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I have never seen "FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD", the 2015 adaptation of Thomas Hardy's 1874 novel, in the theaters. And yet . . . my knowledge of this film led me to view two گزشتہ adaptations. And finally, I found the chance to view this adaptation, directed سے طرف کی Thomas Vinterberg.

"FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD" told the story of a young 19th century rural English woman named Bathsheba Everdeene and the three men in her life - a بھیڑوں, بھیڑ farmer-turned-shepherd named Gabriel Oak; her neighbor and owner of the neighborhood's largest farm, William Boldwood;...
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"THE YOUNG VICTORIA" (2009) Review

About a سال یا so before his مقبول ویژن ٹیلی series, "DOWNTON ABBEY" hit the airwaves, Julian Fellowes served as screenwriter to the lavish biopic about the early life and reign of Britain's Queen Victoria called "THE YOUNG VICTORIA". The 2009 movie starred Emily Blunt in the عنوان role and Rupert Friend as the Prince Consort, Prince Albert.

"THE YOUNG VICTORIA" began during the last years in the reign of King William IV, Victoria's uncle. Acknowledge as the اگلے ruler of Britain, Victoria became the target of a political tug-of-war between her mother,...
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2002 TV miniseries starring Hugh Dancy, Romola Garai and Hugh Bonneville.
tv miniseries
hugh bonneville
romola garai
hugh dancy
daniel deronda

Twentieth-Century لومڑی was never a studio that I would associate with فلمیں about the British Empire. Mind you, the studio had released several during the period between its formation in 1935 and the 1953 release of "KING OF THE KHYBER RIFLES". Yet . . . it never seemed to produce many productions on European imperialism in compare to studios like Paramount Pictures, Warner Brothers and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Just recently, I watched "KING OF THE KHYBER RIFLES" and discovered that it was a remake of John Ford's 1929 adventure film, "THE BLACK WATCH". And...
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A story of love, betrayal, deception and revenge set over 24 hours.
death and nightingales
mini series
Below is my review of the 2004 BBC miniseries, "NORTH AND SOUTH", which is an adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell's 1855 novel:

"NORTH AND SOUTH" (2004) Review

If someone had told me years پہلے that I would find myself watching the 2004 BBC ویژن ٹیلی adaptation of Elizabeth Gaskell’s 1855 novel, let alone purchase a DVD copy of the miniseries, I would have dismissed that person’s notion as inconceivable. I have never shown any گزشتہ interest in ”NORTH AND SOUTH”. And I am still baffled at how I suddenly became interested in it.

Mind you, I have been aware of the 2004 miniseries for the...
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2003 film starring Hugh Dancy as an eager young Englishman dispatched to the tribe of Sarawak and Jessica Alba as the native assigned to live and sleep with him.
the sleeping dictionary
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hugh dancy
jessica alba
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romantic video for Catherine Cookson's The کیڑے, کیڑا starring Jack Davenport.
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the کیڑے, کیڑا
catherine cookson
jack davenport نے, davenport
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