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 Mega Sceptile
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Source: http://www.revogamers.net/noticias/nintendo-3ds/trailer-presentacion-cinco-mega-evoluciones-y-dos-po
Omega Ruby
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This Pokémon تصویر might contain ڈاؤن لوڈ ہونے والے, مزاحیہ کتاب, منگا, کارٹون, ہالی ووڈ, and کامک بُک.

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There was a held nuzlocke challenge somewhere that would decide who was the ultimate Pokemon master. Many entered and only one would leave alive! There was many people and they each got scared every time their Pokemon dies. It was only دن one of the nuzlocke and already tons have died. Some people got stressed and tried to escape but, ghosts of the dead challengers block the way out. One challenger managed to escape but dies later of an unknown supernatural related illness. After دن three the challengers started to get depressed of all the people who died. The ghosts now control the minds...
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 Zekrom (#8, tied with Tepig at 49 current شائقین each)
Zekrom (#8, tied with Tepig at 49 current fans each)
OK, I did a little research, and I am proud to present the 10 Unova Pokemon characters with the most fans. Here they are:

10. Scraggy

Who doesn't love this adorable little Pokemon? #10 with 21 current شائقین ("current" meaning at the time this was made), Scraggy is one مقبول cutie!

9. Team Plasma (in general)

The villainous team of Unova, led سے طرف کی N and Ghetsis Harmonia. #9 with 25 current fans, they beat Scraggy سے طرف کی only 4 fans.

8. Tepig and Zekrom

The Fire-type starter and the legendary سٹار, ستارہ of Pokemon White. Tied at #8 with 49 current شائقین each, they beat Team Plasma سے طرف کی 25 fans.

7. Cheren

Your smart,...
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Number Name Type
001      Bulbasaur      Grass/Poison
002     Ivysaur     Grass/Poison
003      Venusaur      Grass/Poison
004     Charmander     Fire
005     Charmeleon     Fire
006     Charizard     Fire
007     Squirtle     Water
008     Wartortle     Water
009     Blastoise...
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The start of Pokemon Glitch Quest was because of an Evil Azumarill. This occurred about one سال ago. I released an female Azumarill that was made to resemble this famed glitch, but that event didn't go so well. So, I am proud to present the RE-release of the Evil Azumarill!

About the Evil Azumarill

So, if آپ don't know about the ORIGINAL Evil Azumarill, I suggest reading link about it. It was quite exciting during that time last year, and I quite enjoyed it.

So now that آپ know...
To obtain the Evil Azumarill, آپ MUST have at least 5 Gym Badges on any دیا Generation IV یا V game. Why? Because...
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posted by LiptonGold
This isn't a really scary creepypasta, it's just somethings that happened to happen in the order they did, making it sorta creepy.
Ok, so for the last ماہ یا so, I've been reading a LOT of creepypasta. And I read one that کہا something about killing Blue's Raticate on the SS Anne. A few months ago, I wanted to play the older games, so I bought FireRed and Emerald. In the FireRed, there is a glitch thing where when آپ go down the first ladder in Rock Tunnel, it looks like you're surfing, but آپ can't اقدام and the screen is all black. (And I couldn't use surf at that point) So my mom looked...
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1. she is afraid of bugs and hurt caterpies feelings (tomboys like bugs)
2. she says Pokemon are cute every سیکنڈ (what tomboy would do that?)
3. She wants to دکان everytime there is a store (tomboys don't care about shopping)
4. She wears dresses sometimes (tomboys never wear dresses)
5. She gets the cutie eyes everytime she see water یا cute Pokemon (what tomboy would do what?)

No main girl on Pokemon are tomboys. Misty, May, Jessie, and Dawn are NOT tomboys. The only ones that are tomboys are Zoey and Iris (A little)
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