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--at the rowdyruffs house--
butch:boomer...i got a question...
boomer:what it is?
butch:why are آپ such an idiot?
boomer:--tear-- im a blonde!
butch:so doesnt matter bubbles is a blonde and she doesnt act dumb!
boomer:i dont care! leave me alone!
--boomer storms out and hits brick--
brick:hey watc- --sees boomer crying--
boomer:im sorry jeez i make everyone mad these days --flies away to the PPGZ--
brick:alrite bro spill it what did آپ do!
butch:well i just asked him why he acts so dumb!
brick:you know good and well hes are little bro and were supposed to take care of him!
butch:well sorry...
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