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Spencer Hastings a smart, clever and interesting character. She comes from a family of overachievers and she feels she always needs to beat her older sister Melissa Hastings.

I notice that Spencer is always the girl who finds out the most clues in the series. She is often the most clever, the one who always puts two and two together. she has also many amazing characteristics such as being witty, sarcastic and fearless. She has also grown throughout the whole show.

I also love the dramatic things that has happened to her. She kissed Ian and Wren, Melissa's boyfriend. She ended up at Radley, and...
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With Hanna occupied because of her mom's upcoming trial, Aria, Spencer and Emily band together to continue to investigate Wilden for information that could be used at Ashley's trial.

Caleb and Toby team up to investigate -A and what really happened the night of the lodge آگ کے, آگ and encounter a ذریعہ that points to a new possible identity for Red Coat. Hanna struggles to act like everything is normal and her دوستوں are unsure about how to help her. Aria worries about Mike's behavior in light of an incident at school and Ezra struggles with how he now fits into her life. Meanwhile, The Liars are determined to find a new suspect in Wilden's murder and their tactics have unintended consequences. And, -A's new plan threatens to send everything crashing down around one of the Liars.
1.“Time To Be Your 21” سے طرف کی Alexz Johnson: Plays when Hanna and Emily talk about Em’s اقدام to Texas.
2.“Hiding My Heart” سے طرف کی Brandi Carlile: Plays when Aria informs Ezra that, up until now, he was the only guy who had never lied to her.
3.“Far Far” سے طرف کی Yael Naim: Plays when Toby tells Spencer he’ll be there for her no matter what.
4.“Coming To” سے طرف کی Apex Manor: Plays when Aria جوابات her door and finds Ezra’s ex, Jackie, standing there.
5.“I’m Not Calling آپ A Liar” سے طرف کی Florence and the Machine: Plays when the girls receive a text from A at the end of the finale.

If the first season is about the hunt for Allison's murderer, "Pretty Little Liars" would be back this June with مزید aggressive hunt for "A". Showrunner Marlene King has a few points about season 2, including the season's theme, مزید secrets, returning characters and where the new season will pick up from.

"Season one felt really like the hunt for Allison's killer," King told NY Post. "Season two is very much مزید about the hunt for 'A'. The PLL's decide to push back. There's also a fun storyline involving a therapist. The police wind up thinking the girls are lying about Ian and their parents...
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- Ian quote: "You have no idea how much trouble you're going to be in if آپ دکھائیں those ویڈیوز to anybody. There's stuff on them that could bring everybody down. Including your family".
- Ian quote: "We never had sex, Alison. I didn't do anything wrong".
- Alison quote: "And you're going to jail".
- In Alison/Ezra flashback, we see Alison's bracelet come off and her putting it back on the other arm.
- Alison quote: "Ezra seemed to get that everything I کہا was made-up stuff, but he believed me when I told him CeCe and I were roommates at UPenn.
- The cops have Peter, Veronica and Melissa at the...
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Sit down with the cast and creators of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin, to discuss how the series works to reclaim the classic notion of the male gaze, and instead reclaim a female gaze. Stream Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin now on HBO Max.
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Get a منظر پیش of what's to come on episodes 6 and 7 of Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin. Are the girls closer to uncovering A's identity? Stream Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin now on HBO Max.
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episode 6 & 7 منظر پیش
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The stars of 'Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin' have آگ کے, آگ 🔥 fashion game both on AND off set. On this episode of Drip یا Drop, Zaria, Chandler, Bailee, Maia, and Malia tell us what current style trends they would ROCK 🛍💅…
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