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Okay so I wrote this before on another club but I thought this club needed مزید stories besides HecateA's amazing overshadowed story.

I've always been different. No doubt. I have crazy sicknesses. I'm a hippie. I love fighting. And I'm considered to be one of the most powerful demigods on the earth. Why? Because I gained a power....a power that any demigod could earn, and I'm the only one who inherited it.

My name is Addison Zander. I was born in Portland, Oregon on October 1st, 1996. That was also the دن my mother left me, the دن I was born. My father never really told me who my mom was, he always stayed away from that subject. My dad was a painter, his job. My Dad was my best friend. My dad was awsome. He let me paint our car, he painted my house neon green, and he always کہا that our life would be nothing without color. He saw the world as a world of life. He was also a smoker.

I always told him to stop, and i told him the risks of smoking. He always کہا not to worry. I had believed him, until my 15th birthday. He had ben diagnosed with Lung cancer. He died that same day. I was دل broken.

In the hospital, a very, very tall social worker had come saying i was an orphan, and needed to go to the adoption center. She seemed really nice, until she told me that I looked delicously appetising. I ran for my life, and she ran after me, but مزید fast then normal. As she ran, she turned into a big, eight foot tattooed giant that was holding a spiked club.

"What the heck lady, are آپ crazy!!!???!!!???" I had yelled.

"NO!!! I JUST WANT TO EAT YOU!! آپ LOOK VERY..... DELICOUS!!" she had yelled back.

I had been running for my life through the portland area until I ran into a 17 year-old looking boy. He had slick, black hair, and dark eyes. He was wearing a leather jacket, skull t-shirt, ripped jeans, and a skull sword on his back.

"WHATS YOUR PROBLEM DUDE......oh. Sorry.... I being attacked?" he asked.

"Well yeah!!!!!!!! Look behind me!!!" need help? I don't really like killing those laistrygonian giants, but I can still help you. سے طرف کی the way, my name is Nico" the boy کہا akwardly. Nico pulled the long sword from his back and suddenly stabbed it into the ground and made a hole. He did this right as the lady was about to run over him, but something stopped her. And it wasn't Nico that stopped her, it was something else. It was a white, bony hand coming from the the hole he had just made. The hand helped itself out of the hole, but it wasn't a hand anymore. It was a big white, eerie skelaton. As soon as the skelaton came from the hole, مزید came and مزید and more. They all started attacking the giant.

"Επίθεση ότι η Giant!" Nico yelled to his army. It sounded like greek, and I understould it perfectly. It meant, "Attack the giant!" I don't know why I could understand it, I had never learned greek before.

While the skelatons skratched and pulled at the giant, Nico jumped in and started swinging his sword. He could dogde, hit, and block perfectly. It almost made me jealous. "Why can't I help?" I said.


"Fine whatever, but I know آپ are gonna need it." and I was right. Two other giants came in but they were boy giants, much scarier. They had yellow teeth, and they had even had bigger کلب then the social worker giant.

What was I supposed to do? Just sit and watch while my rescuer was being attacked bye three eight foot giants while he had a huge army of skelatons? The scene was not good. Nico was losing the battle. So I sat down and tried to think.

I thought long and hard, but every moment I wasted, Nico started losing even more. All of a sudden, the image of ten foot tiger popped into my head. It was the weirdest thing. A ten foot tiger couldn't help me! They weren't even real. I tried to think of another soloution, but the tiger just kept coming into my head. All of a sudden, somthing weird started happening. I was starting to see in black and white. My skin grew itchy, like i had fleas. As i started to itch my leg, i felt fur. As I looked down, i had مالٹا, نارنگی fur, with black stripes. Then, i started growning really big. I climbed to my feet, but i fell to my hands. I looked down again. I had paws.

"What in the........ I HAVE WHISKERS?!?!?!?"

As i grew taller and taller, I realized what was happening. I was turning into an eight foot tiger.

To be continued.....