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One Direction پرستار Rio Ferdinand catches up with Harry and Louis at the footie

Rio Ferdinand hangs out with One Direction's Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson

WELL Rio Ferdinand has hardly made a secret of his love for One Direction in the past – but now the footballer has taken his fanatic feelings that one step further.

Rio Ferdinand initially met the One Direction lads when they came to his clothing line launch at London’s Selfridges department store last November.

The British footballer then suggested the boys take a break from X Factor rehearsals to enjoy a VIP evening out at the England...
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posted by emilypotato
People always talk about the "bromances" between members of one direction. Well, "bromance" is basically a relationship between two dudes that's like a romance, but a bromance. For example, there a two مقبول bromances in 1D; Harry and Louis= Larry stylinson, and Niall and Liam = Niam. There is a joke about zayn having a bromance with his mirror called "zirror". People made this up because zayn Malik of 1D is thought to be very vain and well, "into" his own appearance. I think Harry and louis are quite attracted to each other and if Louis were a girl, he would تاریخ harry, vice versa. Liam and Niall are مزید just really great دوستوں I think. For example, Liam کہا one thing he couldn't live without is Niall. Awww!! I don't really think Liam and Niall find each other attractive, they are just best buds. Zirror is fake and a rude joke, so that's all there is to it.
posted by Poppygirl9904
Harry opened the door and came into Louis house he was unpacking groceries he got from Sainsbury’s. He decided to put his stuff away in a room and go help him.
“Hey Pumpkin,” Harry said.
“Oh ارے Harry,” Louis said
“Watcha get from the store Louis?”
“I got some Mac N Cheese,” Louis said.
“Just Mac n Cheese?! What about tacos یا sweet corn?!?
“Calm down Harry I got آپ tacos, sweet corn, and سیب, ایپل juice,” Louis said
“Awww Louis آپ know all my favorites!!!” Harry said. “Just relax and watch Misfits I brought it for you. It’s in my bag.” Louis went to Harry’s usual...
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posted by Poppygirl9904
(Harry’s P.O.V)
I couldn’t wait until I got back to Louis’s place! The sleepover was going to be awesome. When I got back ہوم I started packing. I packed my گلابی and blue blanket set me and Louis have. I packed the first season of Misfits one of his پسندیدہ shows! I also brought my سونا thong, my lucky green boxers and my kazoo. I think I was finally ready to head over to Louis. Maybe we could even make a Twitcam video for the شائقین to watch. This is going to best sleepover with Louis yet!!!

(Louis’s P.O.V)
Now that Harry was sleeping over I had to get stuff from the store to get ready....
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posted by Poppygirl9904
It was a normal دن in the Tomlinson household. Louis was hanging with his girlfriend, Eleanor Calder. Since the band was not touring at the moment he had some free time to do whatever he wanted. Eleanor and Louis were on the سوفی, لٹانا watching Love Actually, but that wasn’t where their focus was. They were snuggling on the سوفی, لٹانا talking to each other in a cute couple way.
“Louis, I’m so happy to see you!” Eleanor said
“Me too Eleanor, I’ve missed آپ so much”, Louis said
“I’m just glad we got the place to ourselves,” she said.
“Yeah, and I think I know how to make it better”,...
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