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posted by pokeball13
 Pokemon facts
Pokemon facts
This is some pokemon facts I won't take ones that I just see as myths یا creepy یا that so here's 10 facts
10:If a pokemon was every type would be rock (though i have seen some stuff that it would have a ground weaknesses to)

9:Mr mime can be a girl but it still would be called Mr mime

8:People Doduo can learn fly so if آپ have one teach it fly if آپ want

7:Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres have Spanish words in there name for one two and three deino and his evolutions are the same but in German

6:Arcanine was originally supposed to be legendary but then replace him with Moltres

5:Azurill can change gender when evolving so if آپ have a gender that آپ like on Azurill be careful

4:Spinda has over 4 million spot patterns (My one had a love دل on its head)

3:Poliwags swirl is based on real tadpoles swirl (Check pic)

2:Hitmonchan and Hitmonlee are based on Jackie Chan and Bruce Lee

1:Ash is voiced سے طرف کی a girl (Not sure if he still is but he was)
posted by Pokegal4life
#101 Electrode/Marumine

#102 Exeggcute/Tamatama

#103 Exeggutor/Nassy

#104 Cubone/Karakara

#105 Marowak/Garagara

#106 Hitmonlee/Sawamular

#107 Hitmonchan/Ebiwalar

#108 Lickitung/Beroinga

#109 Koffing/Dogars

#110 Weezing/Matadogas

#111 Rhyhorn/Sihorn

#112 Rhydon/Sidon

#113 Chansey/Lucky

#114 Tangela/Monjara

#115 Kangaskhan/Garura

#116 Horsea/Tattu

#117 Seadra/Seadra

#118 Goldeen/Tosakinto

#119 Seaking/Azumao

#120 Staryu/Hitodeman

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Please be warned that this is my opinion and I do not bash Pokemon Sun and Moon. I only bash the developments' descion which really screwed up new Pokemon generations. So please enjoy.

Ah yes, the 20th anniversary to the rarest anime/manga franchise where the anime/manga licensed games started the anime/manga franchise, Pokemon. That's right, Pokemon games, which are now the rarest licensed games, has turned 20.

At first, after a سال of not releasing a main series Pokemon game for Nintendo 3DS, there's finally a new main series Pokemon game for Nintendo 3DS just to release this year. I hope...
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Okay, so even though there have only been 2 Pokemon All Stars DVD sets made so far, but what if there happened to be a 3rd volume and 4th volume?
Here's what i think the episodes would be if that could happen:
Volume 3:
21. Ditto:
Ditto's Mysterious Mansion, Enter the Dragonite, Imitation Confrontation
22. Shellder:
The Bridge Bike Gang, The Evolution Solution, Nice Pryce Baby
23. Omastar:
Attack of the Prehistoric Pokemon, Fossil Fools, A Ruin with a View
24. Scyther:
Showdown at Dark City, Tracey Gets Bugged, Gettin the Bugs Out
25. Beedrill:
The Fourth Round Rumble, A Shipful of Shivers, The...
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 Number 3 Yes people is possible to find a non sexual one
Number 3 Yes people is possible to find a non sexual one
ڈن, اڑانا ڈن, اڑانا some of the cutest pokemon pictures in the internet waring internet is unpredictable and آپ sometimes may turn up for something else like a sexual garvidor so be careful when آپ تلاش for pokemon pictures
 Number 2 I love گھاس types
Number 2 I love grass types
 Number 1 I don't know about آپ but its so cute
Number 1 I don't know about you but its so cute
10. Iris

I admire Iris because of her spirit and how good she is with Pokemon. She's not all that great with people though. I don't understand why she has to tease Ash so much and call him a little kid for not knowing something یا for doing something wrong. Newsflash Iris, Ash IS a little kid, he's only 10, but that doesn't mean آپ have to be rude to him for not knowing how to do something.

9. Clemont

He's super sweet and kind to others especially Bonnie. I like that he allows Bonnie to carry Dedenne with her wherever she goes and to allow Bonnie to take care of Dedenne despite her not...
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posted by SakuraKaneko
(Based on a REAL story)
"I totally want a riolu, I know what to do!" Sakura exclaimed.
"What do آپ think she's gonna do?" Luna asked Luke.
"Mmph, I have no idea," Luke replied.
Sakura went to the Solceon DayCare Center...
Sakura: LUKE!
Luna: What?!
Luke: آپ mean..
Sakura:(Nods) C'mon آپ two are awsome, go.
Luke: Fine...
Sakura:>o< YEAH!
Later..eggs later..
Luke: i don't know...
Luna: Maybe it's impossible.
Sakura: Mmm...
Sakura went to the PC and took her Ditto...

Sakura: LUKE! Go on that بستر again,...
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posted by AKetchum01
Note, this is from Dragonfly Cave, I didn't make this! The only thing I did were the little thoughts inbetween.

"His Aerodactyl in Gold, Silver and Crystal knew Rock Slide, which Aerodactyl couldn't learn at the time, and he had three Dragonite all under level 55. How? Well, people have speculated that he got ahold of a GameShark, but I say he merely traveled through time - possibly سے طرف کی catching Dialga, the Dragon-type Pokémon that controls time. Alternatively, Johto has time capsules, after all; he may have smuggled himself through one sometime سے طرف کی abusing his authority as the Champion."(AK01...
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Few things are as predictable in Pokemon (excluding Brock chasing after girls) as the Team Rocket Motto. Our پسندیدہ villains will always appear at least once per episode and recite their infamous جملہ معیاری (usually before getting blasted away سے طرف کی Pikachu یا another Pokemon). آپ know it's coming as soon as آپ hear that famous theme موسیقی signifying the "Prepare for trouble!" "And make it double!"

Team Rocket loves to pose and recite their bit of nonsense whenever possible, especially at inopportune times (like when they're attempting to sneak into a building). Meowth is skeptical of the motto's...
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 3. Golem - Who wouldn't want a Funko POP figure of this underrated پرستار favorite? I know i would.
3. Golem - Who wouldn't want a Funko POP figure of this underrated fan favorite? I know i would.
Because i didn't have room to فہرست all the Pokemon i want to see as POP Figures, i decided to continue with the long awaited part 2 so without further ado, let's continue with listing the other Pokemon i didn't have room to فہرست in part 1. This فہرست won't be as long as part 1 but sit back nonetheless and enjoy part 2.
 2. Ditto - Yet another گلابی colored Pokemon i would love to see a Funko POP figure of.
2. Ditto - Yet another pink colored Pokemon i would love to see a Funko POP figure of.
 1. Dragonair - It was either Dragonair یا Gyarados as my number 1 pick and though Gyarados is my پسندیدہ water type, i decided to give the number 1 spot to Dragonair. I would love to see a Funko POP figure of this majestic serpent Pokemon.
1. Dragonair - It was either Dragonair or Gyarados as my number 1 pick and though Gyarados is my favorite water type, i decided to give the number 1 spot to Dragonair. I would love to see a Funko POP figure of this majestic serpent Pokemon.
 And that is a wrap! This concludes part 2 of my سب, سب سے اوپر 30 فہرست of Pokemon who should be Funko POP! figures. Thank آپ and good night!
And that is a wrap! This concludes part 2 of my top 30 list of Pokemon who should be Funko POP! figures. Thank you and good night!
⬜For my copy of Pokemon Sun
🔲For my future copy of Pokemon Ultra Sun
✓Already have for Pokemon Sun
◯Already have(prepared) for Pokemon Ultra Sun

Pokemon requested:
 Classic ٹوپی Pikachu ✓◯
Classic ٹوپی Pikachu ✓◯

 Hoenn ٹوپی Pikachu ✓🔲
Hoenn ٹوپی Pikachu ✓🔲

 Sinnoh ٹوپی Pikachu ⬜🔲
Sinnoh ٹوپی Pikachu ⬜🔲

 Unova ٹوپی Pikachu ⬜🔲
Unova ٹوپی Pikachu ⬜🔲

 Kalos ٹوپی Pikachu ⬜🔲
Kalos ٹوپی Pikachu ⬜🔲

 Alola ٹوپی Pikachu ⬜🔲
Alola ٹوپی Pikachu ⬜🔲

Pokemon I'm willing to trade at the moment:
 Lv. 55 Decidueye♂
Lv. 55 Decidueye♂

 Lv. 1 Sandshrew♂
Lv. 1 Sandshrew♂

 Lv. 25 Brionne♂
Lv. 25 Brionne♂

 Lv.26 Skarmory♀
Lv.26 Skarmory♀

 Lv. 45 Murkrow♂
Lv. 45 Murkrow♂
 Lv. 14 Vaporeon♂
Lv. 14 Vaporeon♂
 Level 47 Chansey
Level 47 Chansey
 Lv. 53 Skarmory♂
Lv. 53 Skarmory♂
1. Pikachu Family
3. Eevee and Eeveeloutions
4. Fennekin and Bunelby
5.Panchem and Goomy


1.Because they're all so cute !!!!!

2.Because its cute sounds adorable and can change into other Pokémon and teleport and... too many reasons too list.
3.They're all unique in they're own way.
4.Because Fennekin is cute and Bunelby is caring.
5. Panchem is small but strong and Goomy looks out for its friends.
6.Tepig always tries its hardest.
7.Froakie can be stubborn but comes through when it counts.
8.I t can survive on sunlight in the wild.
9.Chespin is funny.
10.Charmander is friendly and full of energy.
posted by GabsSaw
This is an مضمون that is ALL about Electric pokemon, so if I miss any, please let me Know in the تبصرے section below. Now, let us begin!

Pikachu: It raises its tail to check its surroundings. The tail is someyimes struck سے طرف کی lighning in this pose.

Raichu: When its electricity builds, its muscles are stimulated, and it becomes مزید aggressive.

Voltorb: It was discovered when poke balls were introduced. It is کہا that there is some connection.

Electrode: It explodes in response to even minor stimuli. It is feared, with the nickname "The Bomb Ball".

Electabuzz: Electricity runs across the surface of its body. In darkness, its body glows a whitish blue.

Jolteon: Every hair on its body starts to stand on end if it becomes charged with electricity.
Today I decided to do something a little different.A lot of آپ know that half of my مضامین are سب, سب سے اوپر 5/10 lists where I countdown thing that I love,but I decided to be a little مزید creative and try doing something else.
The creatures are a big part as to why I love the franchise so much.As of now there have been 721 different Pokemon and each of them have their own unique characteristics,traits and feel to them that makes the franchise so unique.
All 721 of them share the 18 Pokemon Types,and because they're so many,I decided to make a فہرست of my پسندیدہ Pokemon of each type.
I already...
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posted by Hakros323
So today, 7 new pokemons were revealed in a japanese trailer. I for one thought they were unique, especially considering the region they're based in, and the things they were based off.

Tapu Koko
So I'm guessing the Island Guardians are going to be this region's legendary group? Tapu Koko was hinted at E3, but saw we finally get to see it.
It's Electric/Fairy, the سیکنڈ of the typing after Dedenne. I see Electric, but not Fairy in it. They probably did it so that we have مزید Fairy (Which we need). Tapu Koko looks cool. I'm eager to see the other "Island Guardians" as well. Its ability is Elekimater,...
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When I was a kid, Pokemon figures like Pikachu were the new, hot thing سے طرف کی the time Pokemon came out in 1998. So I started to collect dozens of the little plastic toys like Poliwag as well as Pokemon کتابیں and Pokemon cards like Charmander and, with my دوستوں and my brother, recreated the movies. We even made up our own Pokemon stories, turning Squirtle into a Blastoise long before Pokemon X & Y for Nintendo 3DS had certain Pokemon like Lucario دکھائیں off Mega Evolutions in the games as well as Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire.

But the one thing we could never do was actually bring out...
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posted by Pokegal4life
Seriously I can't stand the sight of that thing, makes me shudder just thinking about it. Also, the Malamar that appeared in the عملی حکمت episode "A Conspiracy to Conquer" was PURE EVIL!. It took control of so many of the main character's Pokémon like Ash's Pikachu and Bonnie's Dedenne, and it even took control of Officer Jenny using Hypnosis. Also, through Meowth's translation the gang found out about Malamar's plot to take over the world, and although Ash, his friends, and Team Rocket teamed up to try and defeat Malamar it still managed to escape. After watching that episode, I'll admit, I'M TERRIFIED OF MALAMAR!

1.Pikachu Family
2Eevee and Eeveeloutions
4.LAtios and Latias
6.Bunnelby and Buneary
7.Panchem and Goomy
8.Lucario,Mega Lucario And Riolu

1.They're all cute !!
2.Theyre all unique.
3.Its cute and can transform.
4.They playful and friendly.
5.It makes me wanna hug it!!
6.Bunelby because it can use it ears for lots of thing. Buneary because its cute. Plus I love the couple.
7.Panchem because its small but tough. Goomy because its a good friend.
8.Lecario because it can sense auras Mega Lucario because its upper strong and looks cool and Riolu because its cute but tough.
9.Ut can someone other pokemon even legendary ones.
10.Its a great performer and watches out for its friends.
Ash Ketchum Baby Daddy Ch 2: Carnivals, Phone Calls and Songs, Oh My!

(Serena got out of the pool and Iris, May, Dawn, and Misty got out walked to her.)
May: Well how was your تاریخ with Ash?
Serena: (Blushes) It was sooooo wonderful! We are sooo in love!
Georgia: (Walks up with her clothes on) Aw looks like Ash and Serena are together with a bad fashion trend!
Iris: Oh really? I thought the bad fashion trend is what you're wearing!
(All of the 5 girls even Burgundy laughed! Georgia glares at Burgundy.)
Burgundy: Was I not allowed to laugh at that one?
Georgia: YES!
Misty: Let's go to Professor Oak's...
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Ash Ketchum Baby Daddy Ch 1: Georgia's Evil Plan

(The story begins when Ash and Serena are making out at the garden.)
Serena: Mmm! I'm so happy to be with you, Ash.
Ash: Same here. It gave me plenty of time from Pokemon battles and Team Rocket drama. (He chuckles evilly as he started to tickle Serena)
Serena: (laughing) Stop! That tickles, that tickles! (laughing)
Ash: How's that babe! Got ya got ya got ya!
(They didn't know when Iris' rival Georgia is watching)
Georgia: (thinking) Awww! What a cute couple! Too bad it won't last long though! (Laughs softly) It will take one phone call away to...
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