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posted by Princetonlove01
Erin: we haven’t done anything fun in a while.
Prodigy: yea wat do u wanna do today?
Erin: how about we go to the amusement park
Prodigy: yea lets go!
Erin: wat do u wanna go to first?
Prodigy: ur choice i just wanna make u happy smiles
Erin: ok how about we play basketball?
Prodigy: good choice. I bet imma win.
Erin: HA! i bet u wont.
Prodigy: fine lets make a bet.
ERin: wats ur conditions?
Prodigy: ok if i win then آپ have to buy me a new pair of jordans.
Erin: fine...
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 The gift I gave to Princeton
The gift I gave to Princeton

Roc: me and my bae gon go set up in tht area ova there * pointing اگلے to the playground
Us: ok
Prodigy:me and jazzy goin to get the food
Me: go head
RayRay: im sittin down ova there wit my boo to learn مزید but her
Sis blushed
That left me and Princeton
Princeton: * he grabbed my hand and pulled * lets go on the brigde while they set up
Me:okkkk * grining*


We went ova to the bridge and i lean on the railing then i felt Princeton behind me and he whispered in my ear
Princeton:if we hav children wat would yu name them
I thought about it then said
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posted by rayrayandroc
name: princeton( real name: jacob emannuel perez)
born: april 21,1997(taurus)

Jacob was born in LA, Califoria. when he was young he would appear in alot of tv commercials and موسیقی videos. so he was kind of famous already when he was a kid. when he got older when he was about 13, some people were trying to make a boy singing group. there were millons of boys there. when they started auditioning jacob met a boy named trey. later that دن around midnight a boy named randy auditioned and made it and met jacob and trey. and when the people found a boy named craig on آپ tube they brought him in from philidelphia and he made it through. when the boys finally met craig, they came up eith their name and started making music. now today princeton(jacob) is مزید famous than he was before.
posted by awesomegirl101
Nia stayed ہوم from school.... Cause of what happened in the last part..... Anyway she was calling her friend bre.
" bre !!"
" ارے girl!!!"
" ارے me+my girls is double dating with our men!!! U wanna come and bring Ryan???"
" sure" answered bre
" cool"
" y aren't u at school???" Asked bre
Bre fake coughed." Because I'm sick"
" o. Well I'll text u later!!!"
" bye"
Nia hangs up the phone.

After school, silver,Mia,and Noah went to the doctors office.
Silver was shaking.
" u k silver??" Asked Mia
" yeah. Just nervous... Wat If they say the baby didnt make it."
" it's gonna b fine" کہا Noah
The doctor...
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posted by Kekeisoscool143
At home
Star:y`all ready to dance
WE were wearing
Boys:wow yall look cute
our dance and songslink
crowd:we love pomg girlz
Back at home
Prod:yo Nique come here
Me:omg prod thnkxz so much
thats a cut bye
The اگلے دن at 12:00 I woke up and went down to the باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ where josh was making a very late breakfast for himself
Me: What's for breakfast?
Josh: I don't know what your having but im having(Bla Bla Bla)
Me: well I guess I just have to tell mum how آپ haven't been taking care of me
Josh: Fine what do آپ want?
Me: Eh nothing*smirking*
Josh: Why are آپ holding your head?
Me: I've got a really bad headache!!!
Josh: here take this
He passed me a glass of water with a tablet
Me: What does this do?
Josh: helps your head duh!!
A few منٹ later I got up and sat infront of the t.v
Josh: Aren't آپ going...
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posted by ThatGirlJenna
 my outfit to dinnner
my outfit to dinnner
Jenna:nothing she was just here to talk
prince:did u tell her anything?
prince:good..i got to go bye
jenna:how did i go from ur sister to ur abusive girlfriend?
prince:...........i dont know..idgaf either
prince walks out the door then jenna grabs her phone and calls her friend zauria
zauria:wassup my igga
jenna:hey wigga
(thats there nick names for each other)
jenna:wanna go out
zauria:wish i could but cant
jenna:ughh fine

at beauty house

prince:hey bae
beauty:i dont wanna tALk to u
beauty:u have to marry that chick today
prince:im just...
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posted by Princetonlove01
In da morning mya woke up and its 8:00 am. mya: ارے u guys wake up we only hav 2 hours to get ready.( all da girls get up and get in da شاور and get dress they wear :link. mya: every1 ready. girls:yep. kesha: wat time iz it. mya:its 9:55. kourtney:kool dey almost here. آپ get a txt. it princeton he says he rite down da street. (POV: OMG he on his way i can’t wait 2 see him he is soo sexxi.) end of POV. A big tour bus pulls up and آپ see da boys in da window. the bus stop and da boys get out. princeton:hey mya,Ray-ray:hey kesha, Roc royal:hey kourtney, Prodigy:hey aaliyah. all of yall:heyy guys. Princeton: let get on da bus.
mya:ok lets roll. (They all get on da bus and roll out)
I was with my girls Jada and kiki we were hanging out jus us girls and was waiting for my cousins to come over for our family reunion. Well I can wait till liya come ya maybe we can hook her up with کرن, رے کرن, رے so he wont be alone and all in our bussiness with us and our boos kiki added naw defiantly roc she likes roc and it would get him of my chest I کہا mimi can have کرن, رے کرن, رے I explained o ya true. Jada added wellwat r we waiting fornkiki asked its a girls night out today.woahhh we cheered wait wat r we planing on doing? I asked u wanna stay ہوم get some پاپ کارن, پوپکارن and a movie and talk. O ya kiki...
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posted by awesomegirl101
At school that day........
The گھنٹی, بیل had rang which meant school was out.
Mia was waiting سے طرف کی the gym for prodigy.
Prod was coming down the hallway.
He ran into Mia's arms.
" ارے boo. What did your parents say???" Greeted prodigy
Mia looked down at the floor.
She held onto prods hand tightly.
" my mom really liked you. My dad.... کہا آپ were a bad influence and he doesn't want us to keep seeing each other..."
" wahhhhhhhh!?????"
" it's ok prod my dads goin on a business trip for a ماہ we can stay together." She assured him
" what about when he comes back?" Asked prodigy
" look I really love آپ prodigy...
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posted by Mrz-Princeton1
 Princeton outfit
Princeton outfit
HOSPITAL ROOM...............................

// My POV
Mornin time this سوفی, لٹانا is so soft princey still sleep well im go buy some toothpaste and toothbrushes while he sleeps
// End of POV
I went to the gift shop

// Princeton POV
Mornin ba.... wer is she
Princeton: Jazzy
Jazzy: ..........
Princeton got up and walked to her بستر side
Princeton: Jazzy * gently shaking her *
Jazzy: hmmm
Princeton: wers Via
Jazzy: idk ....i was .... sleep
Princeton: sit up
Jazzy sat up
Princeton: how yu feel
Jazzy: aching
Princeton: at least yur alive
Jazzy: yes Princeton can i tell yu something
Princeton: sure wat
Jazzy: i feel...
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?" asked t-t one of my best friends. vickie my other best friend came out of the changing room whereing a bathing suit almost as cool as mine. " ارے jenet lets go in the water." کہا princeton " princeton if she goes in that water she have a chest cold whereing that !!!!" teased vickie " what she looks sexy whereing that me and jenet are like a sexy couple " exclaimed princeton " oh plz the only reason why your saying that is because آپ wanna have sex with her!!!" she exclaimed " oh plz thats a lie !!!!" exclaimed princeton . " its okay bby lets go in the water." i کہا . princeton followed...
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posted by Princetonlove01
(Mya p.o.v.)
its early in the moring Mya bored out her mind:(
Mya: what should i do ?(yes mya is talking to herself that’s how boredd she is…smh) she tryed listening to موسیقی ,, got bored of that…call everyone including her dad (on vaction) nobody answered ,,,started dancing while looking retarted سے طرف کی sticking your tongue out (smh..boring) then the wierdest thing happend mya heard a door گھنٹی, بیل ring .. Mya was scared because she looked upside down (saggy pants ,, nappy hair ,,,and a crazy شرٹ, قمیض on) then her mother yelled
mom: hurry your a** up and answer the door (nice mom _)
Mya told the...
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 My sis new boiifriend
My sis new boiifriend
MY HOUSE........
Me: OMG can yu believe wer goin wit the boii our life
Tyti: ikr roc and his juicy lips i cant wait too kiss them
Me: cant wait til my boo to grind on me yu see the way tht boii be grindin * gets up and grind lik Princeton *
Jazzy: girl sit down i feel bad for RayRay he lonely
Me:my sis luvs him i call her right now she was goin to the کنسرٹ so shes in New York too
*pulls out my phone and call sis*
Sis: hello
Me: ارے sis guess wat happened to me and the girls todaii
Sis:wat so important tht yu had to wake me up at 12:00 am
Me: we met mb and there our bf
Sis:forreal girl dnt be playin...
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posted by its_kristi_rae
آپ were walking ہوم on your way to school happy because your best friend just told آپ that Mindless Behavior was coming to your city and they were staying for a whole week. and on سب, سب سے اوپر of that آپ got a brand new phone for getting decent grades on your رپورٹ card. آپ were texting your best friend when a guy ran into you.

guy: yo my bad shawty

you: I an't yo shawty. ughhh OMG look what آپ did. I just got this phone.

you picked up your phone to examine it and make sure there was no cracks and that it still worked. آپ also picked up your پرس, تھیلی but a piece of paper fell but آپ didn't bother...
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jayden smith???!!!" i shouted
" o yeah jenet!!! sup!!! hi nyje !!! hi t-t sup vickie" he said
" now go out with her!!!!" exclaimed the extremely drunk t-t
" what!??? if i did that princeton would kill me !!!! and she's like 15 i am 12" he said
" yeah t-t lay off the whine !!!" i said
" well nice seeing y'all " کہا jayden
jayden wen back to the bar.
" damn that boy is 12 and at a bar.... damn will gonna b mad!!!" کہا nyje
" u got dat right." i said

soon we picked up the babbies from the دن care.
we went ہوم and saw the boyz sitting on the سوفی, لٹانا silently and calmly.
کرن, رے کرن, رے was eating a...
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posted by its_kristi_rae
Prince: ارے baby wake up

you: Prince I'm awake

(Prince starts tickleing you)

Prince: babeeeee wake up

you: if آپ don't get out my face with that-

(Prince interupts you)

Prince: I got آپ tickets to go see Chris Brown

you: ayeee why آپ didn't say that before. That's all آپ had to say to get me up

Prince: yeah it's not true I just knew it'd make آپ get up

you: well I'm going back to sleep

Prince: no no no no

(Prince grabs آپ before آپ can lay back down)

Prince: come on I have a surprise for you

you: can't it wait

(Prince slaps آپ on your butt)

Prince: no now lets go

you: ughhh where are we going

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Nina's P.O.V: I go to school everyday get straight A's , I have a few دوستوں because I'm not the most مقبول girl in the school and I'm very nice to people. But this boy in my school always bullies me for no damn reason. His name is Jacob Perez and all the girls in my school go crazy for him. But I don't know why he's nothing but a big پچھواڑے, گدا bully!

S.S teacher: Class آپ will be doing a research paper with a partner this marking period about how America was discovered

Class: *Cheers*

S.S teacher: Let me finish I will choose your partners

Class: Awwwwwww..........

S.S Teacher: Alright......Rayon...
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posted by Rock-n-Rollin
Destine woke up the اگلے دن and found Princeton's arms around her.
Princeton:Ur awake?
Princeton: Then good morning sexy.
Destine: Good morning, Jacob.
Princeton: U don't have 2 say my name!
Destine: But I want 2!
Princeton: Sorry....I just use 2 screaming شائقین calling me Princeton.
Destine: *sitting up* Well get use 2 this screaming پرستار calling u Jacob!
Princeton: *leaning towards Destine* Baby.....
As they kissed, Kaylah was spying on them!!!
Kaylah: Gross! Love!!!
Diamond: U is so wrong in so many levels!!!
Kaylah: And!
Diamond: And??? Their in love!!! Their like Romeo and Juliet!...
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posted by Missprinceton1
While i was sleeping i herd my phone ring. the sound of it would wake up the dead it was loud (for Me)

ring tone:
I gotta see her travell all across the world just to see her get me on a flight i gotta see her travell all across the word just to meet her travell to LA maybe to the خلیج, کھاڑی from the chi-town where she might be out the state book a flight to london book a flight to france can we go to switzerland can we hit japan

Me: helllo
prince: morning babe
me: jacob why are آپ calling so early?
prince: just want to hear your beutiful voice
me; where are you?
prince: at the studio
me: doing what?
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