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This مضمون contains opinionated view so this is/may not be factual.

In No particular order, here:

1. Ash and Red
 Ash and Red
Ash and Red
"Are they the same person?", the most common and the main discussion of this topic.
Though they are not but this سوال has always been raised. They are also compared in their Pokemon training skills.

2. Mew vs. Mewtwo
Another topic which has been heavily discussed. Mew vs. Mewtwo is one of the most مقبول Pokemon comparison. With Mewtwo clearly having higher base stats than Mew, and also the highest base stats of the Kanto region, the other side still holds good....
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The main ذریعہ of this مضمون is Bulbapedia.
These are some of the episodes where Pokéshipping hints occured. иote: This مضمون focuses only on the best Pokéshipping episodes.
No Movie hints, only from the anime! (the عنوان says it xD)
Okay, so here are the episodes. Episodes are arranged in a serial manner.
Ash Catches A Pokémon
Ash, willing to continue his journey alone, is followed سے طرف کی Misty. Upon noticing her pursuing him in Viridian Forest, Ash puts her on the spot and asks her, "Why are آپ still following me?" Misty sweat-drops and unconvincingly stutters back, "M...My bike! I'm holding...
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"Hi, I'm Steve Ketchum, Ash's brother. آپ might think Ash and Misty love each other. I never thought that my brother liked that annoying girl. It is correct they love each other, I saw the whole thing that is the ultimate proof.

After placing first in the Gydos League, Ash returned to Pallet Town in Kanto.
"I wish Misty wasn't a Gym Leader." He thought to himself.
"Prepare for trouble!" Someone said. It was Team Rocket!
"Make it double!" James continued.
"Team Rocket, won't آپ three ever learn?"...
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