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From Etrain:
Become an Artist! Easy Sketching
Become an Artist! Everyone’s Painting Series

From Gameloft:
Earthworm Jim
Asphalt 4: Elite Racing
Real Soccer 2009
Real Soccer 2010

From Square-Enix:
Dragon Quest Monster Battle Road V, special color code scanner

From Takara-Tomy:
Nari Kyara Homeroom Teacher Hitman Reborn!
Nari Kyara Naruto: Shippuden

From Tasuke:
At Sports! Pro Baseball 2010

From Nintendo:
Flipnote Studio
Nintendo DS Browser
Pocket Rurubu Series

From Hudson:
کوئز موسیقی Time w/ Karaoke JOYSOUND Wii SUPER DX Song Navi
Sudoku: 50 Beginner Puzzles!
Sudoku: 150 Puzzles!

This فہرست applies to Japan specifically, but آپ can expect that some of the titles will be nontransferable in North America/Europe as well – Flipnote Studio, the DSi Internet Browser, and Earthworm Jim, for instance.
posted by toystory4everr
 Has Nintendo lost their marbles?^^
Has Nintendo lost their marbles?^^
Now the 3DS is a new generation from the original DS. It went from DS - DS Lite - DSi - DSi XL - 3DS! The 3D is now an exciting thing to our world, and we barely live in a 2D world anymore, and all of these game graphics nowadays are killing the human brain سے طرف کی making us play outside in our virtual world then actually playing outside. We don't ever play kick the can, یا play tag یا even go outside ever! we are all siting down and our eyes are glued to these new technology!

If this stays like this یا get's worse, who knows what will happen? We will never see real life ever again, because of nintendo, and other videogame companies! If آپ agree with this article, then please تبصرہ below, and if آپ don't agree, still تبصرہ below, we need some opinions about what the people say about new tech.!
posted by MisterH
Netflix info, new trailers for DSiWare, rate games, user-friendly credit card solution being considered
- TG16 and Game Gear games coming at a later date
- Excitebike will be available for free for a month
- after that month, the game will cost $5.99
- eShop categories at launch: "Staff pick of the week," "Two player games," "Mario games," and "Games that start with W."
- when available, the Netflix application will appear in your main menu
- no 3D فلمیں from Netflix
- Nintendo still pursuing their own 3D video delivery service
- visit a products website (like Popcap) through the embedded web...
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I love the 3DS and stuff the best game for me is Kingdom Hearts 3d. The new Kingdom hearts is a game with beautiful graphics and a really smooth game play thanks to the new flow motion,, Flow Motion lets آپ take fights to a different level and its a really great time. Also there are the evil Dream eaters called Nightmares, آپ can have some allies also called Spirits they can help آپ do a lot of different things that seperates it from every other games. and boss levels are extremely difficult but very fun. I recomend آپ buy this game it is very fun and will give آپ a new experience in gaming trust me آپ will love this game.
SAN DIEGO, Calif. – Operation Rainfall, a پرستار based group campaigning for the international localization of critically acclaimed Nintendo titles, is proud to announce the exciting finale to Phase Three of their initiative to see the Nintendo-published Wii titles Xenoblade, The Last Story, and Pandora’s Tower in America.

The conclusion to Phase Three coincides with the North American launch of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, and will involve a coordinated effort to send, en masse, a translated letter to Nintendo Co., Ltd., Japan, both physically and electronically, in support of the...
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