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 PPGZ پیپر وال
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Source: KittanyLilac At DeviantART
This پیپر وال was designed and put together سے طرف کی KittanyLilac at DeviantART.
پیپر وال
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"Great, it's the lying teenagers!" the green eyed one said. I took a deep breath and opened my compact to contact the professor.
"Found them, Professor." I told him.
"Good job, Buttercup. May I see what they look like?" he replied. I turned my compact so the professor could get a good look at the girls. They gasped.
"What is that?" the red head asked. I rolled my eyes and nudged Bubbles to answer.
"It is a compact. Buttercup, Blossom, and I each have one to transform to our heroic selves." she explained. The boys laughed.
"I can't believe آپ didn't even know that." Blue Bubbler کہا at...
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 Professor:*mixing stuff to make a science thangy* Ken:Hey dad.I made us چائے to drink while making the experiment.
Professor:*mixing stuff to make a science thangy* Ken:Hey dad.I made us tea to drink while making the experiment.
Narrator:The city of New Townsville.Once there was no evil and no crim until one day.
Professor:*mixing stuff to make a science thangy*
Ken:Hey dad.I made us چائے to drink while making the experiment.
Professor:Wow,thanks ken.
Ken:So dad hows the experiment going?Is the chemical X stabled yet dad?
Professor:No, not yet Ken.I tried some stuff but it has not worked yet.But i got something that can work, well i hope it does.
Professor:I see u made zuba cake also Ken.*takes one and starts eating it*
Poochie:*trying to get out of Kens arms to get the cake*
Ken:No pochie ur a robot what would u want with...
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AMV tribute to PPGZ.
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powerpuff girls z
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The girls and I are going to the boys house as our dark forms. Then something hit me. "Momoko, what name did آپ choose?"
"I chose Demon. So, what names did آپ choose when آپ first did this.
"Boo." replied Miyako.
"Bones." I replied. "And I کہا that we're twin sisters. So آپ must be our triplet that just arrived from visiting Mexico."
"Ok!" she squealed.
"And please don"t squeal. We are supposed to act dark, remember?"
"Got it." When we arrived, we knocked on the door. When we opened it, we saw that the house was clean. Actually clean for once!
"Hi!" we کہا as we walked in. Then the...
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"Momoko! Guess what I did for you!" I shouted, running towards her.
"What? What did آپ do?" I handed her the ticket. "Oh my goodness! It's tickets for Jonny Cosmo! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" She squealed. She hugged me so tight, I couldn't breathe. Then Miyako was skipping towards us.
"Hey, آپ two! Did آپ hear? Minoru invited me to a fashion show!"
"Kaoru got me a ticket to the Jonny Cosmo movie!" she shouted back. Miyako gave me a confused look so I showed her my plan with the dust. Man, it' so easy to use when things are minor. But it's seeps my energy.
"So, what do آپ want to...
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