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The American version of one punchman season 2 has major issues the voice characters are absolutely terrible, the revised script from the original Japanese version is so off it is hard to watch. They really need to fix this ASAP.

The Americanized version has no sole no feeling. آپ cannot connect with the story line it is really unwatchable.

And that really sucks. I was so looking آگے to the new season even though I watched the Japanese version over and over again I just wanted a non dubbed یا subtitled episode.

But what they handed us was a really horrible child like piece of dog crap. No...
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One مککا, عجیب الخلقت man is a great anime. In the عملی حکمت one مککا, عجیب الخلقت man
The main character has the power to kill the enemy in just one
Punch. After seeing his powers genoce becomes his desciple.
Its an action with comedy anime. All fight scenes of the عملی حکمت
Is good to but the last one is my favourite and after the battle
Is over the tornado girl with psycic powers asks him what a low
Level hero like آپ doing he says genoce to answer and genoce
Says hey! Brat. She gets made uses her power and throws him at
The دیوار that moments was so funny i coudn't stop myself laughing.
The 119th chapter of ONE and Yuusuke Murata's One-Punch Man manga announced on Thursday that the manga has 13 million copies in print. Shueisha published the chapter on its Tonari no Young Jump website.

The manga had 12 million copies in print as of March 30.

Murata's manga series adapts ONE's original web manga of the same name. Murata's manga is currently running on Shueisha's free Tonari no Young Jump spinoff website. Shueisha published the 13th compiled volume in Japan on April 4 and the 14th compiled volume is set for release on August 4.

Viz Media is publishing the original manga series digitally on its Weekly Shonen Jump anthology, and it is also releasing the series in print. Viz Media released the manga's 12th compiled volume digitally on July 18 and will release it in print on September 5.

Madhouse and director Shingo Natsume's first 12-episode عملی حکمت adaptation aired in Japan from October-December 2015, and a سیکنڈ season has been green-lit.