Pretty Little Liars Ppl Unbeliveble 2

jblovesme4ever posted on Jun 13, 2010 at 04:46AM
they loved rose wood summers best of all tomorrow morning arter they completed there last day of 7th grade final at roosewood day the school they all attened they would take part in the schools anual graduation pin ceromony each student from kindergarden to eleventh grade and would recive a 24 carrot goold pin girls a shape of a gardeina and boys a horse shoe after that they would be released to 10 goulirous weeks of tanning cookouts boating trips and shopping excrusions to philly and newyork they couldnt wait but the graduation ceromony wasnt the true right of passage for alli hannah emily aria and spencer summer really wouldnt start for them untill 2morrw night at there end of 7th grade slumber party and the girls had a surprize fir alli that waz going to make this summers kickoff extra special when mrs dilaurentis stood between them wearing a short pale wrap dress that showed off her llong muscular calfs is alli here spencer asked she is upstairs i think mrs dilaurentis steeped out of the way goone upspencer led the group though the hallher white field hocky skirt swinging her dirty blond braid bouncing against the middle of her back the girls loved alli house it smelled like vanilla and fabric softener just like alli lush photos if her fanily vaction to paris and londen and lake como lined the walls from ggrade school picture they lloved her second grade school picture alli vibrant pink cardent brightend her face glow

and this is it for now keep lokin i will do more

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