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posted by xoheartinohioxo
So here it is! ohioheart_graphics - the fanpop version!

I'll be adding all my "fan creations" here so feel free to پرستار the spot and snag away =]

Just remember these simple rules:

1.) Please do not claim my work as your own!
2.) If you'd like to use something, آپ must credit me properly! {Proper credits include: ہولی and/or xoheartinohioxo}
3.) Feedback is much appreciated =]
4.) If آپ add content that wasn't made سے طرف کی me, PLEASE MAKE SURE TO CREDIT THE ACTUAL MAKER! I don't want any accusations of stealing peoples art!


I'm always up for suggestions, so if آپ have a certain show/movie/character/couple etc that آپ think i should make art for/vid for, feel free to let me know!
 SK last kiss picspam
SK last kiss picspam