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Source: I am the photographer; “Patrick” is the “artist.”
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Wendell and Cass are two penguins at the New York Aquarium in Coney Island, Brooklyn. They live in a soap opera world of seduction and intrigue. Among the 22 male and 10 female African black-footed penguins in the aquarium's exhibit, tales of love, lust, and betrayal are the norm. Penguins mate for life. دیا the disproportionate male-female ratio at the aquarium, some of the females flirt profusely and dump their partners for single males with better nests.

Wendell and Cass, however, take no part in these love triangles. They have been completely devoted to each other for the last eight years. In fact, neither one of them has ever been with anyone else. But the partnership of Wendell and Cass adds drama in another way. They're both male. That is to say, they're gay penguins.

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