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haha... This story is about Phinbella. (well.. when is it not) They go into the future and arrive and Phineas and Isabella's Wedding. What is Phineas' Reaction? Will the future change? Will Isabella scream of joy..and joyness? (sorry into charlie the unicorn right now)Sorry for bad summary. Enjoy! (P.S. Hot_n_cold helped me figure out some of this in chat.) P.S.S. Just pretend that Quantam Boogaloo never happened.
Phineas' POV

I woke up in the morning at 8:00 am as always.This was the very first دن if summer.I wanted to make it great. I had went...
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yes i will marry آپ phineas کہا Isabella.
great now all we need to do is plan it.
already done phineas ive already planned one in my back yard. really that's phineas lets go
after the wedding

wow isabella that when well. yes yes it did. so were
are we sleeping to night your place یا mine? hmm yours. ok. so they went up stairs and ran into phineas's room stripped off and got in his bed

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~the اگلے day

phineas and isabella woke up and got dressed
wow phineas...
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It was the same usual دن around the Flynn-Fletcher household. The sun shining, the birds singing, and the boys lounging out below the family's old oak tree. The two gazed up at the sky, not speaking a word until the familiar someone had come over.
"Sunny as ever," کہا a female voice as she opened the gate. Her deep blue eyes sparkled as she blinked, fluttering those long and beautiful eyelashes. Phineas tried to not be distracted سے طرف کی her stunning beauty as her voice flowed in a soft movement.
"What'cha doing?"
Those soothing words I live for, Thought Phineas, lost in his own thoughts clouded...
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Phineas and Isabella as Erik and Christine from Andrew's lloyd Webber's The Phantom of the Opera.
andrew lloyd webber
the موسیقی of the night
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Angela Lansbury
beauty and the beast
alan menken
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