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 Made سے طرف کی Vampire_Lover97
Made by Vampire_Lover97
Soooo after 4 months of break hahahah, how stupid, Here's a new part!

Just so u guys should know, i will soon end this story. Sadly, yes...

This part was written سے طرف کی the help of my good friend <3


Bella's POV
When Liam and Avery came down stairs,we were done having our breakfast and were watching a movie together.
"Good to be back together right guys?" Liam asked.
"Yep,pretty good!" Louis کہا with a cheeky smile.
"So what movie are آپ guys watching?" Avery asked me.
"No Strings Attached" I کہا with a cheeky smile and winking at Niall.

Louis's POV
Right at the middle of the story,I got a call form Simon.
"You guys have to work on your 2nd album. No band can go with just one album! آپ guys have to get back to the U.K." Simon sternly ordered me.
"Ummm......guys...." I sadly کہا "I got a call from Simon and....."
"What did he say?" Harry کہا interrupting Louis
"Oh shut up Curly and let me finish!" Louis کہا "Simon کہا that we have get back to U.K. to work on our new album"
"What?!" everyone replied getting a shock.
"But we barely got a break.We need rest!" Zayn کہا getting annoyed with the this.
"Call Simon and say that Zayn!" Niall replied sarcastically.
"I'll miss آپ Lucy" I told Lucy as I placed a gentle kiss on her lips.

Zayn's POV
"I'll miss آپ too Zara" I کہا and gave her a kiss.
"Wait a minute! Can we take our girlfriends with us?" I asked Louis with a little hope.
"What? Are آپ serious?" Alisha کہا getting a bit excited.
"But wait guys,what about school? Our exams start in less than a month!" Zara replied getting worried but sad at the same time.

Everyone had tears in their eyes as they could not ditch they're exams and the boys would have to go without their girlfriends.

Everyone wanted to spend some time alone with their girlfriend/boyfriend.

Louis took Lucy to the فلمیں and after that to a romantic dinner.
Niall took Bella to Nando's.(obviously)
Harry and Alisha went shopping and then to a romantic movie.
I took Zara to the ساحل سمندر, بیچ from where آپ could see the full bright moon.No one except me and Zara were at the beach.
Liam took Avery to our flat's roof from where آپ could see the clear night sky.

Liam's POV
I took Avery to our flat's roof from where آپ could see the clear night sky.
"You know what's مزید beautiful than the moon and all these sparkling stars?"
"What?Toy Story?" Avery کہا with a small laugh.
"Nope.Guess again." I told her.
"I give up" Avery said.
"It's آپ babe.You shine brighter than they do." I کہا planting a gentle kiss on her forehead.
Avery stayed over at our place that night.We cuddled up with each other on the بستر while watching 'Toy Story' until we fell asleep.

Lucy's POV
We had a lot of fun at the movies.We went to watch a romantic comedy 'Just Go With It'. Well it was مزید of a joke session and make out session for me and Louis.After the movie was finished Louis took me out to a very fancy restaurant.
"Eat all آپ want babe.I know how hungry آپ must be after all that laughing" Louis کہا with his famous sassy self.
"Okay.And you're paying TOMLINSON!" I کہا with a little laugh.
We had a pretty good time.Louis took me to a hotel where we spent the night together.Louis kept joking and we also prank called people until we both got tired and fell asleep in each others arms.

Alisha's POV
Harry is such an amazing boyfriend.He took me to a mall.We went to almost every store in there.We did a lot of shopping and he did not let me pay for anything.He paid for everything himself.When we came out we had our hands filled with shopping bags.But that's not important.The important thing is that we at least got to spend the whole دن together.He took me to رات کے کھانے, شام کا کھانا afterwards.
"I'll pay for this one now" I said.
"No.No آپ won't.Babe,why would آپ pay when I have my money with me?" Harry کہا with a sweet smile.
"Okay first,I have money too.Second,after all that shopping آپ still have money left?" I asked.
"Yes of course." He کہا proudly.
We finished رات کے کھانے, شام کا کھانا and he dropped me home.Neither of us slept that night as we were talking to each other whole night.

Zara's POV
Me and Zayn had a great time there.He lay on his back while I laid my head on his shoulder and placed a hand on his heart.
"Zayn?" I asked
"Yeah babe?" He asked with an adorable smile.
"I love staring at the moon but it's dark and really quite out here and I'm scared." I told him.
"You're scared babe?Want me to sing one of our songs to you?" he asked me with a warm smile.
"Yeah,I'd love that" I کہا excitedly.
He sang 'Save آپ Tonight' to me which made me feel a lot safe.
"I'll always be there for آپ when آپ need me babe.Always to protect from every bad thing" Zayn کہا adding, "I love you" and he kissed me.It was quite romantic.A kiss under the moonlight.
After that he took me to a hotel where we cuddled and talked the whole night.

Niall's POV
That night I took my princess out to Nando's.I fell in love with her even مزید when I got to know how much she loved Nando's just like me.
"Hey Bella?" I asked.
"Yeah Nialler?" she کہا with a smile.
"I love you,so much that....words can't describe" I کہا with a serious look on my face.
"I love آپ too" she کہا planting a kiss on my cheeks.
We ordered almost everything on the menu.Bella couldn't finish her food so I ate her's at well.We had an amazing time eating and talking with each other.I fell in love with her مزید as I got to know her better.I dropped her home.We both Skyped each other the whole night until she fell asleep at 5:45 am. She looked so adorable while she slept.
From that دن onwards,I knew that she was the one for me.


Part 8: link
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