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Ok so this is just Peetas point of view in the Hunger Games. Hope آپ like.

I hate this day. They think its a good day, well there wrong. The Capital always thinks its a good day. There not the ones who have to participate. Its Reaping Day. I know they do this just to remind us who's boss. But one day, someone is going to have to stand up, someday someone it going to have to say enough. If my name is reaped today, that's exactly what I am going to do. Even of it will get me killed. I had enough of the Capitols games, just enough. Ive seen my...
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Again this belongs to Suzanne Collins!!!!!!!!

Peacekeepers march us into the Justice Building after the anthem is done. I was still shocked. Katniss. I have to keep her alive in the games. How? Maybe Haymitch could help if he ever soders up. Ill make him some how. How am I suppose to keep Katniss alive if I'm not good at this kind of stuff? Ill find a way. I wouldn't be able to stand it if she dies. I love her.

The peacekeepers put Katniss and I in different rooms. This was the time when دوستوں and family say goodbye. My room was...
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Peeta is my پسندیدہ character from The Hunger Games, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who loves him so much. In this مضمون I'm going to explain why I like Peeta so much.

There are so many great traits that Peeta has, but I'll start with how he is so selfless. In the کتابیں آپ can even see that he is selfless long before we get to know him well. We hear the story that when he was 11, he threw Katniss the burnt bread. His mother beat him for it, but he knew Katniss was suffering, so he burnt the روٹی on purpose. Not many people at age 11 would be so selfless. But that's not the only time...
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