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Ello, everyone!
I'm going to tell آپ about THE PJO پرستار Fiction Awards 2010, which, strangely enough, will be held in 2011. o_O
Anyways, this is the سیکنڈ مضمون I've written today, and I'm super tired, so please don't get upset over spelling mistakes.
Now, we need some nominees! I know this sounds weird, but I'm putting mine in and several other ones. The reason I'm putting mine is because, well, I want to see how many ووٹ I can get. I don't care about winning. O also need مزید nominees than what I have. Open voting will begin after I have a bunch of nominees, and then we'll do this (just look at the little فہرست thingy):
1) Nominees (Add anyone آپ want.)
2) Voting for all nominees.
3) Voting for سب, سب سے اوپر ten!
4) Voting for سب, سب سے اوپر five!
5) Voting for سب, سب سے اوپر three!
6) Voting for سب, سب سے اوپر two!
7) Winner will be announced!
Now, once we reach سب, سب سے اوپر two, it will be closed voting, so you'll send to me who آپ want to win through PM (personal message).
Nominees I have so far:

The Trap Door- goddessoflife (wattpad)

Immortal Links- goddessoflife (fanpop)

Morning Peace- goddessoflife (fanpop)

The Son of Neptune- HecateA (fanpop)

Olivia the Half Blood- Lightning98 (fanpop)

Over the Mountain- Amphitrite (fanpop)

Naukamura Twins- redhawks (fanpop)

Camp Aurora Borealis- Idunn (fanpop)

The Lost Hreo- HecateA (fanpop)

Time is Running Out- Holic_195 (fanpop)

Leila Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief- panda159963 (fanfiction)

TRUTH یا DARE- pjo06 (fanfiction)

Easy as 1, 2, 3- Cup'NCake (fanfiction)

Can't Kiss This- KidnapMyHeart (fanfiction)

Reading The Last Olympian- paishriya (fanfiction)

آپ Don't Know Me!- Percabethis4ever (fanfiction)

Annabeth Chase and the Unexpected- Percebethis4ever (fanfiction)

The Plaza- Alessa-Daughter of Athena (fanfiction)

Forbidden- WhenDayMeetsDark (fanfiction)

Does Percy Know?- OMGihavebluehair (fanfiction)

The Gods Visit to Camp Half-Blood- Ookami Writer (fanfiction)

PJatO Goes to Kindergarden- PolkaDotParadise (fanfiction)

The Story of Athena's Daughter and Poseidon's Son- Ol'McAmando (fanfiction)

My Percy Jackson پرستار Fiction- annabethpercy (wattpad)

Continuation of Percy Jackson- vlad_todd_fan (fanpop)

And that's all I have at the moment. Sites:

So, any مزید nominees you'd like to add? Let me know!

آپ can nominate until December 31 Eastern Time. سب, سب سے اوپر ten will be announced around the second. Not the first یا third because of Pretty Little Liars and Kanani coming out! :)
Okay so I wrote this before on another club but I thought this club needed مزید stories besides HecateA's amazing overshadowed story.

I've always been different. No doubt. I have crazy sicknesses. I'm a hippie. I love fighting. And I'm considered to be one of the most powerful demigods on the earth. Why? Because I gained a power....a power that any demigod could earn, and I'm the only one who inherited it.

My name is Addison Zander. I was born in Portland, Oregon on October 1st, 1996. That was also the دن my mother left me, the دن I was born. My father never really told me who my mom was, he...
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posted by HecateA
Well, well... First مضمون fanfic on this spot. I better not deceive!

I’ve been overshadowed my whole life.
It doesn’t matter where یا سے طرف کی whom, I just have been.
New York is a big city; there are a lot of people in it. A lot of variety of people that like a lot of things do many things and are good at them. I’m not really good at anything. I don’t have the “wow” factor going for me like my sister.
My name is Abby Beauregard, and آپ probably know my sister.
She’s my dad’s first daughter, child of Aphrodite. She’s incredibly beautiful, she had black hair and brown...
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