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COMPLETE chapter 5! Enjoy! ^_^

Chapter 5: Switzerland

Bella seemed distracted as she drove back towards Forks, no doubt lost in thought about that mutt. She didn’t notice at first when my silver Volvo pulled up inches behind her bumper, but eventually she glanced in her review mirror, and her دل soared. She knew Alice had called, and she knew I was probably angry. I assumed that when she saw I was behind her, she would pull over, but she continued driving, purposefully averting her eyes from my stare in her mirror. She obviously wasn’t ready to face me yet, which was just as well as I...
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Sorry this took so long. I got so caught up with Bella's Life! ^_^

I can see a look across her face, seeing that she wanted to argue with me. I was ready to defend my arguements, but Bella's didn't speak. But I will only change her under one condition... if she marry me. It makes me feel humored looking at her thinking and thinking about it. I was getting the impression that Bella wanted immortality مزید than me. This thought saddened me. But I held back the thought, hoping that she loved me as much as I did. Did she love me less because I left her?

Bella's face turned مزید distressed. So I...
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Hey people! I found some interesting things on If آپ guys have a account, put ALL of these on your accounts!

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I SPEAK MY MIND, so I MUST be a bitch.
I'm a GAY RIGHTS SUPPORTER, so I WILL go to hell.
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Sorry آپ guys, only one for today!

Bella's POV

Who's Jane? She does sound familiar though.
Oh... my undercover mom's name. Right. But this "Jane" doesn't look like the Jane I know. This Jane is smaller, almost childlike. I wonder where Jane is, but I will ask Tom later.

I can clearly see that she's a vampire. Have pale skin, glowing red eyes, glittering skin, just like me. Is she also a newborn?
"Hello, Jane." Edward کہا formally.
Why did he address her in such a formal matter?
Is she like a Queen? I think not. I held back a hiss. There MUST be a reason Edward sound like she was worshiping her....
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I miss writing soooo much! Sorry! School is getting ahead of me! ^_^

Chapter 16: Alliance

“Bella?” I called to her as she paused at the سب, سب سے اوپر of the porch steps.

She turned to face me as I jumped up the stairs to meet her. I took her into my arms again, kissing her once more. I let my lips convey just how much I loved her, no matter what happened later, and she responded enthusiastically. She seemed taken aback سے طرف کی the passion of the kiss when we finally pulled away, but didn’t تبصرہ on it.

“Let’s get this stupid party over with,” she muttered while staring at the ground.

I grabbed her...
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It turns out that one of آپ lucky readers got the judges correct. I won't say who got it right, but all of آپ get the تفصیل along with the اگلے chapter YAY! Does this make up for not writing for a couple of days? I hope so. Oh BTW: Happy Birthday to Just_bella yesterday on August 27. Hope آپ had fun. ^_^

Jacob turned around and saw me. He automaically smiled and walked towards me.
"Is that آپ Bella?" he asked.
I stood there frozen, not sure what to say. He laughed.
"Yup, she's Bella alright." he laughed.
"What are آپ doing here? I didn't expect to see آپ again until I finish college!"...
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I WON'T write this story unless آپ guys REALLY want me to. If آپ guys want me to write this story, I need 15 تبصرے from 15 DIFFERENT people. I have too many stories already, but this just got my mind wandering. Those who don't know Avatar.... آپ guys can read this too.

This is just a little summary of Avatar: The Last Airbender, for those who have NO idea what it is:

In the world of Avatar, there are 4 different nations. One for each element, water, earth, fire, and air. There are benders as well, who can control the element their nation is in. They are called Waterbenders, Earthbenders,...
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Alirght guys, last one for today! ^_^

Bella's POV

"I'm correct?" Tom whispered in surprise.
I looked at Tom. I felt my expression was nervous, but yet serious. We continued walking down the streets, not actually knowing where we are going, but I trust Edward's judgements. He was leading the way, while holding my hand on my right. Tom was at my left. It was about 11:00 PM. And it was cloudy, so no one could see our secret.

"Tom...when آپ shot Mark... I was shot too. Remember?" I asked first.
He nodded. "Yes, I remember, Edward's father... Carlisle? Had to treat you."
I took a deep breath.
"I could...
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Sorry I didn't write yesterday. I went water-skiing with a couple of my دوستوں yesterday and we came back at 9:30 PM. So I was too tired to write. Let's see how many stories I can put up today! ^_^

Chapter 5: Switzerland

Bella seemed distracted as she drove back towards Forks, no doubt lost in thought about that mutt. She didn’t notice at first when my silver Volvo pulled up inches behind her bumper, but eventually she glanced in her review mirror, and her دل soared. She knew Alice had called, and she knew I was probably angry. I assumed that when she saw I was behind her, she would pull...
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I'm trying to catch up on writing. I apologize and I thank those who are being patient with me :)

Chapter 17: Instruction

Bella was predictably silent for the rest of the night. Alice confirmed that she knew everything, and had been there for the conversation with the wolves. I knew she was lost in her thoughts, and I didn’t want to push her to talk before she was ready. Although I was anxious as to what her reaction was going to be.

We had come up with a plan of sorts in the meantime. We would get the newborns to تقسیم, الگ کریں up, making it even easier on ourselves to take care of them. The finer details...
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Ok, I'm not in the best mood to write.... so I'm sorry this chapter is going in a wrong direction. So far all of my buddies (ashesandwine, just_bella, and Emmett4ever) are gone, so I will have to deal with this سے طرف کی myself. *mutters* Hope آپ enjoy this chpater anyway.....

Bella's POV

Jessica stared at Anastasia and me for two long minutes, and she bursted out laughing.
"Sure. Sure. آپ can snap my head off right now. I would love to see آپ try. I have a black بیلٹ, پٹی in Kung Fu." Jessica said.
Anastasia crouched, and before she could spring, I restrained her سے طرف کی wrapping my arms around her waist.
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 Renesmee ( Taylor )
Renesmee ( Taylor )
When I woke up the اگلے دن I found myself in my room, in Charlie's house. I wasn't the only in my room. Edward and Bella were both standing in the right-left corner of my room. Just staring with suspicion, anger, worried and relief in their eyes. I knew was in big trouble. Great just what I need. I tell that they wanted to know why I ran away for a سال and 5 months with even calling. What was I going to tell them? How was I going to explain it to them? "I ran away because I'm running from the Volturi. After Jacob found out that I'm from here. I'm actually from the future, and oh ya did I...
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I'm not sure if I can write tommorrow, so here's an extra one for u today! It's the last one for now! ^_^

Bella's POV

Everyone stared at me with wide eyes.
"How is that possible? No one can bring people from the dead." Carlisle whispered.
"But, the Chosen one can." Edward کہا behind me.
"Bella? What did آپ do with Edward and Renesmee while آپ were gone." Esme asked, with a worried expression.
"It's a long story. But to cut things short, I had solved 3 tasks. The last one, was trying to escape from Hell." I said.
Everyone's mouths dropped with shock, especially Carlisle, which is no surprise...
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Anyone miss Leah and Alice? I do! ^_^

Edward's POV

Back in Ch. 50...

Go, she needs comfort. She's struggling. Alice thought.
"Thanks Alice. It's already sunrise. آپ should check up on Leah, she might wake up any minute." I told her.
You are right

Then I saw one of Alice's vision:
Leah woke up and went into Alice's room and Bella and mine room looking for us and was clueless and confused on where we are.
"Go." I said.
Alice's took off and ran to the car and drove away.


Alice's POV


I drove away, and saw that the horizon was peaceful in the sky. I took a deep breath from the fresh...
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I MIGHT put another one up tonight...we'll see... ^_^ PS: Those who wonder about Alice and Leah, the اگلے chapter will be in Alice's POV. ♥♥♥

Bella's POV

I was holding Tom the whole way, while we were running. But I didn't complain, he's light as a feather to me at least.
We were headed South, and I can sense that the Volturi was following us.
"Where should we go?" I asked Edward.
"There." he said, while pointing to the security line on the border line of USA and Mexico. I stared at him in confusion.
"Do آپ even have your passport?" I asked Edward.
"I have all of our passports." Edward...
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Still tired from yesterday.... This will be the only one today. But I hope that I will be مزید cheerful tommorrow. But thanks to yesterday, I got about 10 new ideas up my sleeves. ^_^

Bella's POV

I just stared at Aro and Edward in confusion.
A shield? What? Like the ones in Medieval Times wearing a shiny new armor?
"I can see your confusion, Bella. But this is something that we didn't experience before. This ability can be very powerful, and something we should not treat lightly." Aro کہا with reverence in his voice.
I was only confused farther. I didn't تبصرہ of Aro's, statement. I can...
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Just watched Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince and thought it was AWESOME!!! Ok, even though I'm exhausted, I will post one today. ^_^

Bella's Life

Before Alec and Jane could attack Tom, I moved in between them, gaurding him.
"Bella, move." Alec commanded.
"No." I growled. "I won't let آپ kill him."
I heard Tom sigh in relief.
"Dearest Bella, do آپ risk the world knowing our secret?" Aro said.
I scowled at him and hissed directly at him.
Edward was اگلے to me then, defending Tom too.
"It just happens Tom helped save Bella's life when she was human." he said.
"Is that so?" Aro کہا curiously,...
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Alright, I'm soooo sorry, it's been too long. I've also seen that some of u guys decided to leave this behind, and I fully understand that. I'm not a patient person either. But for those who are, I thank you, and I'll REALLY try my best to work it up. LOL. Thanks :) Oh PS: Happy Halloween!

Bella's POV

There was a couple منٹ of awkward silence.
I turned around slowly, nervous for their reactions.
They all had expressions of shock and some had anger and betrayal.
"I knew that آپ guys were vampires from the beginning. Though, apart from all the other vampires I met, آپ had سونا eyes. I stick...
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I feel like I REALLY need to work fast on this. I'm only on page 40 in the actual book. So starting after this, I'm going chapter سے طرف کی chapter. It will be faster, and it will A LOT longer for آپ guys to enjoy. Hope آپ like it.

“You’re really not that good of a mechanic, Edward. Maybe آپ should have Rosalie look at it tonight, just so آپ look good if Mike decides to let آپ help, آپ know. Not that it wouldn’t be fun to watch his face if Rosalie showed up to help. But since Rosalie is supposed to be across the country attending college, I guess that’s not the best idea. Too bad....
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Ok, change of plans. Tommorrow, there will be no Evening Star. I'm sorry! Thanks to a bet I made with renesmeblack a couple منٹ ago, I will be posting 10 Bella's Life chapters tommorrow *groans*. Well, everyone brace yourselves, for a load of aritcles tommorrow....

Bella's POV

"I don't know where to begin." I admitted.
"How about آپ start where آپ thought your sister was dead." Alice suggested.
"That's a good starting point." I said. Then I repeated my flashback:
"I was 14 years old. And things were perfect. Until my mom told me the news..."

"Yes Bella?" Renee answered.
"Where is Alexia?"...
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