Percy Jackson Fan-Fiction Son of Neptune my version

percylover19 posted on Mar 28, 2011 at 09:37PM
This is my version of son of Neptune
I dont own any of these characters
This is my first fanpop so don't expect something great
Enjoy!! :)
Warning: if you don't like percabeth then you will hate this story!!
Disclaimer: I don't own Percy Jackson or any other charters from PJO or HoO

Characters and there godly parents.

Percy: Poseidon 
Annabeth: Athena
Piper: Aphrodite 
Jason: Jupiter
Reyna: Apollo
Gwen: Mirenva (Don't know how to spell that. But it's Athena's roman form.)
Bobby: Mars
Hazel: Mars
Jared: Jupiter
Brianna: Poseidon 
Zoe: Pluto (She will be important later on.)
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Chapter 1
     I woke up to the best nightmare ever. 
     Me and this girl was sitting on this beach. It looked familiar but I couldn't remember. So anyways, the girl had curly blonde hair and dazzling storm gray eyes. She had an orange shirt on but I couldn't read it. She had denim shorts on and she was looking right in my eyes. 
     Then she said "I love you, Seaweed Brain."
     I respond by saying "I love you, too". Then I kiss her. Her lips were so soft. She smelled so sweet. I thought 'Wow how could a girl like her love a guy like me'. But then, she jerked away. I opened my eyes and she was gone. I yelled "Annabeth!"
     She screamed "Percy help"
     I ran towards then her voice. But the more I ran the farther she sounded. Now she was screaming bloody murder. I ran harder. But then the screamed stopped. It was dead silent. 
     Then, I big gray monster appeared from the mist. I fell down to the ground and started to scream Annabeth. 
     I woke upright in my bed screaming Annabeth.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک percylover19 said…
Wow that was shorter than I expected next time will make it longer
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک percyrulz said…
great when does this happen by the way
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک percyrulz said…
come on post now
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک percylover19 said…
Oh this happens whens he is at the roman camp. In my story he has been there for five months
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک empousa1robo said…
big smile
Ohhhhh that was great! : D please post soon----------
i will be waiting for the next chappie
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک percylover19 said…
Im going to post three chapters since I didnt post any for a few days
And I will try to make the chapters longer in the future

Thank you percyrulz and empousa1robo

Chapter 2
     Me Gwen and Bobby were on my front porch. Gwens white blonde hair glowed in the dark as we talked. Bobby's brown hair was cut Justin Bieber style, it's annoying cause he shakes it every five seconds. But anyways, Gwen said "everybody knows that the Percy kid that came here 5 mouths ago has something to do with Jason's disappearance."
     "well he is pretty cool I mean Gwen have you even talked to him" says Bobby.
     "No" answered Gwen in a strict tone."I have nothing to say to a person that has something to do with my best friend missing"Personally, I felt the same way as Gwen.
      I really missed Jason. I missed his smile, his laugh, the way he talked. I pretty much missed everything about him. I wonder where he could be? Who was he with? Did he have new best friends? Or worst did he have a new girlfriend? The thought was unbearable so I pushed it away.
     "You know wh-" bobby paused for a second and started to look around. "Do y'all here there scream"
     It was dead silent. Then, I heard it. We ran towards the scream. We ended up at the Neptune cabin. Bobby, Gwen, and I walked in and saw Percy upright in his bed screaming. Bobby and Gwen ran over and grabbed him by the ankles and wrists and started to carry him to the infirmary. 
     I just watched them. After about five minutes of struggling, she asked me "Reyna, are you going to help us or not?" I rush over to help them.
     When we get there we drop him on the bed. Gwen says "Oh my gods. He is HEAVY!" Me and Bobby laugh. Then Bobby says "So who is going to stay with him tonight"
     Gwen say "I nominate Reyna, since she is the daughter of Apollo"
     "I agree with Gwen." Bobby adds in.
     "guys, please, I reall-. Oh whatever. Fine, I will do it." they ran out as fast as they could. So I sat there on the other side of the room. I eyelids started to get heavy and I eventually fell asleep.

Chapter 3
     I woke up with a smile on my face. The boat was almost done and I was going to see Percy soon. Then I realized that I was in Percy's cabin. I got up and walked to my cabin. 
     When I walked in to my cabin Malcolm, my younger bro, asked me "Where were you last night"
     "Oh, I dosed off in Percy's cabin"
     "Again! Annabeth how many times are you going to do that"
     "I don't know. Well, bye" I skipped out of my cabin and ran towards the beach. I found piper there standing there looking at the sea. 
     "hey, Piper. What's wrong?"
     "Oh, hey Annabeth. I should of kept that stupid hunters card."
     "Let me guess... Jason"
     "Correct! How did you know"
     "Estimated guess! Idk, but what happened"
     "well I went to go see him and Leo and I found them at the big house. They didn't see me so I kind of listened to there conversation. Jason said he didn't know if the Reyna girl was his girlfriend or not. But he knew he had feelings towards her and he did not know how to tell me." 
     "Oh, piper I'm sorry. There's a lot more guys out there."
     "Yea, but none of them are like him."
     "Piper, listen to me. If he goes with that Reyna girl that's his choice. He will miss out. Oh and just remember this, everything happens for a reason."
     "thanks, I can always count on you."
     "Don't mention it. Anytime." and with that, piper ran towards camp leaving me alone on the beach. I looked towards the sea and had a flashback.


     "I will see you at camp" Percy said with a smile. 
     "I will miss you"I said
     "I will miss you more" then he grabbed me and pulled me into a deep passionate kiss.
     When we pulled away I said "Well I have to go to school"
     "Annabeth, can't you stay for 10 more minutes" 
     "sorry, I have to go or I will get I huge trouble. And I can't do that again."
     "ok" he did a huge sigh then said "goodbye, Annabeth"
     I looked at him for a second and said "Come here, Seaweed Brain" and gave him a big hug. "I swear we will spend time on the winter break."
    He said ok. Then we kissed goodbye. He walked to his car not taking his eyes off of me. Then he ran into a pole. It took everything I had not to laugh. He got in his car and drove away.

*flashback over*

     I stared at the sea and wondered what is he doing right at this second.

Chapter 4
     I woke up in the infirmary. I looked around and saw Reyna, daughter of Apollo, sitting in a chair asleep across from me. He long brown hair was about three inches past her shoulders was everywhere. She looked like she had a rough night.
     I don't really know her. In fact, I don't really know anyone. I have been here for five months and i have no friends. I mean people have said hi but nobody hangs out with me.
     I wonder how I got here? Or who put me here? Was it Reyna? Or somebody else? Why did they put me here? What was wrong with me? All these questions and many more were in my head. But the shifting of Reyna brought me back.
     I looked over and she was wide awake. Just staring. So I said "Um... Why am i here?"
    "You were screaming and doing a shaky thing. So me and my friends brought you here. By the way, who is Annabeth"
     "I don't know" I lied. I didn't want her to know my dreams. I mean it would just make it a little awkward but that might just be me."Why do you ask?"
     "Oh, when we were carrying you, you kept on mumbling something like Annabeth."
     I said "oh well that's interesting. Hmm… maybe she is from my past." 
     "maybe" she said emotionless. I looked at her and said "So… why does everyone hate me" 
     She looked at me like at me like I was crazy or something and said "Nobody hates you. Why do you think everyone hates you?" 
     "Well, where do I start. Everyone glares at me all the time. The whole five months I have been here I have not made one friend. And if they do say hey they run away as fast as they can like if they are caught talking to me they will be dead. And I could list a lot more but I don't feel like it."
     "Ok, I guess you deserve to know. Well, we have this friend named Jason. He is like the head of this camp. He went missing. Nobody could find him. We tried to send him iris-messages but they would never go though. It's like he vanished. Disappeared from the earth."
     "Ok, what does that have to do with me?" I mean I don't know who this Jason kid is. Never even heard of him. 
     "well, people think you have something to do with it cause you just popped out of nowhere three days after. You also had no memory so that made you look more suspicious."
     "well I will tell you right now, I have nothing to do with that Jason dude."  Right after I said that, Bobby came in and said "time for training." I walked out knowing that whoever is going to fight me is going to enjoy it.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک percylover19 said…
I will post as soon as I can cause right now I am only on chapter six
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک percyrulz said…
what does idk mean
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک percylover19 said…
It means I don't know
I won't be posting tonight cause I had softball practice but I most likely will post tomorrow
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک percylover19 said…
This is short but I am still working on chapter six. I am kind of having a writers block. But thank you again for reading this. Oh and if you have any advice on how to make my writing better I will gladly take it.
Well, enjoy!! :)
Chapter 5 
     When we got out there Lupa, the leader of our camp, told us what to do and how our partners were. By the way, Lupa is a wolf goddess. She can be in her human form or wolf form. But anyways, my partner was one of the weakest and worst fighters at our camp. I looked at Percy's partner and found out it was big hazel, daughter of Mars, god of war.
     How could Percy get one of the biggest girls at camp and I get a weakling boy. I mean there had to be some kind of mistake. I mean Percy new to this and I am the best fighter in camp. Somthing had to be wrong. All I new it was going to be funny watching hazel squash him. 
     Before I new it Lupa blew the whistle. It was time to fight. So I went easy on the guy for a little while but he still looked like he was struggling. So I did a disarming trick to get it over with and went to go see how Percy's fight was going.
     I was amazed. He was an awesome sword fighter. He was kicking hazel butt. I looked around and everybody was done and all staring at Percy in awe. He was fighting in some other style I have never seen before. He was very swift with his sword like he had been doing that for years. 
     Then finally he did some kind of disarming trick. Hazels sword was on the ground. Everybody was shocked. Nobody said a word in till hazel ran off crying. 
     I ran up to Percy and said "dude, that was awesome. You have to teach me some of those moves."
     He looked at me a second second and finally said "ok" then we walked to go get some breakfast.
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Chapter 6
     I stayed at the beach the whole day. I didn't even move. I just sat there and stared at the ocean. When it was almost dark so I decided to see if I missed dinner.
     I got there just in time. The campers were already sitting but nobody had there food. When I got to my table everybody just sat and stared at me like I was going to say something. After a few minutes I got annoyed and said "What are y'all looking at?!"
     They said nothing and went back to there conversations. When we got our food everyone went to go burn the food for the gods (forgot what it is called). I dumped my whole tray and prayed to all the gods silently to please give Percy back ASAP. Then sat at my table. I grabbed my cup and thought of mountain dew. And like always it appeared. Once I was finished with that I went strait to bed. I had no idea I was that tired. Once got comfy I fell asleep and had a dream.
     It was Percy and some girl I have never seen in my life. She had a purple shirt, just like Jason, and some holy jeans. She had long really light brown hair. It was in a high ponytail. Percy was teaching her simple tricks with the sword and she was teaching him stuff with a bow and arrow. When Percy shot the arrow it almost hit another kid. The girl and Percy laughed so hard they fell on the ground. While the boy who almost got hit was walking to them. Percy and the girl got up and started to run. They were still laughing. The boy almost got them but they ran a little bit faster. Percy and the girl ran to the beach and went under water. Percy formed a air bubble around them. When they stopped laughing. They gazed at each other and started to get closer and closer. When they were two inches apart I woke up.
     I thought: When did this happen? Who was the girl? Do he remember me? Is that his new girlfriend? How many times have they kissed? And many more questions. 
     Then I cried myself back to sleep.

Chapter 7
     I lay in my bed thinking: Me and Reyna almost kissed. For some reason I felt all guilty. Then I thought of my dream girl, Annabeth. I started to wonder is she my girlfriend. I hope so. But I need to get away from Reyna. I can never get that close to her again. 


     Me and Reyna were sword fighting. I was teaching her the moves I did to hazel, daughter of Mars. We were also doing archery. She was showing me some some moves. Well I found out I was really bad. And by that I mean I almost hit Bobby. He started to walk toward us. But me and Reyna were laughing so hard we could move. Then we fell on the ground. Bobby almost got to us but that's when we got up. We ran our fastest to the beach. Luckily, we were faster than Bobby. We ran into the water and I formed an air bubble around us so she could breath. I had a feeling I had done this before. But I pushed it away. Then we started to look into each others eyes. We became so close there was not even a half inch between us but then I turned. She says "What's wrong, Percy?"
     I look at here and say "I am sorry. I can't do this it feels so wrong."
     She gave me a look like she new where I was coming from. Then said "hey, same here"
     I give her a smile and say "I knew you would understand. Friends?" I held out my hand so she could shake. 
     And thankfully, she shakes it and said "friends!"
     I popped the bubble and we swam to shore. When we got to the beach bobby nearly tackled us with a hug. after that we went to dinner.


I looked over at the clock. It read 6:30am. I decided to get up and get a quick shower and after that I will go to breakfast
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک percyrulz said…
how could u do that to annabeth
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک percylover19 said…
big smile
I am just mean like that :) no I was having a writers block and that was the first thing that came to my mind.
And I still am kind of having a writers block so I you or anyone has any ideas I will gladly take them!!
Right now I am still working on chapter 8 (reyna) so… yea.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک percylover19 said…
big smile
Oh if anyone knows some good fanfics post a link cause I enjoy reading some!! But trust me I won't copy!! :)
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Perseus54321 said…
Not entirely sure how you post a link but the Sequel To The Last Olympian is good(I wrote it). On the PJO book forum.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک SonofChaos said…
I have to admit it is pretty good but your messing up Rick Riodons storyline.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک percylover19 said…
Thank you for the advice son of chaos
Perseus I will try to read it as soon as possible!!
And I will try to post as soon as I can but with school homework and softball I might only post once a week.
Oh and when you guys say it's pretty good or anything like that it makes me happy cause I am only thirteen and yea I am all new to this!! :)
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک percylover19 said…
Oh I Really need advice so If you could please do to this link: link
It would really help me!!
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک percylover19 said…
Here is three chapters I wrote during math. The last one is short so yea. I will try to write more. And if you can tell me how you like the new characters!! Enjoy!! :)

Chapter 8
     Yesterday was so embarrassing. I totally got dissed by Percy. I shouldn't have tried to kiss him. But his attitude reminds me so much of Jason. I think I lost control. But I totally got dissed.
     He said he didn't feel right kissing me. I know where where he is coming from. I guess it's just cause I am so desperately lonely without jason. 
     Today was going to be very awkward. But I am going to look at the bright side of things. I got out of bed and took a ten minutes show. I blow dried my hair and ran to breakfast. 
     When I got there I saw Gwen, Bobby, Percy, Zoe Burch (daughter of Pluto), and Jared Woodall (son of Zeus) at our table. Zoe Burch was a red head and she had black eyes. Jared Woodall had dark brown hair (it was a lot like Bobby's but a little bit longer) and dark brown eyes. Gwen still gave Percy the evil eye while he was having a conversation with Zoe and Jared. Bobby was just sitting there looking like  debating something with himself. 
     When i sat there Percy turned and said "oh hey Reyna! Guess what?!"
     I gave him a suspicious look and said "What?"
     "I remember everything now! Like from my past! I remember me in the Titan war. I remember Annabeth! Everything!"
     "oh that's cool! So whats your past!?"
     "I came from a place called Camp half-blood. It's just like this place but it is Greek style. I know what your thinking. No, we are not weak as y'all think we are. We are actually really tough. But anyways, I have been there since I was twelve. When I got there I was accused of stealing Zeus/Jupiter lightning bolt. I was granted a quest with Annabeth (daughter of Athena) and Grover (a satyr).  We went to the underworld thinking hades had the bolt. On the way we defeated medusa and many more. When we got there I found out that I have been tricked and had the bolt in my backpack. Cut to the chase, I fought ares and went to Olympus and returned the bolt. When I got back everything was normal until Luke (son of Hermes) totally betrayed us. He about killed me with scorpion thing and fan off."
     Jared interjected "Wait, you fought  ares!"
     "yea, but that's not that hard" Percy chuckled and went back to his story. "the second summer was when Annabeth and I had to go to the golden fleece to save Thalia's tree (her tree protects the borders of the camp) and save Grover from a big Cyclopes. We got the fleece before luke could and returned it to camp safely. When we put it on Thalia's tree it healed it and actually brought Thalia back to life. The next winter me, Thalia, and Annabeth had to help Grover get two children of hades from a private school. While we were there Annabeth got captured by a Manitore {I am not sure that is how you spell it but if it is not you know what I mean! percylover} that's when I new I loved her cause my heart sank when I saw her fall off the cliff. But anyways, we found out Annabeth was trapped with Artemis, goddess of the hunters. There was a quest assigned to save Artemis but I was not apart of it. I really wanted to get Annabeth so I went anyways. We found a new titian that had awaken. It was atlas. When we got there we fought the titian and saved Annabeth and Artemis. 
     This time I was the one to interrupt "How did you defeat atlas?"
     "Oh we tricked him into holding the sky. Trust me that thing is heavy I held it for a few minutes. It about killed me. But anyways, the next summer we found the entrance to the labyrinth within the border of our camp. Me Annabeth Tyson and Grover went and explored the labyrinth. When we meet up with Hephaestus he wanted us to check out one of his forges. on the way Grover smells the scent of pan and we separate. It was me and Annabeth. Then Grover and Tyson. When me and Annabeth get to the forges we saw telkihines {I know I didn't spell it right. But you know what I mean}. When I tried to spy I kind of got caught. When I found Annabeth we only had a few seconds to talk so I told her to run while I make another distraction. She agreed but before she left she gave me a kiss. Well after that, I blew the hole mountain pretty much and landed on Calypsos island. I stayed there about two weeks then went back to camp. After that, we got Rachel, my mortal friend, to lead us the way since she could see through the mist. Well she did. We got to the workshop and Found Daeldeus. Daeldeus die and the labyrinth dies with him. We also find out that Kronos took over lukes body. When we get back to camp we have a big battle at camp with Luke and his army. We ended up winning but we lost a lot of campers. So the summer after that, which was last summer we had the Titan war. We had to guard Olympus  while the gods were fighting typhoon. We only had about forty campers and and the hunters of Artemis. It was a full force attack. I bet there was at least a million monsters. It lasted what felt like forever. The war ended on my sixteenth birthday. August 18. I gave Luke the knife and he stabbed himself cause Kronos was using his body as a host and yea. The gods tried to reward me. The offered immortality. I would be with my dad forever. But I turned it down. I new I couldn't do it because of my friends and Annabeth. So me and Annabeth got together. Well we meet up at camp half blood for winter break. When we got there we were so excited. We spent the whole day together. After the camp fire I walked her to her cabin and kissed her goodnight. When i got to my cabin I got in bed as fast as I could and fell I asleep. That Is the last thing I remember."
     All of us stared at him in awe. I was the first one to ask "um… how many titans have you defeated?" 
     "oh… three" he said it like it was nothing. 
     All of us at the same time said "wow"
     "never mind that" said Percy. "I have to get back to Annabeth! She is going to kill me. Oh gods, what am I going to do?"
     Right after he said that a I.M popped up.

Chapter 9
     I was at breakfast sitting with my Athena cabin when we heard all the scream. I got up and ran towards halfblood hill thinking it was Percy. And was I wrong. When we got there we saw a girl about thirteen she had long brown hair. She was surrounded by a bunch of hellhounds. Her satyr was by a tree unconscious. 
     We all ran toward to hellhounds while one of the Applo kids ran towards the satyr and an other one ran to the girl. After we were done with that I ran toward the girl. Like I said she had long brown hair with looked like natural blonde highlights. She also had sea green eyes. Oh-no. 
     I knew everybody saw the eyes cause they all turned to me. The girl noticed and asked "Why are you all looking at me like that?"
     I looked at her and said "How about we take a little walk. And could you tell me what your name is?"
     "Brianna. Brianna Franklin."
    "So you are telling me that my father is a Greek god."
     "yep, and you have dyslexia because your brain is wired to ancient Greek. Also your ADHD is your battle reflexes."
     "So do you know who my dad is?"
     I wasn't going to tell her I thought her dad was Poseidon. So I said "I have my ideas."
     "this is so cool. I have always thought my life was boring but now it could be so exciting!" 
     "well sometimes being a demigod has it disadvantages. Most of the time you die a tragic death. Also add that you Most likely die young."
     She didn't respond. She looked like like she was in deep thought. I said "Hello? Umm… Brianna are you ok?
     "you promise you won't tell anyone?"
     "sure. What is it?" I said a little concerned.
     "I have been having the dreams of this dirt lady. She tells me that I must join her side. She says if I don't I will die very soon and she will kill my family. I don't know what to do. Cause I can tell she is evil by the presence of her in my dreams. Do you know what is happening?"
     I looked at her in awe. Then I new she was one of the seven. So far these are the people we new who were going. Percy, Jason, Leo, Piper, and Me. Now add her. I knew we had to tell Chiron. I said "Come on Brianna. We have to go tell Chiron."
     "well that is interesting." Chiron said. "what did you say your name was again?"
     "Brianna Franklin."
     "well, Brianna Franklin, do you have any idea who your immortal parent is?"
     "well, Annabeth could you show her where the Hermes cabin is?"
     "sure. But first can I help her pick out a sword?"
     "oh yes you may."
     "Well, do you see any you like?"
     Brianna looked around and spotted a necklace. "I want this one."
     "good choice. See that little sword." she nodded "if you rub it it will turn into a three foot long sword. It was the last magic idem the Hephaestus cabin made before the so called 'curse' came about."
     "Can I try it out!"
     "Sure. Lets go outside first."
     Right after I said that she ran outside. I said "Now let's see what you got."
     For being a newbie, she was really good. She disarmed me in two seconds on the first try. I thought it was just beginners luck. Boy was I wrong. We fought until dinner.
     When we got to the pavilion I leaded her to the Hermes table. I went to my table and discussed what we thought Brianna's father was. We all agreed on one god. Poseidon.
     After that it was the camp fire. Everybody was there except the Hephaestus cabin because they were working on the boat. 
     After Chiron finished the announcements, we all started to sing campfire songs. But then we all turned and gasped. A big green trident was over Brianna's head. 
     "All hail, Brianna Franklin, daughter of the great sea-"
     Chiron was interjected by a really load sound in the sky.
     Right after I explained to Zoe, Bobby, Reyna, Gwen and Jared about my past a I.M popped up and I saw my loving mentor, Chiron. Everybody jumped when I screamed Chiron.
     "Percy, I was just notified that you remember your past. Is that true?"
     "Yes, but that is not important. How is Annabeth? Please tell me she is ok!"
     "she is fine Percy. Just worried. Now just make sure you do not leave the camp under any circumstances. We have made a flying boat. It will set sail for the roman camp soon just make sure you don't leave."
     "Ok Chiron but please let me see Annabeth at least for two seconds I will be quiet as a mouse."
     Right after I said that there was a nock on the door and I  had a feeling it was Annabeth. "ok Percy. But one second then swipe your hand through the IM got it."
     "thank you, Chiron!"
     Then he turned around and said "Come in." 
     There was Annabeth at the door. She was as beautiful as Aphrodite herself. Her golden blonde hair was in a ponytail. She had the normal orange camp half-blood shirt on and some denim shorts. I almost forgot to swipe my hand through the IM. Jared was the one to break the silence " hey did y'all see that girl!"
     "Hey!" I said warning him. 
     "No, I mean the brown hair one." 
     "umm… no."
     "Oh, well never mind."
     Bobby just started to laugh his head off. I couldn't keep it in so I started to laugh. "HAHA… very funny guys." Jared said his face was as red as a tomato.
     "Guys, shut up!" Gwen said fiercely. "We need to call a war council. Now!"
     And with that we all went to go get the counselors
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Here is seven chapters
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Chapter 11
     Well, we found out Percy is one of the greatest heroes of all time. We also found out that his Greek friends were coming in a flying boat. 
     A flying boat? Seriously! I mean since when can a boat fly. Man those Greeks must be waked up in the head. I just can't get the fact that Percy is a Greek. He is not weak at all. Maybe the Greeks are not as weak as we thought. Gwen disturbed my thoughts by yelling "everyone shut up!!!"
     All the counselors look at her. "Now we just found out that there is another camp for demigods but it's Greek." there was some sayings like greeks are weak, etc. "and there leader is Percy. Just like our leader is Jason. Me and my siblings have come up with a theory that someone switched Jason and Percy and wiped there memories. Now we got an IM from the Greek camp saying that they are coming with a huge flying boat. We also thought that Jason will come with them…" I didn't hear the rest cause I was concentrating on seeing Jason again. On hugging him again. On maybe kissing him for the first time. My heart pounded. 
     I never noticed how lonely I have been without him. I mean yea I have Bobby and Gwen but it is not the same. I have not noticed how much I want Jason to come and hug and kiss me. Gwen disturbed my thoughts, again, "Reyna!"
     " what do you think we should do? Should we wait for them to come or go straight to the Greek camp?"
     "I think we should wait for them. Chiron told Percy to stay here under all circumstances. So let's listen to him."
     "How did we know that old horse is not lying to us."
      Percy joined our conversation "Chiron would never lie to me about that kind of stuff or anything like that!"
     "Ok... It decided we will stay here and wait for the greeks." gwen said while heading toward the exit.

Chapter 12
     I looked up and saw a huge flying boat. They finished it! That means I get to see Percy. Even though he might be cheating on me but who cares. As long as I get to see him.
    Brianna ran up to me and screamed "What the heck is that!"
     "That is our ride to Greece!"
     Then the boat landed and Leo jumped out and screamed "We finished!!!!!!!"
     Chiron stomped his foot and everyone went silent. "Now we all know that the boat is finished so that means we set out to the roman camp tomorrow morning. The campers that are going are Annabeth, Jason, Piper, Leo, and Brianna. So everyone get to bed."
     I woke up to Malcolm screaming "Annabeth wake up!!"
     I smacked his face and said "I am up!! Oh my gods, what time is it?"
     "oh… umm five o'clock in the morning."  
     I smacked him in the back of the head again and said "You idiot!"
     I got up and went to the bathroom took a thirty minute shower and went to the beach. 
      "Jason. What are you doing here?" I said as walked on the beach. 
     "Oh, hey Annabeth. Just thinking"
     "I can't choose between Piper and Reyna."
     "Well do you remember how close you too were?"
     "Yea, we weren't that close. We were kind of like best friends. Everyone thought we were together but we weren't. But I am scared if I do pick piper I will break Reyna's heart."
     "Well listen to your heart and everything will fall into place soon. I promise."
     "Annabeth, you really know how to cheer someone up." 
     I smiled and said "I get that a lot. Oh and if you think you might want Piper I would do it quick. Cause if you don't she might join the hunters."
     "Oh well in that case, I am choosing Piper. I can't loose her forever!" and with that he ran towards the camp.
     I stayed there about forty five minutes then left to go get ready.
     "do you have extra clothes?" malcolm asked me.
     "What about drachmas and real money?"
     "What about extra weapons like daggers, shields, and-"
     "Yes!!!! Malcolm I have every thing!"
     "Well go then. You know how leo is and you don't want to keep Percy waiting, do you?"
     "Bye, Malcolm keep everything calm ok"
     "I will Annabeth. Now go!"
     I met Leo Piper Jason and Brianna by the ship. 
     I could tell Leo was anxious to go cause he was jumping up and down. Then he said "Can we just go? Cause I really want to go!"
     "I don't know Leo." I responded "Lets just wait for for Chiron a few more minutes then we can just leave if he doesn't show up."
     We waited for ten minutes and no one showed up. I looked at my clock and it read 8:27. I finally said "let's get going."
     Leo looked so happy. I ran into the boat. Brianna walked up to me and said "can I go to sleep. Cause I am really tired." 
     I laughed and said "Sure, but you have to let Leo show you the room." 
     "thanks. Wake me up if you need me." she looked around and then screamed "Leo!!"
     I really liked Brianna. She seems so enterjectic and fun. It's going to be real funny to see her in the morning with Leo bugging her. She seems like the type of person who is all nice and happy during the day, but if you get on her nerves in the morning you better run cause she will probably kill you. I don't know why I like sons and daughters of Poseidon. Maybe it is cause they are so laid back.
     Piper ran up to me and said "How long is it going to take to get to the roman camp?"
     "umm… I am pretty sure it take around five or four days."
     "Aghhh!!!!! That is like forever!!!!
     "It will be all over soon. Trust me, I know."

I am going to speed up the trip cause I am having a huge writers block. So the are going to have a smooth trip. :) BTW, this is Five days later.

Chapter 13
     I have been waiting for Annabeth for five days. I can't stop thinking about her. I dream of her every night. It's crazy. I really hope that boat makes it. 
     I sat by the creek. Watching the water roll over the stones. The creek was really cold today. I really wished Annabeth would just get here already. I miss her so much. I would die without Annabeth. I would have already died if I didn't have her. She has done so many things for me I could never repay her.
     Then I heard footsteps behind me. I turned around to find Reyna. "hey" I said.
     "You excited to see Jason?"
     "Well, I don't know. I think he might have a new girlfriend."
     "Once he knows you were his girlfriend I am sure he will nicely dump the other girl and come to you."
     "thats the problem! We never really got together. Everybody thought we were together but we were not. So technically, he is single." 
     "Well, everything happens for a reason. So if he picks the other girl, if there is one, than maybe it was not meant to be between you to."
     She smiled and said "Percy, you have a answer for everything don't you."
     I started to laugh "Nope. I hardly ever have answers."
     We start to laugh are heads off but then we here a really loud sound above us. I looked up and saw the biggest boat I have ever seen. Me and reyna looked at eachother and screamed "They're here!!!"
     We ran as fast as we could towards the fields. As the boat landed the crowd started to get bigger. Most people had the swords out. I yelled "Stand down! They are harmless!!"
     But nobody listened to me. Then I saw them. There was a boy that looked like I Spanish elf. Then there was a girl with choppy brown hair that was in a braid. Then there was a boy with blonde hair about up to his shoulders. Then there was the girl with long brown hair.
     Then I saw Annabeth. Her blonde hair was still tied back this time she was wearing a orange spaghetti strap shirt that read camp half-blood, like always. She was also wearing denim short shorts. At that moment, I knew she saw me. Her face had a huge smile on it and then she started running towards me. I started to yell really loud "Put your swords down. NOW!!"
     Most everybody listened and then she ran into my arms. I picked her up and spun her around and said "I love you Annabeth."
     She didn't respond cause she was crying so hard. When she calmed down enough to speak she said "I love you too percy. I promise I will never let go of you again."
     "I promise I won't leave you again." then I kissed her. When just stood there in the middle of the of the crowd. Everybody was watching us but I didn't care as long as I had her in my arms. Then I said "We will meet tonight." she nodded.
     Finally Lupa came and said "Welcome Greek campers. You will stay in your parents cabin. Try not to fight we will meet with me and the counselors in an hour. And after that we will have a special dinner to celebrate Jason's return. Now you all get to know each other and NO fighting" 
     The Mars cabin booed the last statement but then Lupa gave them the evil eye.
     "I would like to introduce you to someone, Percy." Annabeth said with a slight smile on her face.
     "you will see. Wait one minute. Let me go get her."
     I didn't want to let go of her hand but I had to. I wonder who I had to meet. Was it Jason. I found out I was totally wrong it wasn't Jason at all. Annabeth came back with the girl that had long brown hair with blonde highlights. She was about 5'3 and was normal sized. She looked about 13 years old. When I saw her sea green eyes I knew she had to be my sister. I said "Hi, my name is Percy. What's yours?"
    "My name is Brianna Franklin, daughter of Poseidon."
     "Well I guess we are brother and sister."
     "how old are you?"
     "12, I turn 13 August 19"
     "Well are you good with a sword."
     Annabeth smiled and said "Percy, she is amazing! She disarmed me in the first two seconds."
     "well let's go."
     Me Annabeth and my new little sister headed for the coliseum.

Chapter 14
     Well, I found out Jason does have a girlfriend. Her name is Piper McLean. As in Tristan McLean, the famous actor. She is the daughter of Aphrodite. She is actually pretty cool. I mean when they got off the boat Jason and piper came up to me and said hello and all that. I could tell Jason was a little uncomfortable. But I happy for him. There are other guys out there.
     I look around to see all the counselors and Greeks. That's when Jason starts. He tells us that Hera was the one that switched him and Percy. He told us about Gaea rising. Then he told us about the quest that him, Leo, and Piper went on. When he finished I asked "So why did Hera switch you and Percy?"
     Stupid Hera. If she hadn't of done that Jason would of been hers. Gods, I really hate Hera! "Well, she wanted to get the to camps together without them killing each other. She thinks we have a better chance if we worked together. But this will be a challenge. It is in our bloods to hate each other. But we need to over come that and work together."
     I guess Percy wanted to be part of this discussion, since he is the leader of the Greek camp, cause he said "I agree with Jason." 
     One roman counselor asked "So who is going to Greece or whatever?"
     Percy said "So far it is me, Jason, Annabeth, Leo, Piper, and my little sister, Brianna. We are guessing that Gaea will communicate with the last one soon. Personally I think it is a roman camp."
     There was murmurs in the crowd but then Gwen yelled "Shut up!" and everybody went quiet. "So until we know who it is we the Greeks will stay here. Now if I hear that anyone tries to harm a Greek I will personally kill them." 
     And with that everyone went to go get ready got the celebration.

Ok usually I would have the POVs in order or in a pattern but that is getting hard so yea I am just going with the flow. So yea enjoy!!

Chapter 15
     I raced Percy to our cabin after the meeting. And of course he won. When I got there I asked him "What are you going to where to the celebration?"
     He shrugged his shoulders and said "I don't know?"
    "Are we suppose to were something fancy, fun, or causal?"
     "I am going casual. But you can do whatever you want."
     "But I don't want to stand out." I came out more of a wine than a statement. 
     "Well then were something you would were to a school dance."
     "ok whatever. I will find something in that closet."
     "that closet gives you whatever you want so just think of a dress you want and it will show up when you open the door." I thought then I got the idea. Opened up the closet and there was my perfect dress.
     It was a short blue dress that came down to my knees. It was pouffy on the bottom and showed my curves on the top. It had sparkles all over it. I ran into the bathroom curled my hair. Then put some eyeliner and mascara on. Usually I didn't put makeup on but tonight I was just in one of those moods. I felt like a princess.
     When I walked out the bathroom I saw Percy. He was in some denim jeans on and a American Eagle shirt on. He said "Wow, you look good Brianna."
     "Thanks. Now let's get going!" I grabbed his hand and dragged him out the room.
     I glad I didn't do the same thing as Percy cause every body was in suits or dresses. I saw Annabeth. She had straighten her blonde hair. She had a beautiful purple dress on. She looked absolutely stunning.
     I started to dance with Annabeth and Percy but then they turned on a slow song so I went to sit by myself. When I got my seat I looked around and notice almost everybody was either dancing or by the table. I saw only one person just sitting like me. 
     He had a black suit on and his tie was the same shade of blue as my dress.  His hair was just like justin Bieber's hair, before he got a hair cut, but it was a few inches longer. He had big brown eyes He looked over at me and our eyes connected. We stare at each other for what seemed like forever. Then I turned away real quick.
     Then rest of the night I would catch the guy staring at me and I would turn away every time. I am really shy when it comes to guys. I dance some more then tell Percy I going to bed. Once I laid on that bed I was out.

Chapter 16
     After the dance/dinner/whatever you call it was over. I told Annabeth to meet me at the edge of the woods and exactly 12:00. Then she went to her cabin I went to mine.
     I looked at my little sister. She was still in her dress. She was snoring. It was not the kind of snore fat Gabe. It was a cute little snore. Ughh, the memory of Gabe made me want to puke. 
     I looked at the clock and it read 11:55. I ran out the door and to the edge of the woods. About three minutes later, I saw Annabeth. She was wearing the same outfit she was wearing when she got of the boat. She ran up to me and said "hello, Percy!" I picked her up bridal style and carried her into the woods. She screamed "put me down Percy!!"
     I was laughing so hard I fell down and she fell on top of me. She laid there and almost fell asleep. Then she said "Oh Percy I love you so much"
     "I love you too Annabeth." 
     At that second I knew it was time to do it. "Annabeth I need to ask you a question." 
     "I know this is out of the blue but I feels like the right time. Annabeth Chase, Will you marry me?"
     "Oh my gods, Percy!! Yes!! Yes I will!!" 
     "You want the ring?"
     "Well, duh! Where is it?"
     She gasped when I took it out of my pocket and said "Oh Percy it is beuitiful!!"
    She leaned over and kissed me. All I could think was She Said YES!!!! We fell asleep in the woods. The last thing I thought of before I went to sleep was Annabeth Chase Jackson.

Chapter 17 
     I woke and looked around the room. Everything was normal. But I noticed that Percy was not in his bed. I got up an whispered "Percy. Psssst… Percy are you in here."
     No one answered. So I got up turned on the lights and searched the whole cabin. Nothing. Percy was not in there. So I decided to change into jeans and a black tank-top. And walked outside and looked around. Still nothing. So I went into the woods.
    About five minutes later I relized I was totally lost. I didnt have any idea where to go. So I sat down and leaned against a tree. Then I heard foot steps behind me. 'oh gods, watch it be a pack of hellhounds.' I didn't want to do that again so I ran. I looked back to see if anything was behind me, but then I ran into a person and flew back on my butt.
     I crossed my fingers hoping it was Percy but I wasn't lucky. I had ran into the dude that kept on staring at me at party thing. He was wearing a black under armor shirt with holy jeans. His dark brown hair was still the same.  He looked down at me and just smiled. I was do thankful that it was dark cause if it wasn't he would see that my face was as red as a tomato. I am really craving a tomato sandwich. But any ways, I got up and he asked "What are you doing out here in the middle of the night?"
     I couldn't think of an excuse so I said "I could ask you the same question."
     "Well I asked you first."
     "Well I asked you second."
     "Nice, now you can at least tell me your name?"
     "Brianna Franklin, daughter of Poseidon. And yours?"
     "Jared Woodall, son of Zeus."
     "Well it was nice to meet you, Jared. But could you please show me where the camp is? I am totally lost."
     "Well first let me show you something, great daughter of Poseidon."
     "Ok, great son of Zeus." he grabbed my hand and dragged me along. I can't believe someone this hot likes me. I mean seriously. Guys at the schools called me ugly so I would of never expected this. When we got to a clear valley I asked "Is this it?"
     He gave me a smile "yes but I just need to do one more thing. Now just close your eyes and grabbed my shoulders."
     I said "What? Why?"
     He gave me a reassuring smile and said "Just trust me Brianna. It's not like I will hurt you."
     I sighed and said "ok. But no tricks. Got it?"
     "Got it. Now close your eyes." I closed my eyes. Then I felt him grab me by the waist. I almost opened my eyes and slapped him but then I thought to myself 'trust him, Brianna'. It's funny cause I have only knew this guy for five minutes and he is already grabbing my waist. Then I felt a burst of wind. When the wind died down I asked him "Can I please open my eyes now?"
     He said "Sure, just don't panic. I have everything under control. Ok?"
     That was what made me scared. Why would I panic. I said "Ok." Then I opened my eyes. 
     I about peed myself. I put my arms around his neck very tight and promised myself I would never let go. I was forty feet up in the sky. I said "Oh my gods, how are we floating?!"
     He laughed "Well, since I am the son of Zeus and all I can control the winds just like Jason."
     I was still kind of having a heart attack so I said "Don't you ever let go of me." 
     He smiled "I promise." 
     Then I noticed that my arms were around his neck and his arms were around my waist. I swear there was not even a thousandth of a inch between us. I looked up at him and started to laugh. "You did this on purpose!"
     He smiled and said "I have my secrets."
     "Well you move fast cause it took my brother almost five years to make a move on Annabeth. And it took you five minutes." 
     "We Romans are a little bit faster." 
     I was about to playfully slap him but I was to scared if I did I would fall. So I said "Well, not that I don't like this, but can you take me back to my cabin?"
     He smiled and said "I was afraid you were going to ask that. Can I do one last thing? I will only take a minute or two."
     "As long as I don't fall. Anything is good to me."
     "Well I think you would really like this." I stared into his eyes then I new he was about to do. He had big brown eyes I could get lost in for centuries. He started to lean closer and closer till our lips met. His lips were soo soft. Think of the softest thing you could think of then times it by ten thousand. That's how soft they are. When we pulled away he asked me "Oh, great daughter of Poseidon, will you be my girlfriend?" 
     Wow, he really knows how to control a girl. "Yes. Yes I will, great son of Zeus."
    Then we slowly floated down to the ground. He walked me to my cabin and gave me a goodnight kiss. I was so dazed I didn't even realize Percy was still not in the cabin.

Chapter 18 
     I woke up on top of Percy. His chest was so comfy. I just laid there and watched him sleep. His jet black hair was a wreck. He looked so happy whent  he slept. Then he put two protective arms around me. And said "good morning, Annabeth Jackson."
     "Good morning, Percy Jackson. Did you have sweet dreams?" 
     "Yup, we better get going. We don't want anyone to be worried about us do we?"
     I woke up to the sound of knocking on the cabin door. I got out of my bed half asleep, walked to the door, and opened it. About three seconds after I opened the door, I felt lips against my lips. I knew it was Jared. He put his arms around me and started to kiss me again. Finally when he pulled away I said "Thanks for waking me up. Now, what time is it?"
     "Your welcome and it's 9:35."
     "Well, that's to early so goodnight."  I tried to go back to bed but he wouldn't let me. I said "pretty please."  
      "If you want my attention so bad then lay down and let me use your chest as a pillow."
     "Ok, we will take a 30 minute nap then get up."
     "awesome." He laid down and I my head against his chest. It was so comfortable. I fell asleep in a minute.
     "Wakey, wakey, it's time to get up! Brianna, get up!"  Once he knew I wasn't getting up he slid out from under me. Right when I dozed off he picked me and got me to stand. I said "You could do this forever but I am not getting up."
     It took him ten minutes to get me fully awake. I said "Ok. You got me up what now?"
     "Let's go train."
     "Ok! Let's go and I will kick your butt."
     "haha… I remember when I had my first beer."
     "haha… last time I heard that I laughed so hard I fell off my dinosaur."
     "I love step brothers!"
     "Me, too!"
     And with that we headed toward the coliseum.
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Chapter 19
     I had to tell her soon but I didn't know how to. She would be excited in a way. But this may just hurt us both. I thought this would be a perfect time to tell her since we were alone. I tried to disarm her with a trick I learned from Kyle, son of mars, but she blocked it. She jumped and twisted and ended up  behind me. Once she got behind me, she elbowed me in the back. That's when I yelled "Time out!"
     She looked at me and said "what?"
     I said "We need to talk."
     Her face suddenly turned sad as she said "about?"
     "Well, I have been having dreams. Dreams about Terra. She says she can give me power. I won't be in the shadow of Jason. She says that she will win the war and I should join her."
     She cut me off before I could finished. She looked me strait in the eye and said "Don't listen to her Jared. She is tricking you. She will use u just like Kronos used Luke."
     "But this is totally different. We actually had a chance at that war. Now we have no chance. We are talking about mother nature here. I mean earth."
     "No. We do have a chance. Jared, don't let her trick you. She is trying to control you don't do it." 
     She looked like she was about to cry. I could tell she was holding it in cause she was biting her lip. So I just said "ok. Thank you for not letting me go be a servant of Terra's."
     She gave me an evil eye and said "Your welcome. Now let's go find Percy and Annabeth and tell them you are the seventh one."
      We found them at the Neptune cabin. They were sitting down watching tv. When Percy saw Brianna he jumped up and whispered something in her ear. Brianna response was "Oh My Gods. I am so happy for you two. Have you planned anything yet?"
     Annabeth smiled and said "All we know is it is going to be after the war."
     "well as long as I get to be in it I am good."
     They laughed and I felt like I was missing something so I said "What?" 
     Annabeth just smiled and held out her hand. At first I didn't get it but then I saw the ring with the huge diamond. That's when I realized they were engaged. I said "Congratulations"
     Percy smiled and said "Thank you."
     Brianna said "Well we need to tell you something."
     Percy said "what is it?"
     Brianna said "Terra/Gaea is trying to persuade Jared into joining her side. So I am pretty sure he is the seventh one."
     Percy turned to me and asked "What has she been saying?" 
     "Well," I said. "She says that she will give me power. That I will not be in Jason's shadow anymore. She says if I join her she will spare me and the people I love."
     Percy looked at me. I think he could tell that I was about to take the offer. All he said was "Let's go tell Lupa."
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Chapter 20
     I am starting to wonder about this kid Jared. He kind of looked worried when I said lets go tell Lupa. The bad thing is I think that Brianna and him are together. Cause when we left to go see Lupa they were holding hands.
     What if he does end up to be like Luke. Luke was a hero at the end but he still did some horrible things. If Jared is like another Luke that would break Brianna's heart. 
     Annabeth could tell I was deep in thought cause she nudged my shoulder and said "What are you thinking about?"
     "I will tell you later."
     We found Lupa talking to kids in the infirmary. Most of them were injured because they got hurt fighting someone in the coliseum but nothing serious. I walked up to Lupa and said "We found the seventh one."
     She was in her human form. She had long reddish brownish hair. Her skin was very tan. She looked at me and said "Who is it?"
     "Jared Woodall, son of Jupiter."
     She gave Jared a weary look and said "Gather the seven and you all will set sail tomorrow morning at 8:00. I will IM Chiron and tell him"
     We all nodded. Once we got outside, I told Brianna and Jared to go tell Jason, Piper, and Leo that we set sail tomorrow at 8:00 on the dot. After they ran of me and Annabeth went to the Poseidon cabin.
     When we sat on the couch and said "I am a little worried about Jared coming."
     "why?" she asked.
     "I think he might betray us or something just like Luke did."
     "you may be right. Did you see the way he acted when he told us what terra/Gaea said in his dream?"
     "I know. It was like he want to join her."
     "But he generally looks like a guy that wouldn't hurt a single soul."
     "Well Luke acted the same way. I say we keep an eye on him. You know, just in case."
     "I know what you mean." there was a long silence until Annabeth asked me "Are Brianna and Jared together or something? Cause they seemed so close and I thought I saw them holding hands."
     "I have no idea. I mean they have only known each other for a day."
     "I mean that would be really bad. If she actually liked him a lot and he became a servant of Gaea that might influence her to also become a servant."
     "I don't think she would do it. But if I became a servant a Gaea would you come join me?"
     "What do you think seaweed brain?"
     I gave her a smile "I think you would."
     "I think your head is really full of seaweed." 
     "haha… that was very funny Annabeth."
     She put her head on my shoulder and said "Everything will work out Percy. I know it. After this war, we will be getting married. Everything will fall in place just calm down." 
     I turned her and said "Your amazing at calming people down."
     She kissed me and said "I know."

Chapter 21
     Me and Jason were doing the rock climbing thing when Brianna and Jason's little brother, Jared, came to us. "Piper! Jason! We need to tell you something!" Brianna yelled.
     When me and Jason got down I said "What do you guys want?"
     Brianna gave me a big smile and said "We set sail tomorrow at 8:00 on the dot."
     Jason said "Wait who is the seventh one?"
     Jared smiled and said "Oh well it's me." 
     Jason smiled and said "awesome." 
     Then they ran off. Towards the field.
     Me and Jared found Leo at the field messing with the boat. I came up behind him and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned around and said "well hello, sleepy head! What brings you to Leo." 
     "shut up! Don't call me that! But anyways, we set sail tomorrow at 8:00 on the dot."
     He gave me a surprised look and the he says "I have so many things to do."
     As we walked away I could hear Leo mumbling a bunch of mumbo jumbo that I did not understand.
(still Brianna)
     I am really worried about Jared. He was been acting weird since he told me about his dreams. When we where walking back to my cabin It looked like he was terrified. I wanted to comfort him but I didn't know how to. So I asked "what is wrong? And don't tell me nothing cause I know there is something wrong."
     "you promise you won't laugh."
     "I promise."
     "Well, terra told me if I joined her she would spare me and the people I love. The thing is that my mom died in a car crash when I was little. And my mortal brother got adopted in a month or so. So I only have one person I really love."
     "Who is it?"
     "It's you. You are the only person I truly love."
     He is going really fast when we didn't know each other for five minutes and he already kissed me. Now he was telling me he loved me and it's only been a day. I looked at him in the eyes and I could tell he was not lying. I didn't want to make him upset so I said "love you, too."
     He smiled and said "Awesome." then we walked into the cabin.
     We found Annabeth and Percy asleep on the couch. I quickly packed while Jared sat on one of the empty beds. I whispered "I wish this war would just get over with. I just want to go back to camp half blood."
     Jared whispered "well maybe this will blow over real quickly."
     After I was done packing, me and Jared ran out side. He said "do you know what game always makes me happy?"
     "ok let's play." I tapped him on the shoulder. "Tag, your it." and I ran away. 
     He chased me into the woods. I wasn't paying attention so I tripped of a root. Then, he tripped over me. I couldn't help but laugh. We just laid there side by side. He asked "Did that cheer you up."
     I said "yep."
     Then we heard a big horn. I said "I guess it's lunch time."
     "Beat up there."
     "Your on."
     Then we ran towards the pavilion.
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P.S these are not the best chapters I was not in the mood when I was writing. :)
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Actually I think that's one of the best chapters yet. Personally, I think yours is better than HecateA's
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That was good!
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I will try to post later. No promises!

@Perseus wow that comment makes me feel special! I have read HecateA's and Personly I think Hecates is the best one I have read. I also like partyponys.

@mmdr thanks!!!
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Here is some chapters

Chapter 22
     I walked to the pavilion with Gwen and bobby. Bobby said "so, Reyna, how did it go with Jason?"
     I knew this question would come up sometime. I am surprised they have not asked yet. "Oh, he has a girlfriend now. Her name is Piper McLean, daughter of Aphrodite. She is actually pretty cool. But thats the girl he has been hanging out with 24/7."
     "I am sorry, Reyna," gwen said. "Maybe things will work out for you and Jason later just not now."
     Bobby said "Wait, do you mean McLean as in Tristan McLean?"
     "well that's cool. Speaking of-"
     Bobby got cut of by Jared and Brianna. They were running and knocked bobby down. Me and Gwen just stood there and laughed our heads off. Jared and Brianna didn't even stop to say sorry.
     Then I saw Jason and Piper. They were in the corner of the pavilion. Nobody was paying attention to them except me. She was laughing while Jason was talking. Suddenly, he stopped talking and looked around, probably making sure nobody was watching, then he kissed her. It was not just a little peck, it was a long kiss. When they finished they walked to a table like nothing happened.
     I was devastated. I wanted to run to my cabin, curl up in my bed, an cry my eyes out. That should be me talking to him, sitting beside him, and kissing him. I wish everything would go back to normal. I wish Greeks and Romans never met. I wish this stupid war was not happening. I hate being a demigod. I wish I was normal. I know I wasn't supposed to be jealous but I was. And now there going to be together on that stupid trip to Greece. 
     Me, Gwen, Bobby, Annabeth, Percy, Brianna, Jared, Piper, And Jason sat at one table. Brianna, Annabeth, and Piper were talking about that stupid song "All day" by Cody Simpson. He is just like Justin Bieber. Its crazy. But anyways, Jason, Gwen, Percy, and Bobby were talking about Gaea and the giants. Jared just sat there looking at the table. Once and awhile he would glance at Brianna then look at the table again. I just sat there looking at everybody.  About ten minutes we were allowed to leave. Usually we would be training and all that. But since it was a war she really didn't care what you did as long as you didn't go out of the borders of the camp. I liked it that way. I decided to go my cabin.
      When I got to my cabin I put my hair up, changed into a tank top, and put my fuzzy pj bottoms on. I fell asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow. I had the weirdest dream. Brianna, in pajamas, was chasing Leo around with her sword. He was screaming "I didn't mean it! I didn't mean it!" It looked like Brianna had been crying cause her face was all red and looked wet. Then it went black. I heard a voice. It said "That is a clue to who your traitor is."
     I asked "traitor?"
     "yes, your camp does have a spy. That is just one clue."
     "Why would you give us a clue?!" I asked confused. "We are your enemies."
     "I am a fair you know. You all don't even know you have a spy. Not until now."
     "how do I know you are not tricking me?"
     "you don't."
      That's when I woke up.
Chapter 23
     Me, Jason, Percy, Annabeth, Brianna, and Jared decided to go train after lunch. We split into teams of 3. One team was me, Jason, and Jared. The other was Percy, Annabeth, and Brianna. We kind of made up our own game. One team was on one side of the coliseum the other team was at the opposite side. And on a count to three we charged at each other. Jason yelled "ONE!!"
     Percy yelled "TWO!!"
     I yelled "THREE!!"
     That when I took of a ran my fastest towards Annabeth. I was guessing Jason would go against Percy and Jared would go against Brianna. I was right. Me and Annabeth were laughing so I was kind of hard to concentrate. 
     She kind of waited it out didn't really attack just defended herself. I could tell she was studying my every move. Looking at all my flaws. After a minute my arm kind of got tired. That's when Annabeth attacked she twisted her wrist a certain way and my dagger fell on the ground. I asked her "How did you do that?"
     She smiled and said "I have my ways."
     I looked over at Jason and Percy and they were still fighting. Then like always Percy had riptide up to Jason's neck. Brianna was laughing while she was hitting Jared's face with little puddles. He finally gave up and sat on the ground. Then we heard Reyna screaming our names. She was wearing pj bottoms and a tank top. Jason said "Reyna, what is wrong?"
     Reyna looked at him and said "Gaea has a spy."
     Percy asked "How do you know?"
     Reyna explained her dream. I couldn't help but smile. I would love to see Brianna chase Leo around with a sword. Nothing against Leo, but I think it would be hilarious. I looked over at Brianna, she was laughing too. Annabeth said "she said it was a clue. But how does that have anything to do with a traitor?"
     Reyna said "I have no idea. Gods why can't anybody just say it strait and not give you clues and hints."
     Jared said "well maybe it has something to do with what Leo was saying."
     Reyna said "Well all he was saying was I didn't mean it."
     Annabeth said "Well I guess she was mad. So what gets you mad or sad Brianna?"
     Percy answered for her. "Everything."
     "Shut up!" Brianna said.
     Percy laughed and said "See."
     Annabeth interrupted there little argument by saying "we will find out as time goes by."
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Here is a chapter I might post one later on today but I am not sure.

Chapter 24
     This was my dream.
     "well," said Gaea. "They know they have a traitor."
     "Gaea, the only reason I am doing this is because of Brianna."
     "All, young love. Once you find out what she really thinks."
     "what does she really think?" I asked.
     "Well, you can only figure that one on yourself."
     "anyways, Gaea what do you want me to do?" 
     "You will get on the boat at exactly eight. Well at nine I will have a little surprise. Then we can really get to work."
     "ok, but please spare Brianna. I will kill anybody who touches her. I will kill myself for her."
     "oh, Jared. Silly little Jared. I keep my word. I will spare Brianna."
     That's when I woke up. I already knew I was going to hurt Brianna really bad today but it was for the best. At least she will live. I don't want to serve Gaea but I have to.
     I noticed that Jason was already gone. I got my clothes on and got my bag. I walked out the door ran to the boat.
     When I got there I saw Jason, Piper, Annabeth, and Leo. It was 7:55. I asked "where is Percy and Brianna?"
     Annabeth said "I bet they are asleep."
     "they probably are." I said. "You want to go get them with me?"
     "Can't you get them by yourself?" Annabeth asked.
     "I would but it would kind o be awkward to wake up Percy, since I don't really know him."
     "I know what you mean. Let's go get them."
     When we got there we figured out we were right. Thankfully, Percy and Brianna planned for this cause they already had there clothes on and they were packed. Once we got them up we all headed towards the boat. 
     When we got there it was 8:09. Annabeth said "Well let's get going."
     Everybody got on the boat and kind of separated into groups. It was Leo, piper, and Jason. Then Percy and Annabeth. Then it was me and Brianna. All I could think was in 50 minutes I will break Brianna's heart. I hope she doesn't get mad at me and like freak out. 
     Me and Brianna went into what looked like a living room. We sat on the couch and said nothing. I thought it was an awkward silence. So I said "Gay baby born."
     "what?" she asked me.
     "Every awkward silence a gay baby is born."
     She laughed and said "Where did you get that from?"
     "Just some friends. I find out it always brightens the mood."
     "Haha… so what do you want to do?" she asked me.
     I looked at the clock. 8:27. Thirty-three minutes until Gaea comes. "Well I don't know. Do you have any ideas."
     "well I have a few," she said as she got closer. "But I am not sure if you will like them."
     "I think I will." I said as I started to kiss her. All I could think about was Gaea saying "Once you find out what she really thinks." that kept on echoing in my head.
     After about fifteen minutes, she pulled back, gave me a concerned look, and said "What is wrong?"
     I sighed and said "What do you really think about me? Tell me the truth."
     "I told you that already. I love you with all my heart. And nothing can change that. I know I am only twelve, but I mean you are just so different from the other guys."
     I looked at the clock it said 8:50. Ten more minutes. I didn't say anything to her. I just kissed her. Put all my emotions in it to. There was love, happiness, and a lot others. But it was mostly fear. I looked at the clock. 8:59.
     "Brianna," I said. I looked her straight in the eyes. "I love you. And you always remember that. Whatever I do it is not to hurt you. It is to protect you. I love you so much. Please forgive me."
     She asked "Why should I have to forgive you if you haven't done anything wrong?"
     "Just remember I love you." I gave her one last kiss. That's when it happened. Something hit the boat
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