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if not good sorry
We have come to the point were there has already been a story (pikabun) written سے طرف کی me, so here is an alternate way the two pokemon fell in love.

Ash looked around the area. "Perfect! How 'bout we set up camp here?"
Dawn looked around.
"I guess a medow is as good a place as any."
Brock was already unpacking his things.
Dawn grabbed her poke'balls and said: "Alright everybody, have fun!
She released her poke'mon.
As always, Patcarisu went out dancing like some kind of fairy. Buneary went over سے طرف کی the a tree. The others went and did whatever they do, but the story isn't about them, is it? No....
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The اگلے day
Dawn: ash, im sorry but i have to go on my own journey.....
Ash: well, okay
Dawn brings out all her pokemon to say bye
Buneary: (See....)
Dawn: Okay buneary time to g-
Pikachu bolted in front of buneary
Pikachu: *Angrily* Pika-PIKA-PIKAAAA!!!!!!
Buneay: (Pikachu????)
pikachu: *growl*
Brock: i think pikachu doesent want buneary to go
Ash: whai-WHA???
pikachu soon had sparks sprinkiling out of his cheeks
Dawn: ahhh ummmm im-s-scared Buneary: (Pikachu calm down!) Pikachu: (cant u see?? i never wanted آپ to leave EITHER)
buneary: (just----STOP)
pikachu looked back
Buneary was bawling...
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ash:*yawn*hey brock,dawn weres pikachu?

brock:i don't know he must be taking a little walk ash

dawn:ahhh weres buneary i can't find her....oh no

ash:what dawn

dawn:they must be kissing right i know that buneary loves pikachu


buneary:pikachu i love

pikachu"i love آپ too my sweet heart

pikachu and buneary was making out buneary was playing with pikachu ear



brock:look over there آپ guys


they saw buneary and pikachu making out and they saw us they stop making out

ash/dawn:bad آپ two pokemon can't make out

brock:yes they can آپ two and they will mate someday


brock:yep...pikachu,buneary آپ finsh what your doing ok

they go back making out again

brock:lets go back to camp now
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PICKACHU: *Walking beside ash*
Buneary: *runs up to pickachu* P.S. pokemon talk: (hi) human talk: hi
pickachu: (oh, ارے buneary)
buneary: (hay is for horses)
Pickachu: (how is dawn?)
Buneary: *THINKS* oh swell why is it never abought me?
Pickachu: (so?.....)
buneary: (SHES FINE!!!)
Dawn: wow buneary, آپ okay?
Buneary: Bun Bun?
Dawn: ok just dont yell
Pickachu: (why all the fuss?)
buneary: (.....)
pickachu: (okay.....)(how are u?) Buneary: *eyes widen* (im okay how are you?)
pickachu: (....Fine???)
piplop: (hey guys that red thing-) Red thing: *BLOWS POKEMON 6 MILES AWAY*
pokemon: *land*
pickachu: *lands on...
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Patcharisu hit a tree, witch, in turn, made an سیب, ایپل come streaking down. She picked it up and took a bite. She had a good life, her best freind was Bwesuil, she had an awesome trainer; as far as she was cocerned, this was the best any pokemon could ever have. She knew she was lucky. Buneary, not so mutch; she was ignored سے طرف کی the one she loved, bullied سے طرف کی turtwig and ambiopom, it just wasn't very good. Patcharisu often pondered on her feelings for Bwesuil. She decided, though, that they were freinds, and that probly wouldn't change. She didn't want her life to be centered around someone, such...
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Pikachu awoke to see buneary sleeping on him
Pikachu: (huh)
Buneary: ZZZzzzzzzz
Pikachu: (suns coming up.... she'll wake up)
buneary awoke.
Buneary: (hmm uhg)
Pikachu: (hello)
Buneary: (OH MY GOD I FORGOT ARE آپ OKAY???)
This woke everyone
Ash: WOAH what was that?
Dawn: Buneary?
Buneary: (not now......)
Starly: (What?)
Pikachu: (ahhhh crud)
Buneary: (cant we ever be alone?)
Ash: awake huh? Pikachu u okay?
Pikachu: pika-pikachu
Buneary: (...)
Pikachu: (Wat do u want to be alone for?)
Buneary: (i was gonna tell u somthing...)
pikachu: (what?)
ash: u shure buddy?
Pikachu: pika! (would u get off me?)
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