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"I didn't know her that well." Annabeth whispered as she lay a white rose on the clear stone coffin. Annabeth's hand shook in mine. I squeezed it tighter for her comfort. "I heard she was a great friend. I wish I could have known her better."

Nico got up as well. "I definitely didn't know her. But I will personly see that she goes to the fields of Elysium to be with her sister, Jillian, in the underworld."

Micheal got up next. آپ could tell he was crying. "She reminded me of my best friend. My step sister. My friend Jillian's father and my mother got married after they had Jillian and...
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.Okay so I was laying there in بستر when Annabeth knocks on my door.
She was holding four guitars, and a Wii console
"What the-"
"Remember that one night at your moms apartment when we were having a گٹار hero battle"
"We never finished"
She nodded and smiled.
It took her about five منٹ took hook up everything and then I turned the volume up super loud. It was only 9pm, so we had time to rock out.

Around 10pm theres a knock on our door.
"Oh gods we're busted!!!"
We threw the guitars behind the بستر and turned the volume down.
"You're not supposed to be in here!! Go hide in the closet!!"
She Buried...
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Everyone thinks their parents are amazing. Yea they get on your nerves, big time. But would آپ still like them if your father was one of the greatest heroes of Greek demigod history? Would آپ still like your mother if she was an extremely know it all? Yea, thats me. My dad is Percy Jackson, son of Poseidon. The dud that gives آپ seashells as a birthday present. Sad to say Poseidon's my grandpa.

My name is Brenna Zoe Jackson. My middle name is Zoe after the head hunter of Artemis that died saving my dad's life. My mom says its a great honor to have that name. I think its a bit creepy. Now...
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