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posted by DarkSarcasm
Once upon a time, I watched Pan Am on Crackle and liked it, but didn't love it. Something just seemed off.

More recently, I got the urge to give it another go. It was still on Crackle, so I watched it again. Liked it more, but something was definitely off.

So I did some research and discovered that there was some definite screwiness to the episode order. And no one had an official answer as to what the real episode order was. IMDB lists the order the episodes originally aired in - which is wrong. Crackle has a different episode order, which is also wrong. Someone on some فورم site suggested...
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Below is a فہرست of my سب, سب سے اوپر five پسندیدہ episodes from the ABC 2011 series, "PAN AM":

TOP FIVE پسندیدہ "PAN AM" (2011) Episodes

1. (1.08) "Unscheduled Departure" - In this tense and well made episode, Flight 203 is forced to land in Haiti when a passenger suffers a دل attack during the flight to Venezuela.

2. (1.01) "Pilot" - This episode does a nice job in setting up the series' various subplots, which include the mysterious disappearance of British-born stewardess Bridget Pierce and Kate Cameron's recruitment as a courier for both the C.I.A. and MI-6.

3. (1.03) "Ich Bin Ein Berliner" - This...
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posted by Sweetest66
On May 12th it was released سے طرف کی zap2it (one of the most informed web site about tv shows) the فہرست of the renewal for TV دکھائیں for the 2012-13 season.
I'm very very sorry to announce that Pan Am didn't make it...

Once again we are left disappointed سے طرف کی the decisions that networks do.
After all many of my favourite TV shows got renewed so in the end i'm quite satisfied, but i really wanted to see how Pan Am would have gone on: i wanted to know about Ted & Laura, Dean & Colette, Kate and her work for the CIA...

Too bad guys, Pan Am totally deserved a سیکنڈ season!