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A few days later

Mya’s POV: the اگلے دن i woke up and called RayRay this was phase 1 of my plan.
Phone convo:
R- hello??
M- ارے کرن, رے this is Mya.
R- who?? oh oh um yeah i know. wassup??
M- um Tuliyah was meaning to call آپ but she forgot.
R- oh really!
M- really. and she wanted to invite آپ and the guys to this thing we have in town where we drive to a empty warehouse and watch فلمیں on the دیوار inside.
R- thats awesome! yeah we’ll come thanks
M- oh no problem no problem at all
R- um okay bye
M- bye hangs up
Mya: phase 1 complete.

Rays POV: that was weird. Prod: who was that man?? Ray:...
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 The house
The house
DRIVING THERE..........................

Me: how big is this house
Roc: huge
Tyti: very
Charlie: why so big
Princeton: we all living it
Prodigy: all of us
Princeton: *angry* yea even yu
Jazzy: im sorry JacobL wasnt able to شامل میں us
Me: wat up wit him
Jazzy: idk he told me he was busy these daiis
RayRay: i dont trust him
Jazzy: why
RayRay: it just written across his fourhead Dont trust me yu didnt see it
Me: idk but we will
RayRay: he my bro but he lies alot
Jazzy: oh
Sis: well how big is it lik rooms
Roc: i think 15 rooms
Tyti: uhh and one big باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ ,living room is huge and has a chimney
Me: yesssss
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Scene:mya was walking in the park all alone with her 2 سال old sister Scarlet and آپ see a man selling ice cream.

Mya:Look Scarlet ice cream!

Scarlet:Yay! (runs up to the ice cream man)

Mya:Oh no Scarlet wait up! (you run up to her)

While running آپ bump into someone.You both fell to the ground اگلے to each other.You got up slowly and saw a guy with an afro in the floor holding his head and آپ figured he’s from MB.

Mya:Ugh well since i’m not a heartless ***** let me help آپ up

Princeton:Thanks chica (takes your hand and stands up) So what’s your name? (walking with you)

Mya:Why do...
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 My engagement ring
My engagement ring
PROM NIGHT.................

Me: lik wat Roc
Roc: its a surprise yu will no wen its time
Me: OK
He walked to go see wat Prodigy and RayRay doing then they came over 2 منٹ later and Princeton came back wit the pic
Prodigy: alright im hea im i still gettin wat i asked for
Princeton tried not to look angry but he was doing a bad job at it
Princeton: yea but at the house
Prodigy: OK fine wit me i jus wanna taste those lips * lick his lips*
Princeton: thts it * moving toward prodigy*
I kissed him for a long time to calm him down
Me: sorry yu guys had to see tht
Them: its OK
Roc: got to do wat yu got to...
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They finally released the موسیقی video a ماہ after the منظر پیش of it
mindless behavior
princeton omg
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Ok so remeber how i کہا the اگلے one was comin soon
hope this is soon enough

So Princeton returned and Jessie Was to scared to go back

So The اگلے Morning....


Mom:JESS *knocks on the door*
Me:*still half asleep*uhhh
Mom:ur phone rang and a boy told me to tell آپ called
Me:*fully awake*whats his name
Mom:i think it was Jacob
Me:*thinks* Jacob??? oh him
Mom:would آپ like to explain
Me:mom im 16 cant i have friends
Mom:is he مزید than a friend
Dad:*opens the door* who is he
Me:uhh hes a boy and a friend aand if u put that together آپ get
Dad:look i forbid آپ from this guy friend
Me: dad u dont even...
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