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posted by nevaeh3171
Flash back

It was the first دن of school I remember it like it was yesterday.We made a new stop then a boy got on he had curly hair and مرکت, ایمرلڈ green eyes he asked if he could sit with me I کہا yes he asked me my name I کہا Lexi and then he کہا Harry Harry styles. I will never forget that دن of the دن Harry made it on the x-factor I was proud of him but also afraid I wouldn't see him as much over time I started to have feelings for him I think he returned them but he left in a week so we promise to stay in touch as much as possible

If u want a boy (except Harry) post ur تفصیل any the boy
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posted by randomgirl3000
Harry: You've just turned down Harry's تاریخ request for the fifth time this week. Everyday for a ماہ he's asked آپ out whether it be in person یا over Twitter. Every time he's asked you'd give him the same answer. As آپ walked out of a store he followed behind you. "Why won't آپ give me a chance?" He called after you. "You think I don't know you're reputation? I refuse to be one of THOSE girls Harry. How do I know that after آپ get in my pants آپ aren't going to call the اگلے day?" He looked at آپ for a moment then grabbed the back of your head pulling آپ in for a deep kiss. "Because...
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posted by check-it-out13
1. The five members of One Direction are Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne and Zayn Malik.

2. To hire One Direction out for one night, it would cost over £21,000!

3. Each member of One Direction applied as solo contestants on X-Factor, but failed to qualify for the Boys category. They were then put together as a group.

4. One Direction starred in a series of TV ads and events for Pokémon Black and White.

5. Liam Payne Appeared on The X-Factor in 2008. He made it through to the judges houses.

6. Harry's full name is Harry Edward Styles. His Twitter is @Harry_Styles.

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Hi, I'm Katrina, and I'm here to get آپ up and out with some Harry Styles and Liam Payne gossip.

Directioners have made ویڈیوز on Youtube saying that Harry's worst habit is: Getting naked all the time. ''I once stripped on a plane,'' he کہا on The Late Late Show. ''I used to and still do get naked all the time.'' Alan from The Chatty Man was surprised to hear this.

Directioners, Liam Payne's strange fear is SPOONS. I was shocked to hear this, and I heard him say this on The Late Late دکھائیں as well: ''I have a strange fear of spoons. I eat my cereal with a fork.''

Harry’s P.O.V:

We ran into the hospital.

“where’s leah?” I roared at the secretary.
“I would prefer if آپ talked to me in a مزید mannerly way young man.” The secretary کہا sternly.

“sorry ma’m, but could آپ please tell me when leah is?” I asked in my poshest ever voice.

“room 220. But آپ will have to wait as the doctors are in with her.” She said.
“ok thank you.” I کہا as me, louis and zayn headed towards room 220.

Leah was lying in the hospital bed, motionless. She had a load of tubes attached to her and was on a drip. Niall was sitting outside the room.

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