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 Tamaki♥Haruhi KISS
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Tamaki and Haruhi's kiss in the manga :)
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Mitsukuni "Honey" Haninozuka

Type: Boy-Lolita
Grade: Third Year, Class A
Birthday: February 29 (Pisces)
Height: 4’ 9"
Blood Type: AB
Favorite Food:Cake, strawberries, other types of sweets, sometimes spicy

Bio: Honey is a senior, but the blonde cutie looks very much like a young child. The girls at Ouran Academy go crazy for his innocent cuteness and his obsession with sweets and stuffed animals.
“Honey-sempai is the cutest host ever.”

“I just squee every time Mori-senpai carries him on his back.”

Also known as "Honey" and the Loli-shota type. He looks like an elementary school child...
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Takashi "Mori" Morinozuka

Type: Strong and Silent
Grade: Third Year, Class A
Birthday: May 5 (Taurus)
Height: 6’ 2"
Blood Type: 0
Favorite Food: Oriental

Bio: Mori is the classic tall, dark, and handsome guy who doesn’t say much. The Ouran girls get weak in the knees thanks to Mori’s dedication to Honey, his mysterious vibe, and his manly skills.
“Mori-sempai is so tall and dreamy.”

“The way Mori watches out for Honey is absolutely adorable.”

Also known as "Mori" and is the strong but silent type. He is the tall, stoic character. Mori dedicates his life to Honey سے طرف کی protecting him and...
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