in Charlotte, NC and the towns of Cornelius, Huntersville, Davidson, Mooresville and Belmont. Lake Norman will be the centerpiece of the the film's locations. The film centers on teenager Doug Martin who makes an an annual summer trip to granddad's lake house in upstate New York. However, this year's trip turns dangerous when Doug finds himself...
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posted by swimmergirl104
Hi Nick
This is Jordan
I have Down Syndrome
I am the same age as آپ I am 27
Years old. Can آپ do me a little bit of a
favour for me can آپ make a
موسیقی video that as your wife in it
because I think آپ and your wife
can make a album together and a موسیقی video as well so I can watch آپ in the موسیقی video and to listen to your موسیقی with your wife in it thanks Nick

I like your موسیقی and I like the Band of the Jonas brothers I think آپ guys are awesome together when performing

I always wanted to be like آپ Nick but in a good way because I love موسیقی
Between their solo موسیقی careers and their guest spots on different TV shows, Nick and Joe are going in the same direction –- but separately!

The Jonas Brothers, once a united sibling front, is becoming a thing of the past. Although it hasn’t been announced that the group is disbanding, it appears to be going that way as both Nick and Joe launch rival موسیقی and ویژن ٹیلی careers!

Nick, 18, will play a super demanding up-and-coming singer named Eli White on Matthew Perry’s ABC comedy Mr. Sunshine, which focuses on the happenings and misfortunes that take place at a مقبول sports arena....
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posted by Greekgirlishere
Nick Jonas, youngest of the three Jonas Brothers singing group told reporters yesterday that it wasn't easy being the youngest of the three.

"Most of the time we got along great, but Kevin has a weakness for money. آپ might say he's always wanted a lot of money so he must be happy about our selling so many records and sell-outs at concerts."

Then Nick surprised reporters سے طرف کی telling them that he had several false teeth.

"Why, آپ have some kind of gum disease?", asked one reporter. "You're pretty young for false teeth."

Nick replied that dentists have replaced the teeth but the dental surgeons...
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Being a teen idol is not easy. Sometimes شائقین lose control letting passion take over.

Nick, in good faith, invited a bunch of his شائقین on stage while he was singing in Philadelphia. But then things went wrong...

Not just a few girls came on stage, but many many many fans. They invaded the stage running, crying and going nuts.

At first Nick kept on singing but then he took off running away from his fans.
she's sebuctive but she does it well
she'll charge آپ سے طرف کی the hour
for a straight trip down to hell
she'll correct آپ when آپ think آپ know
she's gonna let آپ go
i'm not a lover but i'm still concerned
that when آپ touch the آگ کے, آگ that your دل could still get burned
i should warn آپ that i know
you're gonna let me go

see all those familiar faces crowed in my mind
i know that now is not the time
run around with someone else
satisfy yourself but don't fool me
don'tcha let it be
a state of emergency

pledge allegiance to the cause
she'll tell آپ that she's leavin' if آپ don't put your life on pause...
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posted by FlyWithMeNickJ
 Nick w/ his baby and baby mom
Nick w/ his baby and baby mom
Last Man Standing
Nick has been cast into Last Man Standing as Ryan. Ryan(Jonas) is the father of Boyd. Ryan got Kristin Baxter(Alexandra Krosney)pregnant during her senior year. Mike Baxter, Kristin's Father is played سے طرف کی Tim Allen. Mike has anger toward Ryan, but loves playing with Boyd(Ryan and Kristin's son). Nick will guest-star on the christmas episode of Last Man Standing. In past episodes Ryan was mentioned, but not seen. The episode is about forgiveness. Ryan who has been absent in Boyd's life comes back to see Boyd and Kristin for this Holiday centered episode. Kristin has gotten a new boyfriend now and will have to see Ryan again. Air-date is unknown at this time.
Nick Jonas thrilled theater شائقین around the globe on Sunday, October 3 as he took to the stage for a one-off celebratory performance of "Les Miserables".

The teen heart-throb portrayed Marius in the West End production for a limited run over the summer, and he returned to the role in London once مزید to mark the musical's 25th anniversary.

The show, which also featured Little Britain funnyman Matt Lucas, attracted celebrity شائقین including Jonas' brother Joe Jonas, as well as McFly سٹار, ستارہ Tom Fletcher, and was beamed into cinemas across the U.K. and worldwide.

And Joe was full of praise for his sibling's performance. In a post on his page after the show, he writes, "Nick Jonas in LesMiz25 was perfection. He is so incredible. Congrats bro. Love you! Proud of you!"
 Chelsea, Kevin, Joe, Nick, Nicole.
Chelsea, Kevin, Joe, Nick, Nicole.
In an interview, Chelsea Staub and Nicole Anderson from JONAS LA talk about their experiences with the Jonas Brothers. When asked which of the brothers they would like to be for a day, Chelsea کہا she would be Nick so she could appear on Broadway. Nicole's answer: "I would be Kevin because he has the coolest clothes." Of course he does.

 Nick & Mesy
Nick & Mesy
The girls also dished about what it's like kissing Nick Jonas. Nicole and Nick once shared a kiss on camera, but unfortunately it never made it on the show. "There was a kiss that was filmed, but it was cut," Nicole says. "I think it was cut because it was too steamy!" Chelsea added. "It was steamy. I was there, I watched every makeup lady go like, WOW. I think every person in the room wanted to kiss Nick Jonas after that one."

Do you?
 Nick Jonas & Selena Gomez
Nick Jonas & Selena Gomez

I know a person on Youtube that has the user name iHATEselenagomez101
(I know weird username), anyway well her long distance دوستوں kittycatirlie, nickjonasxxlove, and minniemouse1116. Well minniemouse1116 sister’s friend is دوستوں with.... JT AUSTIN from WIZARDS OF WAVERLY PLACE! JT Austin told minniemouse1116 sister’s friend the Nick Jonas broke up with Selena Gomez and they were going to get back together..... BUT THEY NEVER DID! Plus minniemouse1116 was in a religion class with JT Austin and though he moved from the area minniemouse1116 sister’s...
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posted by Greekgirlishere
NICK JONAS, the teenage heartthrob and member of pop trio THE JONAS BROTHERS, says he misses his dog the most when he's away from home. The سٹار, ستارہ of 'Camp Rock 2' is currently on a busy touring schedule with his band, and says he's looking آگے to spending some quality time with his dog when he returns. The 17-year-old told سب, سب سے اوپر Of The Pops Magazine, "The one thing I miss the most when I'm away from ہوم is my dog, Elvis."

Jonas is currently on a huge live tour which sees the band set to play numerous venues in California, before heading to Mexico, and then onto Buenos Aires in Argentina, and...
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Nick Jonas stops to sign a few autographs for شائقین as he leaves the Queens Theatre in London with Samantha Barks on Monday night (September 27).

The 18-year-old actor is back in London to reprise his role as Marius for a limited-time engagement.

Cineplex Entertainment’s Front Row Centre Events and Omniverse Vision are teaming up to present the special 25th anniversary production of Les Misérables. This production will be captured live at the O2 Arena in London, England and broadcast on Monday, October 4th, at 7PM ET/PT in Canada.

ARE آپ EXCITED to see Nick as Marius again?
posted by sweet_sanaya
Not only are they musicians, actors and activists, we can now add designers to link resume.

The musical trio — link, link and link — just debuted their new line of watches online.

The site states, “The Jonas Brothers have created a cool, hip and trendy watch line that incorporates their love not only of music, but fashion. The line is made in an array of colors to suit all moods, seasons, occassions and lifestyle, priced at an affordable price starting at just $49.99 which offers great value. The watches are packed in a stackable custom designed and patented (exclusive to Jonas Brothers)...
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Reports have surfaced that Nick Jonas was seen getting cozy with “Les Miserables” co-star Samantha Barks at the Les Mis 25th anniversary production after-party over the weekend.

When People Magazine asked Samantha about Nick she began giggling and answered:

“Nick is such a wonderful person. Yeah, we definitely keep in contact.”

Nick may be feeling the pressure to be in a relationship as he is constantly surrounded سے طرف کی older brother Kevin and wife Danielle as well as brother Joe and his new girlfriend Ashley Greene, who he is head over heels for.

So do آپ think Nick and Samantha are an item?
This could be a bit of controversial news for some Wambie girls. It turns out that the US Magazine Boston Phoenix has made a فہرست of the most unsexy guys around and Justin and Nick are on the list!

The Unsexy فہرست complies the names of 100 of the most unattractive celebs around. Number 100 on the list? Teen idol, Justin Bieber.

Robert Pattinson is also on the list, as number 74. Guess all those rummors about his bad hygiene have really hurt him.

And at position number 20? Poor Nick of the Jonas Brothers. Not only do they say he is unsexy but they also criticize his singing.

What do آپ think Wambie girls?Do Nick, Justin and Rob deserve to be on this list? Who would آپ put on the list?
Nick and Joe Jonas have ditched their purity rings. What does this mean for the Jonas Brothers? Well, it could be that the two middle "Jo Bros" are growing up and finding themselves.

According to Perez Hilton, Nick and Joe Jonas have been ring less for a few months now, but recently شائقین have been beginning to notice.

It's rumored that Nick Jonas actually wears his on a chain around his neck, but it's yet to be seen. Joe Jonas however, seemingly abandoned his purity ring right around the time he and "Twilight" hottie Ashley Greene began their relationship. The cute couple were recently spotted...
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posted by MrsNickJonas97
My name is Hannah (Mrs.NickJonas97) and i am ABSOLUTELY in LOVE with Nick Jonas.I plan to marry him! I have loved Nick Jonas since the first cd came out (its about time)and i will always love him. Everytime i watch the video, where he tells all of his adoring شائقین about his diabetes, i cry as well as when i watch all the a little bit longer ویڈیوز where he cries :(! I AM A PROUD SUPPORTER OF NICHOLAS JERRY JONAS AND HIS DIABETES...LOL!! But i am!I LOVE and will always love Nicholas Jonas!!i have 156 jonas brothers posters on my walls...mostly of nick because i LOVE him SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
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posted by nelenafan97
ارے Guys Heres Da Lyrics Of A Little Bit Longer
Hop U Lyk My Article

got the

doctor کہا
i had to

a little
bit longer
and i'll be

when i thought
it all been done
when i thought
it all been said

a little
bit longer
and i'll be

but آپ don't
know what you
got til it's

and آپ don't
know what it's
like to feel
so low

and every time
you smile or
laugh you

you don't
even know
no no

you don't
even know

all this time
goes سے طرف کی still
no reason why

a little
bit longer
and i'll be

waiting on a
cure but none
of them are

a little
bit longer
and i'll be

but آپ don't
know what you
got til...
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