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posted by MadisonFontenot
Hi my name is Jessica but everyone calls me Jessie. I am 19 about to turn twenty this weekend. My best friend is Amanda but I call her Amie. We have been best دوستوں since the first دن of my first grade year. Amanda ia 20 and has ساحل سمندر, بیچ blonde hair with Golden brown eyes. My dad passed away a سال پہلے so it is only me and my mom. Amie is the oldest out of five kids!

"Ready?" Amie کہا as I was getting into her car.
"Duh.....first دن of school!" I had a huge smile on my face. She turned on the car and Up All Night سے طرف کی 1D was playing on the radio.
"So are آپ happy to...." I covered her mouth and started singing the song.
"I wanna stay up all night!"
"You are obsessed!" She کہا laughing. I smiled and keep on singing.
"What would آپ do if آپ ever meet them?" I turned down the radio some.
"OMG I would freak out...but actually idk how I would react because I would be so like...uhhh Idk!" I talked really fast and she started laughing as she pulled into our college.

"I can't believe we are here!" I کہا jumping up in down.
"I know we are now Bradford Babes!" Me and Amie grabbed our bags and went inside.

My phone buzzed it was my mom:
"Have fun love you!"
"Love آپ too mom and we will..." I slipped my phone back in my bag and walked to to my other دوستوں that came here. Tiffany, Hannah, and Aria where all standing سے طرف کی the awards board.
"And I heard that that Martin kid got three girls prego in less then six months!" Tiffany was always the drama momma and she always new the scoop around the town.... to much? Haha anyways she always had her brown hair curly and had tan skin. She always... and I mean ALWAYS had fake nails on.

Hannah was the laid back don't care at all type and she didn't care what people thought about her, I wish I could be like her.

Hannah has straight long black hair, blue eyes, and clean, tan skin. She always where her converse and a hat, we always called her the hat queen.

Aria had reddish brown hair and sun kissed skin with full red lips brown eyes and freckles. She was like Amanda.

They both are shy, but easy going. Around there closes family and دوستوں they are out going and hyper.

The only think that is different is that Amie can hide her emotions really well and Aria can't.

Me on the other hand is different then them all. I am hyper and not shy at all.... and sometimes that's a bad thing.

I have dirty curly blonde hair and hazel eyes. My skin isn't as dark as Tiffany's but it still is tan.

"Hi Tiff! مزید drama?" I asked laughing. Me and Amie walked up to the girls.

"Hey are آپ as excited as I am?" Hannah کہا trying to keep cool.
"No one is every excited for except آپ Han..." Tiffany کہا smiling.
"I am!" I کہا nudging Hannah.

"Hi آپ must be the new girls..." A guy with dark skin and brown hair came up to us. I could see in Amanda's eyes that she liked him.
"Yeah we are! Hi I am Jessica but آپ can call me Jessie! This is Amanda, Tiffany, Hannah, and Aria." I کہا pointing to them.
"Nice to meet you! I am the head of the student council, Damien." We all shook his hand. "If آپ ever need anything just ask me. Okay?" We all nodded and he walked away.

"First of many Bradford Bad boys!" Tiffany said.
"He didn't seem like a bad boy...." Hannah کہا laughing.
"I think Hannah is right!" We laughed then this lady came out of a door and ordered us to the auditorium. We all walked into the auditorium and found our seats.

"Welcome to the BSU, Bradford State University. I am Mrs.Taylor, I am the head master/Principle. Look under your seats and آپ will find a booklet...." Blah Blah Blah...So on and so on..... she talked for like a گھنٹہ and then some guy came on stage. Wait it was the guy that came and talked to us! He looked at Amie and winked. She looked and at the floor and blushed.

"Hello. For those who don't know I am Damien Woodered. The head of student council. I will....." I kinda zoned out after that.

I woke up to Aria shaking me.
"What?" I کہا in a tired voice.
"The speech is over...." Tiffany کہا laughing. I opened my eyes and saw Hannah, Tiff, and Aria standing سے طرف کی me.
"Where is Amie?" They all looked behind me and I turned around.
"With Bradford boy!" Aria کہا laughing.
"Wow Tiff I thought آپ would be the first!" I کہا laughing. She put her hand in her pocket and took out pieces of paper.
"I am!" We all laughed then walked over to Bradford boy and Amie.

He handed her a piece of paper and then walked off.

"So what where آپ and Bradford boy talking about?" I کہا she looked at me.
"Can't say!" She looked at Tiffany.
"Hey Jessie I want to دکھائیں آپ the garden!" Tiffany took my hand and we walked outside.

Amie POV:

"So what where آپ talking about?" Hannah asked.
"Okay آپ know that band that she is obsessed with?" They nodded. "Okay well it turns out Bradford boy is cousins with one of the guys in the band....Zayn I think?"
"And?" Aria asked.
"I am going to see if they will sing at her birthday party! So invite a bunch of people!" We all jumped up and down as the girls came back in. I looked at them to calm down and they tried to hide their emotions.

"So what did آپ and....." I cut Jessie off.
"Look at the time I think we should do the buddy system and look around! Tiff your with me! Come one!" I grabbed Tiffany and we headed down the hall and up two flights of stairs.
"I am in heels slowdown!" We sat down to rest on one of the steps.
"Okay I got Damien is cousins with Zayn from one direction and I am going to see if they will play at Jessie's birthday party! So bring some people okay!" I whispered to Tiffany.
"Okay are آپ going to invite Bradford boy?" I smiled and blushed a little.
"His name is Damien not Bradford Boy!" We got up an started walking around the سیکنڈ floor. I was looking down at my phone putting the number in it.
"Should I call now یا later to ask?" I looked over to Tiffany.
"Um..... I think later!" She was looking down at her pear-pod. "Omg! Joanna and Genna are going out...AGAIN!" I laughed and looked back at my phone.

"Hey Bradford boy!" Tiffany yelled and I jerked my head up looking for him.
"Ha I tricked آپ and آپ like Bradford boy!" I smiled.
"Maybe....." I stopped and gasped. "Justin Bieber!" I yelled and pointed to a empty classroom. She ran over to it screaming. I walked سے طرف کی her looking at my phone.
"Tricked you!" I کہا walking past her.

"Alright alright آپ got me!" she کہا laughing walking اگلے to me.
"So where do آپ wanna go now?" I nudged her and pointed to the life science classroom.
"No way! آپ are doing something bad!" I nodded and walked into the room and turned on the light. I walked over to the frogs and took three out. I put one down and the other two in my bag. I walked out.
"What are آپ going to do with that?" She asked looking at my purse.
"We are going to pull some pranks!" I کہا smiling
"What kind of air are they using? آپ are doing something bad!" She کہا while we dropped another frog in the math class.
"My dear friend... Bradford changes you!!" I put my hand on her shoulder and smiled. We put the last frog in the stair well and then went downstairs.

"Where have آپ two been?" Hannah asked.
We looked at each other then back at Hannah.
"Okay آپ can't tell but.....We چرا لیا, چوری کی frogs and put them all over the...." I was interrupted سے طرف کی a scream. "School" I finished. and started laughing. A girl ran off the stairs.

"What?" Jessie asked from up the stairs.
"Awww! It's a little froggy!" Everyone ways staring at her. She picked it up and then brought it outside and let it go.
"Good bye!" She walked back inside and everyone was staring at her.
"I will ask again what?" Everyone was still staring. "Stop staring! It's like آپ have never seen a girl pick up a frog before!"

After we looked around some مزید we went to a Starbucks. We walked inside and ordered.
I got a کیریمل, کآرامال Frappuccino, Amie got a Skinny کیریمل, کآرامال Macchiato. Hannah got a White Chocolate Mocha and a نیبو, لیموں bar. Tiffany got a سٹرابیری, اسٹرابیری Smoothie. Aria got a Tazo Black Shaken Iced چائے and a Peaches and Cream Muffin.

We all sat down.
"So was it me یا did آپ see Bradford boy wink at Amie?" Aria کہا laughing.
"I!" they all کہا except for me.
"Oh shut it!" I laughed. My phone buzzed.

Unknown-Hey Wanna hang out tonight? It was from a unknown number.
A-This is...?
A-oh well idk i will see(;

"Bradford boy?" Hannah asked. I nodded.
"Yeah he wants to hang out with him! آپ guys wanna?" I said.
"No we don...." I interrupted her.
"PLEASE!" they all looked at each other.
"Okay!" Aria saying under her breath.
"Yeah!!" I exclaimed.

A-Yes can دوستوں come?
Unknown- Yes and I have a surprise for آپ guys! See آپ later!

I put my phone in my bag and we walked out of the store and went to Arias house.

"So what are آپ going to wear? Wait no where are we going?" Aria کہا looking threw her closet.
"Out to eat and then to the movies!" I said. We all went ہوم and go dressed.

Amie- link

When I got the فلمیں Aria and Tiffany where already there.

Aria- link

Tiffany- link

Hannah and Jessie showed up

Hannah- link

Jessie- link

We all greeted each other then went and meet Damien inside.

Jessie POV:

As soon as I walked in I meet eyes with Louis Tomlinson. I hit Amie's arm.
"Is that?"
"Yeah!" She کہا back to me. I looked around and saw Harry and Liam getting pop مکئی and Zayn in the game room. Niall, Louis, and Damien where getting drinks. Amie ran over and hugged Damien.

Louis walked over to me and my دوستوں went to the game room.
"HI! Nice شرٹ, قمیض love!" I smiled and looked at my شرٹ, قمیض and back at him.
"Thanks!" I کہا laughing.
"May I?" He grabbed my hand.
"You may!" I didn't want to پرستار girl in front of him so I hide it from him.

"So what movie are we going to see?" Zayn asked walking up to us. We all walked over to Damien and them.
"Katy Perry I think..." Louis کہا still holding my hand. We got our tickets and walked into the movies.
In sitting order from left to right:

Liam, Aria, Harry, Niall, Hanna, Amie, Damien, Louis, me, Zayn, and Tiffany.

I rested my head on Louis shoulder still holding his hand. Someone tapped on my shoulder.
"Yes?" It was Zayn.
"So cute!" He whispered to me.
"So cute!" I pointed to him and Tiffany. He laughed and sat back in his seat.

After the فلمیں we decided to go to Nando's,

We waited for 30 منٹ and then the waiter came.
"Follow me!" We all sat down, Same order it was in the movies, and looked at the menu.

The waiter came and brought us روٹی and some white dip. I didn't eat any of it.

A few منٹ later we all ordered.

Me a salad, Louis Burger, Tiffany Chicken salad, Harry cheese sticks, Zayn grilled cheese, Amie cheese پیزا with fries, Damien Jumbo بیکن cheese burger and fries, Hannah pepperoni پیزا and mac and cheese, Niall chicken wings, Liam baked potato, Aria chicken sandwich.

We all ate and laughed and ate and laughed. We went and got ice cream after. The boys brought us back to Aria's house and then left.

~~~~~~~~~~~~Like it?(:~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Lets دکھائیں our worldwide 1D love !!!!
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