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posted by webmm8
I need as many people as i can to شامل میں this club cause i made a bet with my friend that if i could get مزید then 100 people on this club i would get 100 bucks. so please sign up cause im desperate here. i did say please i asked nicely . do it !!! do it !!! sign up now !! now i tell u !! please my money depends on it. My grandma wheres diapers. aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! ooh ooh aah . sorry about the dipers thing grandma i didnt mean it but dont u think its weird a 100 سال old women wears dipers i mean that is freaky . speaking of freaky things how bout fergie i mean shes like so blond and everything no ofence fergie ur like my پسندیدہ singer but really i mean that song glamorous if u aint got no money take ur broke butt ہوم thats just awkward. any way back to the subjec t please sign up for this club right now .now now now !!!!